Ferris Lerique

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Ferris Lerique originated from Zeltron as the son of a wealthy spice merchant and a Noble woman. At age 4 his mother died of complications during child birth with his younger brother. After the tragedy, his father decided it was time to move his family away from all the grief of their home world. They spent the majority of the next few years working various jobs in the outer rims. There he picked up on many skills.

At 20 Ferris's Father died of poisoning after failing to follow up on a pay off with a tradoshan syndicate. Ferris was forced into hard labor in Kessle to pay off his fathers debts, as well as his brother. A week after Ferris's 23rd birthday there was an accident in the spice mines that presented both a terrible price and freedom. A rival syndicate attacked the outpost and bombed the mines. In the confusion Ferris was able to slip away, however not before sustaining injury and losing his brother.