Fesst Dizben

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Fesst Dizben
Biographical Information
Race Polis Massan
Homeworld Polis Massa
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation The Antarian Rangers
Rank Ensign

Ranger Academy

Graduated from the Ranger Academy under Chancellor Ku`Bakai Roche on Year 13 Day 74 with a final score of 90 on his final exam. He was the top cadet of Class A of Year 13 from the Ranger Academy.

As the now known, Ranger Fesst Dizben, gets ready to repeat his oath into the Rangers. But before he does, he thinks to why exactly he is doing this. He remembers the times... The dark times...

I was only an infant, but remember it clearly. The gunshots. The screams. The chaos. The blood. The death. My parents put me in a safe place, they suffered. The battle of Polis Massa was a costly one, and one we didn't ask for. But my parents would want this of me. because they suffered, I will help avenge them, I will destroy the Empire, even the Emperor. How could I? They all ask the same question. But no one but myself knows the answer. I know, that I am an unexpected enemy. That is my strength. But this is only the first step, of many. And I have accomplished so much, but never, ever have I been so proud, and I know my parents are smiling at me, at the son who survived. Who was a Polis Massan, who still accomplished more than an average human.

He stood there. Although no one could see behind his white membrane face, he was smiling, or as close as he could to it. He then, as proudly as he could, spoke aloud, more loud than any other Polis Massan has:

"I Fesst Dizben swear to honor and serve The Antarian Rangers, to the best of my abilities. I will help my fellow Ranger family and abide to keep tyranny and injustice at bay and do my duties."

I don't have to cower anymore. I am now accomplished, on my way, to accomplish a goal. Revenge.

Work as a Ranger

After Graduations he joined Ui-ah's New Player Raffle #1 on Day 79 submitting his name for it. He did not win.[1]

Next he would join a starter raffle by Symphony Brooks on Year 13 Day 93.[2]

Fesst would take a job to pick up Torth Ladar around Year 13 Day 95 from the Aratech HQ on Forscan II. However during the mission, Ensign Dizben could not get permission to go through the shields and eventually Commander Ku`Bakai Roche would come to pick up Torth Ladar in his stead.

Experienced some electrical trouble later that year which had him down for extended repairs until around Day 190.

Lost in the Maw

On Year 13 Day 190, 17:41 he sent the following to Ku`Bakai Roche

"Hi Ku Sir, This is Fesst here,

I was just here to apologize, I am sorry for my absence, and I would like to let you know that it was for the reason my computer broke. I am so sorry that this happened and I have been absent for such a long time. I have an oddity though... I discovered almost 100,000 Tons of Raw materials from the Antarian Rangers in my ships cargo hold, and was wondering exactly what this was for?"

Ku`Bakai Roche replied on Year 13 Day 190, 19:33

Greetings Fesst,

Good to hear from you :)

I'm not sure what the materials are for perhaps contact Ranger One and see what they were meant for :). They might be for a project.


On Year 13 Day 191, 11:56 the following was sent the last known communication:

"Yes Sir!

It is great to hear from you again, and I am most sorry for my absence, It is great to be back Sir, any work you need I will get done!"

On Year 13 Day 196 Ranger One reported that Ensign Dizben's BFF-1 Freighter was taking damage in The Maw. The purpose that Mr. Dizben was there is unknown. Efforts to raise him so far have not been fruitful.

Death Confirmed

Year 13 Day 198, 5:09: Message from Arch Terkan as Transmitted to Ranger One

Arch Terkan here, reporting from The BFF-1 Bulk Freighter Antarian Construction ID# 246991. I believed I have pieced the puzzle together as best as possible. From interviewing the crew it appears you have a few heroes on board this vessel. At the last minute they realized what Fesst Dizben was attempting to do, fly into a black hole and kill everyone on board. The crew and passengers rose up and broke through to the cockpit and managed to save the ship as it was starting to tear apart. Fesst Dizben was not relinquishing control voluntarily so unfortunately extreme measures had to be taken and I am sorry to report but he did not survive. His corpse has been preserved in the chiller and you can remove it when you return this ship back home, however I do not think you will need a full autopsy the cause of death is pretty clear. The crew had to do what was necessary to save the ship and their own lives and the 36 passengers. They also report that their navigation system was damaged in the ensuing chaos and they dared not fly any direction for fear of destroying themselves. I used my ship's charts to reboot the system and now we are out of the danger of the Maw and a few minutes away from the rendezvous point. This concludes my report on the matter, for a more detailed insight you will need to inspect the ship logs and security footage and interview all of the crew and 36 passengers. Good Day. --Arch, out.

It is unknown why the sudden change in heart that Ensign Dizben had. Perhaps he was under the influence of something, perhaps he went insane. We can only remember the being that was not the one he died as.

A recorded message appeared

Year 13 Day 218, 15:40: Message from Fesst Dizben

Captain's Log Entree Log Log Name- First and last message:

Ku... I-I am in the Maw... I made it buddy! I made it to the station... I was only trying to make you proud, and now, it seems as if I took a different route that I came...

I just looked at my scanners before heading to bed to come out of sublight, and realized I was being sucked into one... This will be my last message before even my message can not escape it's deadly grasp... I just want you to know thankyou for being there for me when I left my home on Polis massa, they would not believe what I have achieved. People said I would not make it. But I did...

I know I have just ruined a ship, and I am going to pay you back every penny... I stored about 2 million credits with a friend to pay back what I lost. There was some kind of construction materials with a crew aboard... I am so sorry buddy. All I can do now it hope it will not be as painful as I have heard it surely will be. Prosper my friend, and tell the rangers to live on. Tell Char I am sorry. Griffon Zeht will compensate you the 2 Million credits. Goodbye friend, and may the force be with you.

- A stranger who was alone until he met his first friend, Ku' Bakai Roche, - Fesst Dizben

So it appears that he must of been sleeping at the time of the accident and that it was a navigational error.