Finreith Raidh

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Finreith Raidh
Biographical Information
Race Selkath
Homeworld Manaan
Mother Denhrh Raidh (deceased)
Father Folkh Raidh (deceased)
Spouse Sailh Raidh (deceased)
Siblings Finshildh Raidh (deceased), Cohhldh Raidh (deceased), Hullnrh Raidh (Unknown), Wveebn Raidh
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.78 meters
Coloring Dark Blue with a Violet Hue
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems, Phoenix Foundation

Finreith Raidh \fin-REED RAY-tha\

Finreith Raidh was born on Manaan to poor Selkath manual workers and currently serves as a pilot and a medic in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Finreith left Manaan after many years of living and working in the floating slums around Ahto City. After losing his wife due to terrible work conditions, he escaped his life of poverty to make a difference in the galaxy with the hope that he might one day be able to deliver his people from egregious oppression.


"The Tempest within, the Tempest without."

Finreith spent his first years of life within the burrows and connecting caverns of his village. At the start of the Mandalorian Invasion, he had not yet gone through the Right of First Spear. As a result, he did not follow his brethren to battle, and helped instead by welcoming the refugees from the surface clans. After the surface was taken, the depths were besieged, causing most to die or to surrender. The deep burrows of Clan Raidh were among the last to yield.

Finreith spent the first years of the occupation as a maintenance worker, cleaning the immersed underbelly of Ahto City. As the occupation brought with it an influx of tourists from all parts of Mandalore, Finreith became a compulsory employee of the Mandalorian resort sector of Ahto City. He was eventually tasked with the maintenance and operation of the Coral Vanda luxury submersibles used to ferry tourists to the various ruins of underwater cities destroyed during the invasion, or to the many reefs and firaxan shark fishing areas.

On Day 142 of Year 14, Sailh Raidh, Finreith's companion of 4 years, died due to the overburden of manual labor placed on her. Finreith could no longer bear to return home to the floating slums around Ahto City. With nowhere on Manaan to go to, Finreith looked to the stars. He sold everything that he had to buy a one-way ticket to the Inner Core. Through a series of fortunate events, he ended up applying for a position within the CIS and was accepted.

On Day 256 of Year 14, Finreith started the Confederate Transport Service, a non-profit transport company to improve the CIS infrastructure.

Family History

"The Violets of the Deep"

Clan Raidh, a relatively small clan of Selkath who were traditionally segregated to the deepest depths of Manaan's Great Ocean, dwelt in vast burrows and dens carved into the ocean rock. Due to their harsh living conditions, they were some of the hardiest Selkath on Manaan. This dark environment caused rare bioluminescent properties to manifest in the placoid scales of some of the members of the clan. This trait contributed to their exceptional success as hunters, especially of larger aquatic life. Most notable about this lifestyle is that they were not able to grow kelp, sea weed, or any other type of vegetation that provided them with some of the essential nutrients that they required. This unequal distribution of resources for Selkath living in the great depths often led to clan feuds and prolonged conflicts.