First Legion

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First Legion
First Legion Emblem Year 0.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Marik[1] (Year 0)
Historical Information
Founded Year 0 Day 201[2]
Dissolved Circa Year 3
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite First Legion (Archived)

The First Legion was a pseudo-Imperial contingent founded on Year 0 Day 201.[2] At the time, the organization was deemed to be an unauthorized renegade unit by Emperor Piett's Galactic Empire and treated as enemies.

Notable Personnel


  • Year 0 Day 201: The First Legion is formed by Marik, Yetzir, and Davek Moog. They conscript outcasts of disparate species.[2][3]


  • First Legion Holographic Year 0.png