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This sentient is deceased. Flich Warfield Leadership AwardRimma Star of Service

Name: Flich "Gandalf" Warfield Jr. Flich Warfield.png Homeworld: Yavin IV Height: 5� 10� Weight: 200lbs Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue Age: Twenty-Seven Race: Human Birth: Year -14 Day 288, 04:00 Death: Year 12 Day 202, 10:40

Father: Flich Warfield Sr (deceased) Mother: Andrea Warfield (deceased) Siblings: Unknown Spouse: Unknown

Known Ailments: Werner Syndrome

Physical Description

Flich Warfield is a Human male from Yavin IV. A light hearted and knowledgeable individual you will never find a better friend. Though his real age is unknown to all but himself, it is easy to tell that he appears much older than he really is because of his Werner Syndrome. He has a fading hairline, wrinkles, a slouch in his back, and constantly needs assistance with a cane, but all of these things never stop him from his goals in life. No doubt that when Flich Warfield's time is up, many will mourn him; as his time is short already.


The Birth And Childhood

Flich Warfield was born to a loving and thankful couple on Yavin IV some time ago. Flich's parents were strong advocates of democracy, freedom and peace for all sentients; and they would often travel in support of the Old Republic and to speak out against the rising Imperial state. Often they would find themselves separated from each other and from Flich, so they would leave him with his grandparents while they were away. Flich's mother, Andrea Warfield, who was born on Naboo, fought against the Imperial onslaught at the rise of the Galactic Empire and was killed while aiding a Jedi. Flich's father, Flich Warfield Sr., fought against the fall of the Senate and the rise of the Empire, but later disappeared. After the death and disappearance of Flich's parents, his grandparents naturally took on the responsibility of raising him.

Flich Warfield full size.png

Like normal teenage boys, Flich was responsible for his share of trouble and stubbornness. It didn't help that he had an empty void in his life where his parents should have been, but he did understand the importance of their work, as explained by his grandparents. Still, that is little resolve to a young boy trying to find his place in the galaxy. His grandparents raised him the best they could, though he did have a rebellious streak running in him and he would occasionally steal, plunder or chase after the beauties of Yavin IV. Though he wouldn't often show it, he did have a consensus on what was right and wrong and he would never harm anyone. He was quite intelligent, a combination that when paired with his rebellious nature made him a natural born leader.

One day Flich's grandparents took him to the local spaceport and showed him a YT-2400 that had belonged to his father before him. Flich Warfield Sr. had purchased the ship for his son, intending to give it to him when he was old enough. He made an arrangement with Flich's grandparents to hold the ship in safe keeping and out of sight until he could do so. However, his untimely disappearance prevented this action, but Flich's grandparents stepped in honoring his father's intentions and giving the ship to him when the time was right. Using his father's legacy gift and memory as a driving force, young Flich set himself to learning how to pilot. His grandparents, seeing his resolve, agreed to hire an instructor to teach Flich the basics of piloting and how to run and maintain a starship. In no time at all Flich proved himself to be a natural and he quickly mastered the skillset.

On occasion ambassadors would come to visit Yavin IV to tour some government building or deliver a speech. The moon didn't get much in the way of traffic and Flich, having developed an interested in starships and technology, would often try to catch a glimpse of the ambassadors ship. Flich felt rather bold on this particular foray and having seen that the ramp was down, had decided to sneak aboard to have a look around the ship. He had managed to get up the ramp and down a side corridor before he heard footsteps coming in his direction. He hid himself inside a maintenance access shaft just in time to avoid being seen. He decided to wait a bit before trying to make his escape but soon fell asleep. When next he woke he could feel a low tremble pulsing through the ship and immediately jumped to his feet when he associated the feeling with a ship in hyperspace. He tried to stay hidden but with the crew and official party all being back aboard the ship he was quickly discovered and brought before the ambassadors. He felt that honesty was the best policy in this case and he recounted his reasons to them for boarding their ship. To his surprise the ambassadors were not upset and actually found his situation quite amusing. Flich's circumstances readily became apparent when they told him that, being low on resources, they were unable to turn the ship around and so they were all destined for new Republic Headquarters on Adbatar. This was the unexpected start of young Flich's journey in the galaxy.

Despite being an uninvited guest aboard their ship, the ambassadors were quite friendly and they spent much of their time talking with Flich and sharing their views and opinions on the galaxy and asking his. After several days journey in hyperspace they arrived on Adbatar. Though Flich was uncertain what he should do, he was excited at being off Yavin IV for the first time. He did send a message to his grandparents telling them that he was safe and not to worry. Flich's sense of adventured and youthful brashness weighed in on his decision to go to the academy of the New Republic and enlist. However, he was declined when his history was found to be somewhat sketchy. Slightly disheartened, Flich established residence on Adbatar and stayed there for a short while.

The Jedi Praxium

Flich continued day to day life, picking up odd jobs here and there but nothing serious. He was enjoying meeting new races as many visitors would travel to and from the populous planet of Adbatar. During a chance encounter he met a distinctive individual by the name of Andy Skyfighter. During the course of their conversation Flich explained to Andy how he had come to be on Adbatar. Andy was kind and decided to offer Flich a job exploring the galaxy. He even went so far as to offer him the means of returning to Yavin IV to see his grandparents again and collect his ship. Flich readily accepted the offer and after returning to Yavin IV and saying goodbye to his grandparents, properly this time, he set off in his YT-2400.

Kal Fisto.png

Andy Skyfighter worked for the Jedi Praxium, which Flich slowly became acquainted with, and he was eventually placed under the command of one of their members, Tine Darky, who was trained in the diplomatic arts. As he served with the Jedi, Flich learned of their brothers in Arms, The Antarian Rangers. Among them was a Ranger named Rhys Skywalker, whom Flich came to know over the years and they became good friends. Flich enjoyed his new life and was successful. Eventually Master Skyfighter stepped down and Master Vel Koon took command of the Jedi Praxium. During this time Tine Darky became suspicious in her actions. She plotted against Flich by planting evidence that made him appear to be working against the Jedi; all in an effort to have the Jedi distrust and kill Flich. After several long months it was proven that Tine Darky was actually working for Black Sun, an enemy of the Jedi Praxium, and any suspicions about Flich were summarily dismissed. A new leader was chosen, Master Kal Fisto, but the damage had already been done and the Jedi Praxium slowly dissolved and fell apart. A darker secret was unknown at that time for Master Kal Fisto was a Dark Jedi, and Flich and the others fell into a deep slumber while following him.

Flich blindly followed the Dark Jedi Kal Fisto to the very depths of darkness itself. He could not see that Kal Fisto had betrayed both The Antarian Rangers and the Jedi. Without realizing it he left all the things he cared for and all his values behind as he became a monster. An intervention by his friends is the only reason Flich briefly saw what he had become and was able to think clearly enough to recognize his need to leave the dark path he was walking. He chose exile, a difficult decision which resulted in him leaving a handful of his very good friends behind for a time. They had proven their friendship to him by saving him and now he need time to find himself again. After Flich left, his friends, Thragg Craghorn, Rhys Skywalker, Jake Azzameen, and Andy Skyfighter all went their separate ways. Rhys eventually became Ranger One of The Antarian Rangers, Jake returned to the New Republic, Thragg went on to do Jedi business and Andy became the Defender of Glythe. Though it would be a while before they would see or speak with each other again, it was not the end of their friendship.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems

Sometime after his self-imposed exile, Flich ran into an old friend, Andy Skyfighter. Andy explained the situation within the Jedi Praxium and the discovery of betrayal by Master Kal Fisto. Until this point Flich had maintained that he himself was to blame for his journey to the darkside, and though he did not absolve himself of responsibility, he now knew that he had been corrupted by a Dark Jedi. Thanking Andy, Flich felt a new resolve inside of him and he set about placing his life in order. He was offered membership in the Trade Federation by Viceroy Horley Cyan, who later became a good and trusted friend. Flich also sought redemption with The Antarian Rangers during this time and was successful in atoning for his past actions while under the influence of the darkside. The Trade Federation and Confederacy of Independent Systems were steadily growing and Flich worked for both during this period of his life.

Viceroy Cyan, a prudent businessman, saw a holostream about a once great company that was for sale. The company, Haor Chall Engineering, was in shambles but Viceroy Cyan saw an opportunity to bring the company back up to operational status and make it productive once again. He sent Flich who at this point had only recently joined the Trade Federation, along with nine other individuals, to research the the city of Haor Chall and the company itself to determine if it could be revived. Viceroy Cyan found the reports to be favorable and decided to reactivate the company. Flich was given a promotion for his work and was made Director of Security for Haor Chall Engineering during the reorganization of the company. Flich held the position for a time, distinguishing himself, before he eventually moved on again.

Flich eventually found his way back into the Confederacy proper when Horley Cyan visited Warfield's office to discuss an idea for a new corporation. Horley took the next few moments to outline a plan that involved Flich becoming director of a mining company. The ready source of raw materials would greatly help the Confederacy to become more prosperous. Flich quickly agreed, though he was not sure where the company would lead him or how long it would last. Director Warfield of Lant Mining Corporation suited him for a time until he eventually became bored and left searching for a new opportunity.

Confederacy of Independent Systems2.png

Still within the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Flich was once again transferred, but to Stars` End Entertainment where he served directly below his true friend Horley Cyan, who was the Vice President of the company. Sometime soon after Owinn Hanno, leader and Chief Executive Officer of Stars` End Entertainment stepped down from his position. Horley was promoted to fill the vacancy and the position renamed to Office of Duceroy. Despite having only two months of service with the company Flich Warfield was selected to fill Horley's old position which was also renamed to President of Stars` End Entertainment. Flich led Stars` End Entertainment, faithfully and diligently. Among his most notable achievements while with the company were tripling the number of planets controlled and doubling the population. He stepped down as President of Stars` End Entertainment where he found himself facing new challenges administering finances as he worked for the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Unfortunately his stay there was cut short by a tragic event.

The unexpected news of Horley Cyan's death by mis-plotting his course and navigating into a sun, which was later proven to be a lie, hit Flich hard. During the disbursement of Horley's estate Flich found himself to be the owner of Stars` End Entertainment, a dream Flich did not expect to accomplish so soon nor under such somber circumstances. Owinn Hanno was in command of the company and, Flich, believing it to be under competent management, saw no need to change the leadership. Flich did decide to return to the place he first started, working with the Trade Federation, where he soon discovered that his friend and mentor Horley Cyan was actually alive and well! Feeling that things were once again right in the galaxy Flich drifted the stars with Horley for the next three years. Afterwards he decided to use his personal history and experience to teach others and began working for the Trade Federation Academy where he held the position of Director of Training.

Flich had a great respect for the Trade Federation and its strict position of neutrality. However, the Senate of the Confederacy, of which the Trade Federation was part, was reconsidering their neutrality policy. Flich had strong feelings over the issue and he believed that the Trade Federation as run by Horley was no more and that it had been corrupted by the toy politics and weak leadership of the dictator Viceroy Jacob Jansen. Flich could not stand that the Trade Federation was being pushed to choose a side in the galactic war, and especially to join with those who had murdered his parents. He decided to leave once and for all, never to return or look back over all that had happened the past few years.

The Galactic Alliance

Flich wondered the galaxy for several months after making the decision to leave the Trade Federation. During this time he wrestled deeply with his views about choosing a side in the galactic war. It was through conversation with several of his close friends via the holonet, that he figured it was time to bring himself out of his solitude and choose his side in the galaxy. He chose to join The Antarian Rangers, after all "Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger." He was given the title of Advisor but was later promoted to Ambassador Plenipotentiary when his friend and colleague of so many years passed beyond the mortal veil. While no one could replace his predecessor, Rhys Skywalker, Flich tried his best to fulfill these roles as a way to honor Rhys's memory. He was successful and eventually promoted to third in command of the group, an achievement respected by the majority of the Galactic Alliance. The completion of a tax planet, reorganization of The Antarian Rangers and acting as the primary ambassador for the Galactic Alliance earned Flich widespread honor and respect. Unfortunately the glory came crashing down around him as the Rangers were looted by one of their trusted members, Jormungand Gand.

Flich tried with all his might to keep the Rangers together through this betrayal. They would not listen and Flich could not, and would not, force the Rangers to make the changes that were necessary to protect themselves. Flich took this to heart, though it was not his fault. Questioning himself, his role in the galaxy and what he was supposed to do, he left seeking solace with an old friend, Gilbert Taylor, from the Trade Federation. It was during this time that he was also diagnosed with Werner Syndrome. Gilbert took him in and there with his friend Flich rested for a while thinking about what the future had in store for him.


As Flich continued to battle and learn to live with his Werner Syndrome, his life was becoming more and more tedious. He started working for the Triumvirate doing low end colony establishment in the Erlinar system, the same as he had done in the Ottega sector while working for The Antarian Rangers. The colonists that worked with Flich admired his ability to lead them and he found a few good friends. His rigorous work in combination with the Werner Syndrome caused Flich to deteriorate physically and at one point he looked over thirty years older than he really was. It took longer and longer for him to recover and he eventually had to use oxygen and a walking cane. He was forced to retire after breaking his leg after he tripped at a colony on Cirgil, which almost killed him.

Present Day and Death

Bored with retirement Flich began the search for a nice desk job where he could still be useful but wouldn't strain himself physically. He settled on the New Republic, certain that his parents would approve and be proud of his choice of allegiance. Due to his vast experience and knowledge, Flich was offered the position of Associate Minister of Droids and Items working for Industrial Automaton. He eagerly took the position and continues work there to this day. He still keeps in contact with his old friends from throughout his life.

As Flich's body began to wrestle with the ailments of Werner Syndrome, the twenty-seven year old began to feel the fatigue of life hitting him. He could no longer move his muscles as they had dystrophied. No longer able to perform his duties, he slowly wept and passed away into the fortnight and will be long engraved into the history of the universe. His tombstone read: "Flich Warfield --- He'll be back."

Career History

New Republic

  • Chief of Robotics of Industrial Automation - Year 11 Day 307, 13:20 to Year 12 Day 91, 16:11 (Industrial Automation)
  • Associate Minister of Droids and Items - Year 11 Day 293 to Year 12 Day 202 (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
  • Master Architect (Ministry of Culture)

Pre-New Republic (Non Conclusive)

  • Director of Security (Haor Chall Engineering)
  • Director (Lant Mining Company)
  • Chief Executive Officer (Stars` End Entertainment)
  • Owner (Stars` End Entertainment)
  • Director of Training (Trade Federation)
  • Ambassador Plenipotentiary (The Antarian Rangers)
  • Ranger 3 (The Antarian Rangers)



Δήμητρα is one of several flag ships of Flich Warfield, perhaps the oldest in his arsenal. The Δήμητρα BFF-1 Bulk Freighter has been used in several planetary developments throughout the galaxy. The image on the left shows you the base design of the uniquely flown ship.

Filch Warfield ship.gif

Ερμής Squadron

%Ερμής means messenger of the above. This squadron of ships are built to be fast and to do Flich's jobs in a speedy manner.

Aφροδίτη Squadron

Aφροδίτη currently enables six Y-Wing fighters and the YV-666, Άρτεμις. Aφροδίτη means beauty and Άρτεμις means hunter.


  • Rimma Star of Service
  • Leadership Award

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