Fourth Imperial Civil War/Discussions between Orphaea Imperium and Thomas Cherokee

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Session Start: Fri Sep 17 23:46:27 2010
Session Ident: Cherokee
[23:46] Session Ident: Cherokee (SWC-IRC, Orphaea_Imperium) (~tcherokee@SWC-IRC.19E197E89A2881.SWC)
[23:46] <Cherokee> Give the assets back please.
[23:50] <Orphaea_Imperium> I know you have to say that... but I can't back out now.
[23:50] <Cherokee> Damnit. I thought my well thought out and reasoned prose was sure to convinve you.
[23:50] <Cherokee> convince*
[23:51] <Orphaea_Imperium> It's too late for me... success or failure, I've made my mistakes and choices.
[23:51] <Orphaea_Imperium> All I can do is be on stage when the curtain closes.
[23:52] <Cherokee> That's not exactly true.  Success doesn't write you out of the picture, and failure means you now own the most planets in the galaxy so I don't see any curtain closing on you anytime soon.  
[23:52] <Cherokee> Still, while you're right I share the sentiment of your movement, I have to be honest in saying that there were better ways to go about it.
[23:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm sure there were... I've seen most of them fail
[23:53] <Cherokee> I just don't think you took enough to sway Vodo.
[23:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> I had to try
[23:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'd rather try and fail as a man than continue living a life without meaning
[23:54] <Cherokee> Well, it will be interesting to see Vodo's response.  He's already shrugged off Seele's attempt at conversation this morning.
[23:54] <Orphaea_Imperium> hmm
[23:55] <Orphaea_Imperium> I agree - there should hae been a better way to do this
[23:55] <Orphaea_Imperium> but I've seen it all before
[23:55] <Orphaea_Imperium> I could see only way to make him listen... it's him, or the Empire
[23:55] <Orphaea_Imperium> the Empire could recover, given time, but is time something that we have this close to combat?
[23:56] <Orphaea_Imperium> I shouldn't preach, you know the potential for disaster right now as well as me or anyone else
[23:56] <Cherokee> Anyway, as you know, I'll have to make some kind of 'rally the troops' reply to your email on IHC.  You already know I agree with your motive, just not the execution.  
[23:57] <Cherokee> Hopefully this will be resolved in the best interest of the GE ultimately.
Session Time: Sat Sep 18 00:00:01 2010
[00:00] <Orphaea_Imperium> you can rally the troops... but you can also show the Emperor just what's left of his Empire
[00:00] <Orphaea_Imperium> dear god I hope he sees reason
Session Close: Sat Sep 18 01:10:25 2010
Session Start: Sat Sep 18 01:10:25 2010
Session Ident: Cherokee
[01:12] <Orphaea_Imperium> oh
[01:12] <Orphaea_Imperium> don't think I have to mention
[01:12] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm still on the various mailing lists
[01:12] <Orphaea_Imperium> you may like to keep me on them, at least until the dust clears and we know what's going to happen
[01:13] <Cherokee> I know.  I'm waiting for Vodos response before having ISB remove you there.
[01:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> kk
[01:31] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> let's hope when I wake up you've been made Emperor and we can all go back to our old lives
Session Close: Sat Sep 18 05:58:52 2010
Session Start: Sat Sep 18 05:58:52 2010
Session Ident: Cherokee
[08:08] <Cherokee> yo
[08:09] <Cherokee> would you mind stepping out of Imp IHC, we're going to have a sit down with Vodo shortly... you being there might not be a good visual.
[10:09] <Orphaea_Imperium> not a problem
[10:10] <Cherokee> What's your schedule like for tomor.... er... late today (for you)?
[10:10] <Orphaea_Imperium> think I should pop out of #iu too?
[10:10] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm here all day
[10:10] <Orphaea_Imperium> except maybe for a couple of hours in the afternoon, if I go mow the yard
[10:10] <Orphaea_Imperium> around when you'd be heading for bed
[10:10] <Cherokee> I have a feeling you'll be getting an invite to sit down and talk with me and Vodo.  
[10:11] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm warning you...
[10:11] <Orphaea_Imperium> well, reminding you
[10:11] <Orphaea_Imperium> the only way we can move forward is Vodo leaving
[10:11] <Orphaea_Imperium> you know the worth of a promise from Vodo about stepping down at X time
[10:11] <Orphaea_Imperium> as does Goth... and Zee.
[10:11] <Orphaea_Imperium> (just in case he, as I suspect, will try haggling for 'merge, I'll do it in a month')
[10:12] <Orphaea_Imperium> but yeah, should I jump out of #iu do you think?
[10:12] <Cherokee> Right.  I'm fairly sure that might actually be on the table.  My belief is that he wants to meet to discuss a way to try to do it while saving as much face as possible.
[10:12] <Cherokee> yes, probably for the best.
[10:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> I know
[10:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> I haven't really left him much dignity
[10:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> whatever happens
[10:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> but... to be fair, I think a lot of people realise he's brought it on himself
[10:15] <Orphaea_Imperium> he might realise that as well
[10:15] * Cherokee nods
[10:15] <Orphaea_Imperium> the IU is a bit all over the place
[10:16] <Cherokee> If he DOES lean toward giving in to your demands, just try not to antagonize any further... bruised egos are remarkably fragile.
[10:16] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah
[10:16] <Orphaea_Imperium> I did say he should be a very highly respected elder stateman
[10:16] <Orphaea_Imperium> any honour we can give him, he should have
[10:16] <Orphaea_Imperium> short of continuing to sit on that chair
[10:17] <Orphaea_Imperium> are you and Vodo waiting for me now? That's what Seele's saying
[10:17] <Cherokee> Yeah, if you're free now, he'd rather not delay until tomorrow morning.
[10:17] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm good now
[10:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> hey... if he does decide to step down...
[10:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> which one of us is going to move up?
[10:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> I figure at this point in time it's going to be one of us
[10:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> there's good arguments either way for both of us
[10:19] <Cherokee> From where I think he's headed with this based on the 'advisory' session we had with him last hour, I believe he intends to propose me as Emperor, you as Executor.  But, I don't want to put words in his mouth.
[10:19] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah
[10:20] <Orphaea_Imperium> would you take me as executor? :)
[10:20] <Orphaea_Imperium> or would you want to get this unstable thing out of Your Empire as quickly as possible? :D
[10:20] <Cherokee> I'm very tempted to take you at face value that you are doing this for the good of the GE.
[10:21] <Orphaea_Imperium> alas... if only my powers of destruction this time had been wreaked on NR, not ourselves :(
[10:21] <Orphaea_Imperium> in the end, yes, it is for the Empire
[10:21] <Cherokee> In order to make this kind of deal work, I think I have to take you at your word.
[10:21] <Orphaea_Imperium> which one of us is on the throne matters less than *one* of us being on the throne
[10:21] * Cherokee nods
[10:21] <Orphaea_Imperium> on the other hand, this close to power, personally it's hard to resist that temptation to push a little further
[10:22] * Cherokee nods
[10:23] <Orphaea_Imperium> and like I said, there's good arguments for both of us either way
[10:23] <Cherokee> To be honest, I don't think he would agree if you tried to force that as a condition.  I think he's boxed into a corner, and right now there's absolutely no way to predict which way he'll jump.
[10:23] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah
[10:23] <Orphaea_Imperium> it's down to him
[10:23] <Cherokee> I just wish you had waited intil next week for this... I've missed so much paperwork today... I'm hours behind :)
[10:23] <Orphaea_Imperium> also, I'd feel kinda shitty to stonewall you from the throne myself after you've been waiting this long :(
[10:24] <Cherokee> Hah!  Well, if I do end up as Emperor when the dust settles, I can be much more realistic than Vodo in saying I believe in moving on after a while once you hit the top.
[10:24] <Orphaea_Imperium> I think most of us are
[10:25] <Orphaea_Imperium> after having seen what's happened with Vodo idling on the throne
[10:25] <Cherokee> Not only would me moving on after a year or so clear the path for you, but also for Guinar to follow you.
[10:25] <Orphaea_Imperium> heh... Guinar and I discussed that once
[10:25] <Cherokee> I owe Guinar that much as well... he's been a solid support for me for half a decade now :)
[10:25] <Orphaea_Imperium> I commented to Guinar last night 'Play your cards right, you could be the compromise candidate Emperor!'
[10:26] <Orphaea_Imperium> his response was something like 'now why the hell would I want that?!'
[10:26] <Cherokee> Well... he talks that talk... but he's the one who tried to take out Seele with a bicycle in order to get his Grand Vizier post!
[10:26] <Orphaea_Imperium> heh
[10:27] <Cherokee> Anyway.  You or me, I'll be glad when the whispering in dark corners is over, the drama is done, and the GE can get back to moving forward.
[10:29] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah... how much time has been wasted on 'waiting for Vodo to retire' crap <.<
[10:33] <Orphaea_Imperium> lol... there's a lot of 'Vote Orph for Emperor' sig images around now <.<
[10:34] <Cherokee> hehe
 01[10:34] <Orphaea_Imperium> watching the speculation is half the fun
[10:34] <Cherokee> I was telling someone that you've built up some great fans outside the Empire :D
[10:34] <Orphaea_Imperium> apparently not only am I overthrowing Vodo, I'm also making my own faction while defecting to NR, BS, and Eidola
[10:35] <Cherokee> I haven't seen any hat-conspiracy theorists out and about though...
[10:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah
[10:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> it wasn't Orph
[10:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> it was the hat
[10:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> take the hat <.<
[10:49] <Orphaea_Imperium> no one likes my timing... you're busy, Grey's going on holiday... bah
[10:52] <Cherokee> Shit, I just thought of something... so you have someone you trust implicitly to make the stuff back over to GE once you're back in as 2ic?
[10:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> surely you can go without a 2IC for an hour
[10:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> while I make shit over
[10:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> face it, even if I did, once everything was back you could re-fuck me over anyway
[10:53] <Cherokee> True.
[10:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> it's not the throne
[10:59] <Orphaea_Imperium> we lose the sith - or at least some of them
[10:59] <Orphaea_Imperium> but I don't know how many would actually follow him into exile
[10:59] * Cherokee nods
[10:59] <Orphaea_Imperium> I know ICly they follow their leader
[10:59] <Orphaea_Imperium> OOCly, I think most of them realise what needed to be done
[11:00] <Orphaea_Imperium> and won't want to give up their current enjoyment of the Empire just to follow their old inactive leader into the unknown regions
[11:00] <Cherokee> Yeah, but I don't want to be the one to point that out to Vodo just this moment...
[11:00] <Orphaea_Imperium> I wouldn't :p
[11:00] <Cherokee> :)
[11:02] <Orphaea_Imperium> meh... while we wait for them to come back, we'll resurrect the Imperial Knights <_<
[11:03] <Orphaea_Imperium> I actually have a lot of plans for reforming the Empire, based mostly on turning it into a Legacy-era Empire rather than a Movie-era Empire, but I'll ramble about that when you don't have a lot of paperwork I've already distracted you from
[11:04] <Orphaea_Imperium> right... you willing to play along with all this then?
[11:04] <Orphaea_Imperium> you as Emperor, me your Executor (eventual successor? god willing), the Sith 'leaving'
[11:05] <Cherokee> Yes.  As long as you're willing to accept me as Emperor and understand that we may not always agree on how to do things... but I think we can both accomplish alot more than either one of us separately.
[11:05] <Orphaea_Imperium> Agreed.
[11:05] <Orphaea_Imperium> my time for dicking around with the Empire without restraint will come <.<
[11:06] <Orphaea_Imperium> now I know how you felt when you merged NIO into the Empire
[11:06] <Orphaea_Imperium> putting your faith in someone that has every good reason to kick your ass :p
[11:07] <Cherokee> ... butterflies in my stomach was how I felt.  But, I had faith in Seele and Byden saying I could trust Vodo.
[11:07] <Orphaea_Imperium> I don't have a Byden or Seele :p
[11:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> I do have a Teniel Djo and Corvis Orion, but it's not quite the same
[11:08] <Cherokee> LOL
[11:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> I wish I could have left Vodo with something
[11:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> to force him to see the truth, I almost had to destroy him
[11:09] <Orphaea_Imperium> we should declare a fete week in his honour
[11:09] <Orphaea_Imperium> one day for every year he sat on the throne
[11:09] <Cherokee> Not a bad idea.
[11:09] <Orphaea_Imperium> or something, anyway
[11:09] <Cherokee> I had done something similar in the GNS of my ascension to the throne that I never got to publish a few months ago.
[11:09] <Orphaea_Imperium> we need to remind the Empire - and him - that he's not a bad person
[11:09] <Orphaea_Imperium> or a person not deserving of dignity
[11:10] <Orphaea_Imperium> do you want me to make over everything at once?
[11:10] <Cherokee> Do you want to do the GNS on this whole ordeal, or should I set Jarek to work on it?
[11:10] <Orphaea_Imperium> or wait a while so people can see the change of power on the GNS flashnews?
[11:10] <Orphaea_Imperium> before 400 events start
[11:11] <Orphaea_Imperium> I can do a GNS
[11:13] <Emperor_Cherokee> To be honest, I and the rest of the Empire, will probably rest alot more soundly knowing everything is back.
[11:13] <Emperor_Cherokee> In addition, I want to bring you in and set you as 2ic before heading to bed.
[11:13] <Orphaea_Imperium> right
[11:13] <Orphaea_Imperium> so do it all now then?
[11:13] <Emperor_Cherokee> If you have the time.  I know how long you spent moving the stuff earlier ;)
[11:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> nah
[11:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> most of it was in the first 10min
[11:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> the rest was just opportunity while I still had privs <_<
[11:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> you going to fuck me over when I'm finished making it all over? :)
[11:15] <Emperor_Cherokee> No.
[11:16] <Emperor_Cherokee> I could have done what you just did to Vodo myself at any time this past year... look how long I went trying to get my way without fucking him over :)
[11:16] <Emperor_Cherokee> I'm not the fucking over type anyway.  I think my mom raised me to be too nice.
[11:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> lol
[11:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> well, here goes then
[11:18] * Orphaea_Imperium bows
[11:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> To your reign, saar.
[11:33] <Executor_Imperium> sorry, I'm getting to making shit back over
[11:33] <Executor_Imperium> it's just taking me forever with all these PMs to get to opening Chrome
[11:33] <Emperor_Cherokee> I hear that... I close one window and two more pop up
[11:33] <Emperor_Cherokee> The furor should die down soon.
[11:33] <Emperor_Cherokee> I hope.
[11:34] <Executor_Imperium> have you had any requests for you to sell tech/planets yet? :D
[11:35] <Executor_Imperium> oh... make sure Vodo makes you over all the Imperial stuff in his private inventory too
[11:35] <Executor_Imperium> except the Sovereign, obviously
[11:37] <Emperor_Cherokee> Right, I'm on that
[11:37] <Emperor_Cherokee> not on the Sovereign :P
[11:37] <Executor_Imperium> <Bane> so what you gonna be doing first?
[11:37] <Executor_Imperium> <Executor_Imperium> overthrowing Cherokee, obviously
[11:37] <Executor_Imperium> <Executor_Imperium> ;o
[11:37] <Emperor_Cherokee> on getting the stuff he's holding
[11:39] <Executor_Imperium> you want to send me through that GNS you wrote?
[11:39] <Executor_Imperium> I'm on a cap
[11:39] <Executor_Imperium> I could modify it
[11:40] <Emperor_Cherokee> Let me take a may be on my work computer.
[11:41] <Executor_Imperium> meh, I can knock something up I'm sure
[11:46] <Executor_Imperium> I'd like to nominate Axe, for his retirement, for a promotion to Grand Admiral
 01[11:46] <Executor_Imperium> just sayin'
[11:47] <Emperor_Cherokee> I think Moff will be good enough for now.  Let's wait until he actually retires-retires for such wanton displays of love.
[11:47] <Executor_Imperium> that's what I meant
[11:47] <Emperor_Cherokee> Oh.
[11:47] <Executor_Imperium> not now, obviously, but when he goes to gov
[11:54] <Executor_Imperium> oh
[11:54] <Executor_Imperium> shit
[11:54] <Executor_Imperium> what happens to Cloud City?
[11:54] <Executor_Imperium> is Vodo currently owning that?
[11:55] <Emperor_Cherokee> oh fuck
[11:57] <Executor_Imperium> ^
[11:57] <Executor_Imperium> do you think he realises? <_<
[11:57] <Emperor_Cherokee> I could tell him you want that made over before you make the assets back over.
[11:57] <Executor_Imperium> I just made over the mats...
[11:57] <Emperor_Cherokee> I don't think he even thought of it.
[11:57] <Executor_Imperium> wouldn't it count as 'Imperial shit he has in his inventory'?
[11:58] <Executor_Imperium> want me to hold off on the rest of the stuff until you get in touch with him?
[11:58] <Emperor_Cherokee> He said he wasn't going to take any assets, so I would expect he'll make them over without too much coersion.
[11:58] <Executor_Imperium> or just go ahead and start making over?
[11:58] <Executor_Imperium> in the end, the most CC has protected we're actually interested in is the 19 haulers, and we could dock them somewhere under a shield and wait for dissolution to happen <_<
[11:58] <Executor_Imperium> if I remember the inventory from my days leading it
[11:59] <Emperor_Cherokee> Hold on for a few minutes... I'm going to see if Guinar thinks we can risk Vodo not returning it.
[11:59] <Emperor_Cherokee> Worst case scenario we can just start a new mining faction.
[11:59] <Executor_Imperium> yeah
[11:59] <Emperor_Cherokee> we've got all the mines and haulers
[11:59] <Executor_Imperium> yeah
[11:59] <Executor_Imperium> and we can get thingo to strip it of anything else of value
[11:59] <Executor_Imperium> that's not protected
[11:59] <Executor_Imperium> I've made over every mat but mel... I'll stop now
[12:00] <Executor_Imperium> you could make it back over and pretend I didn't send it... though Vodo shouldn't have any privs anymore, right? (may want to check on that)
[12:00] <Executor_Imperium> he wouldn't be able to tell >.>
[12:00] <Emperor_Cherokee> Yeah, I've confirmed he has no privs.
[12:00] <Emperor_Cherokee> He can't see the transactions.
[12:00] <Executor_Imperium> well, gimme a yell when you've sorted it
[12:00] <Emperor_Cherokee> If he brings the mats up I'll tell him we realized just as you started the make over.
[12:01] <Emperor_Cherokee> I've got Guinar checking to see if anyone is active at Cloud City right now.
[12:01] <Emperor_Cherokee> *who can strip it
[12:12] <Emperor_Cherokee> Vodo just made CC over to me.
[12:12] <Emperor_Cherokee> We can carry on.
[12:13] <Executor_Imperium> what about the SDs and stuff?
[12:14] <Emperor_Cherokee> He says he's not making the IU things over until he knows the GE is whole again, says the IU leaders would want it that way.
[12:15] <Executor_Imperium> hmm
[12:15] <Executor_Imperium> would he make it over to Alex?
[12:15] <Executor_Imperium> kind of 'middling'?
[12:18] <Executor_Imperium> anything?
[12:18] <Executor_Imperium> or just make it over?
[12:21] <Emperor_Cherokee> Hold for now, I'm talking to him about it.
[12:21] <Emperor_Cherokee> Trying to see if Alex is still around to arrange a 'safekeeping'
 01[12:22] <Executor_Imperium> I think VJJ is around?
[12:22] <Emperor_Cherokee> ...
[12:22] <Emperor_Cherokee> that's amazing
[12:22] <Executor_Imperium> though I think Alex or maybe KJJ would be better
[12:22] <Emperor_Cherokee> Vodo just suggested VJJ
[12:22] <Executor_Imperium> hmm
[12:22] <Executor_Imperium> though VJJ is also Sith >.>
[12:23] <Emperor_Cherokee> I think if it came down to it Jansen would side with us over Vodo.
[12:24] <Emperor_Cherokee> He's talking to Jansen.
[12:24] <Executor_Imperium> yeah
[12:31] <Emperor_Cherokee> He's sending them to TF
[12:35] <Executor_Imperium> k
[12:35] <Executor_Imperium> if VJJ will confirm, I'll get sending
[12:35] <Emperor_Cherokee> Vodo says darkness is running slow, he's in the middle of it.
[12:37] <Emperor_Cherokee> He's made over the 3 SSDs.  That's likely all we're going to get out of him.  Frankly, ISDs can be replaced.  SSDs were the major chess pieces there.
[12:38] <Executor_Imperium> we can wait >.>
[12:38] <Executor_Imperium> how's your paperwork going? :)
[12:38] <Emperor_Cherokee> It's not :P
[12:38] <Executor_Imperium> sorry <.<
[12:39] <Emperor_Cherokee> I'd rather get this all straight tonight.
[12:39] <Emperor_Cherokee> I want to have full factual announcements to make at the IMM tomorrow :)
[12:40] <Emperor_Cherokee> Jansen confirms 3 SSDs and says Vodo told him the combine was slow so he may actually get the ISDs as well.
[12:41] <Executor_Imperium> does he have any VSDs or light tech?
[12:41] <Executor_Imperium> not that I'm too concerned with light tech
[12:41] <Emperor_Cherokee> No, only held SSDs and ISDs as safeguard against IU government treachery.
[12:41] <Emperor_Cherokee> To the best of my knowledge anyway.
[12:42] <Executor_Imperium> check with VJJ? :p
[12:46] <Emperor_Cherokee> Jansen says he only had SSDs, he gave the ISDs to the governments months ago when we agreed to let them own them.
[12:46] <Emperor_Cherokee> I do recall that now... he's right.
[12:46] <Executor_Imperium> right
[12:46] <Executor_Imperium> good for me to make everything back over then?
[12:46] <Emperor_Cherokee> Good to go.
[13:21] <Executor_Imperium> bah...
[13:21] <Executor_Imperium> should've just had 40 people jump, gone gov, and merged -_-
[13:25] <Executor_Imperium> christ almighty this is taking longer than the looting did -_-
[13:25] <Emperor_Cherokee> combine's moving slower
[13:25] <Executor_Imperium> that might be me <.<
[13:26] <Emperor_Cherokee> lol
[13:38] <Emperor_Cherokee> Is that all the facilities?  Only 135 planets actually changed hands, I wonder if we need admin to refresh planet stats.
 01[13:38] <Executor_Imperium> no
 01[13:39] <Executor_Imperium> the going is slow
[13:39] <Emperor_Cherokee> ah
[13:39] <Executor_Imperium> I still have 19,000 to go
[13:39] <Emperor_Cherokee> ...
[13:39] <Emperor_Cherokee> shit
[13:39] <Executor_Imperium> yeah
[13:39] <Executor_Imperium> that's how much was unprotected :o
[13:39] <Executor_Imperium> I'm doing it in batches of 500 because doing 1500 batches makes it time out
[13:39] <Emperor_Cherokee> I'm going to go find something for dinner then... it's 11:30p here already :)
[13:40] <Executor_Imperium> I'll try to speed up
[13:40] <Emperor_Cherokee> No worries, I'll check back in when I get back.
[13:40] <Emperor_Cherokee> Mikel knows to accept you once you're done and ready to come back to the faction.
[13:43] <Executor_Imperium> heh... wonder if Vey will make you FS <.<
[13:56] <Executor_Imperium> How does it feel to finally have the chair?
[13:56] <Cherokee> Good.  But head is still spinning.  So much to start doing...
[14:15] <Executor_Imperium> priv me up? <.<
[14:15] <Executor_Imperium> also, change your infofield :)
[14:22] <Cherokee> righto
[14:22] <Executor_Imperium> it's still day 191... fastest coup ever? >.>
[14:22] <Cherokee> I just remarked... less than 24 hour coup... has to be a record.
[14:23] <Executor_Imperium> hum
[14:23] <Executor_Imperium> not an immediate concern I would say
[14:23] <Executor_Imperium> but who owns the domain name?
[14:24] <Cherokee> Seele
 01[14:24] <Executor_Imperium> k
 01[14:24] <Executor_Imperium> hmm... you're listed as the registrant <.<
 01[14:24] <Executor_Imperium>
[14:25] <Cherokee> Yeah, I think he registered it in my name to get Vodo to calm down earlier this year.
[14:25] <Executor_Imperium> ah
[14:26] <Cherokee> umm...
[14:26] <Cherokee> how the hell do you set someone 2ic in darkness :P
[14:26] <Executor_Imperium> give them the second in command priv
[14:26] <Executor_Imperium> or
[14:26] <Executor_Imperium> if you go to the faction status overview page
[14:26] <Executor_Imperium> there should be a button 'appoint 2IC'
[14:28] <Cherokee> got it
[14:29] <Executor_Imperium> thank you
[14:30] <Cherokee> No...
[14:30] <Cherokee> Thank you.
[14:31] <Orphaea_Imperium> You're welcome. Just don't ask me to do it again.
[14:32] <Cherokee> lol
[14:32] <Cherokee> Well, now that you're on board, I can fill you in on a little secret.
[14:32] <Orphaea_Imperium> You're Vodo's multi?
[14:32] <Cherokee> Vodo thinks I'm going to kick you out and give the GE back to him.
[14:33] <Cherokee> However, that's not going to happen.
[14:33] <Orphaea_Imperium> If you were to do that, you sir, are a bloody fool.
[14:33] <Cherokee> As he's going to find out shortly, much to his dismay.
[14:33] <Orphaea_Imperium> I suspected he might try something like that
[14:33] <Orphaea_Imperium> but I was trusting you to be sensible about it <.<
[14:34] <Cherokee> Good instincts.
[14:34] <Orphaea_Imperium> he dicked you over once already... and you'd just give it back to him when he's now got nothing to hold over you?
[14:34] <Orphaea_Imperium> right...
[14:34] <Cherokee> Yeah.  
[14:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> oh well
[14:35] <Cherokee> Not to mention I flat out told him I agreed with your sentiment if not so much the way you did it.
[14:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> Seele was telling me you all basically hammered into him the only way forward was abdication
[14:35] <Cherokee> Yeah.  But I don't think he would have gone for it if he didn't hold some glimmer of hope that I'd give it back to him.
[14:36] <Cherokee> He once again 'offered' to let me be Emperor if he was owner in Darkness.
[14:36] <Orphaea_Imperium> Axe was saying maybe he was actually grateful for an 'out' like this
[14:39] <Cherokee> Maybe.  I just broke the bad news to him, so we'll see how he responds.
[14:39] <Orphaea_Imperium> RAGE!
[14:39] <Orphaea_Imperium> I was talking to a Hapan official who will remain nameless
[14:40] <Orphaea_Imperium> they said if it had come down to something big, the IU probably would have swallowed and accepted you as Emperor
[14:40] <Orphaea_Imperium> rather than supporing Vodo's Empire-on-life-support
[14:42] <Orphaea_Imperium> *supporting
[14:43] <Cherokee> Yeah, I got the same from a collection of IU leaders earlier.
[14:44] <Orphaea_Imperium> heh
[14:44] <Orphaea_Imperium> DeMeer wasn't impressed with me, but was neutral
[14:44] * Orphaea_Imperium sighs
[14:44] <Orphaea_Imperium> unpleasant, but necessary
[14:45] * Cherokee nods
[14:45] <Orphaea_Imperium> would you have supported it if I'd suggested my doing it beforehand?
[14:46] <Cherokee> Yes.
[14:46] <Cherokee> Orph.
[14:47] <Cherokee> I'm not one for conflict, but something had to be done.
[14:48] <Orphaea_Imperium> I do have a history of flamboyant, highly public spectacles against groups I go up against <.<
[14:48] <Orphaea_Imperium> still... best to have kept everything under wraps even if it did mean a day where all hell broke loose
[14:48] <Orphaea_Imperium> that way if it all went horribly wrong it was only me that would have gone down
Session Close: Sat Sep 18 15:07:41 2010

Session Start: Sun Sep 19 01:14:56 2010
Session Ident: Cherokee
[01:15] <Orphaea_Imperium> prodded Zhao - when you merge factions, the member requirement stays the same as other factions (i.e. 10)
[01:15] <Orphaea_Imperium> so I could merge Nilar into Primus
[01:15] <Orphaea_Imperium> and we pocket the Med Neb DC
[01:15] <Cherokee> nice
[01:16] <Orphaea_Imperium> or, if we do it the other way, we might be able to get rid of all the stock in Primus that people own
[01:28] <Orphaea_Imperium> Zhao confirmed... merging Primus into Nilar would mean we'd 100% own the faction, and get rid of all those intelligence people owning single stocks of our medical faction
[01:28] * Cherokee nods
[01:28] <Cherokee> That works.
[01:28] <Orphaea_Imperium> then we'd probably rename back to Primus?
[01:29] <Orphaea_Imperium> Everything's already in Primus' name, and the Nilar name might have a certain stigma attached to it now
[01:30] <Cherokee> Guinar might want to reassert the Ixx naming convention for nats... IRC, IRE, not sure, maybe IMR or IRM (Imperial Medical Resourses) or some such.
[01:30] <Orphaea_Imperium> something, anyway
[01:31] <Cherokee> Unfortunately we can't merge CC and IRC. 
[01:32] <Orphaea_Imperium> we can if my faction suggestion goes through <_<
[01:32] <Cherokee> I'll unprotect the CC assets, strip it, then send the shell back to Vodo.
[01:32] <Cherokee> Oh...
[01:32] <Orphaea_Imperium> does IRC still exist?
[01:32] <Orphaea_Imperium> I thought it merged into CC months ago
[01:32] <Cherokee> well, we can hold off to see I suppose
[01:32] <Cherokee> It doesn't exist as it's own entity, but again this way we cut out 49% of CC being owned by Simms.
[01:32] <Orphaea_Imperium> ah right
[01:33] <Orphaea_Imperium> well, yeah
[01:33] <Cherokee> We'd have to make IRC, stuff CC's stuff in, and move on.
[01:33] <Orphaea_Imperium> unprotect everything, get rid of it
[01:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm pleased to report that the Empire is once again whole.  However.  I've decided that for the benefit of the future growth and success of the Empire, I must retain both the Throne and ownership in Darkness of the Empire.  That is the only way to ensure a more active hand is at the tiller and the only way to promote further growth for the GE and IU.
[01:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> Needless to say, Vodo is not pleased with this result.
[01:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> ^ understatement? <_<
[01:36] <Cherokee> I suppose.  He didn't yell or call me names, but he said no one would support what I had done.
[01:36] <Cherokee> Less than two hours later I had three notes of support from IU leaders and several moffs...
[01:36] <Cherokee> including long time Vodoists.
[01:36] <Orphaea_Imperium> lol
[01:36] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah, some Vodoists have said they recognise why I did it and it's for the best
[01:37] <Orphaea_Imperium> as Axe said, even Vodo supporters recognise it's time to move on
[01:38] <Cherokee> yeah
[01:40] <Orphaea_Imperium> I have had some people warn me that people won't trust me or won't support me as Executor
[01:40] <Orphaea_Imperium> particularly the IU
[01:40] <Orphaea_Imperium> I figure, give them a month with the novelty of having an active Emperor, and then we'll see how they feel towards me
[01:41] <Cherokee> Internal GE matters shouldn't really concern IU.  Hopefully they'll give us that modicum of respect to handle our own house as we see fit.
[01:41] <Orphaea_Imperium> sure, but you can't blame them for being concerned
[01:41] <Cherokee> true
[01:41] <Cherokee> breakfast break over... heading back to work!
[01:42] <Cherokee> I'll be back for the meeting.
[05:58] <Orphaea_Imperium> is this a meeting the IU should be at?
Session Close: Sun Sep 19 05:59:37 2010
Session Start: Sun Sep 19 05:59:37 2010
Session Ident: Cherokee
[06:03] <Executor_Imperium> is this a meeting the IU should be at? Alex/Jansen
[06:05] <Cherokee> Are you asking, or are they?
[06:05] <Cherokee> I really don't mind either way.  If they're free and want to attend, go ahead and bring them in.
 01[06:06] <Executor_Imperium> I'm asking
[06:06] <Emperor_Cherokee> I really don't mind either way.  If they're free and want to attend, go ahead and bring them in. :)
[07:54] <Executor_Imperium> In some respects, I saw it coming
[07:55] <Executor_Imperium> Grand Moff (my old job), Grand Moff (honourary) or Moff?
[07:55] <Executor_Imperium> keeping in mind how we're likely going to have to adapt with galaxy changes one day
[07:56] <Emperor_Cherokee> Grand Moff of Coruscant Sector which is likely to become an oversector.  I will have to chose a new chair for the council of moffs though.  
[08:16] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit disappointed
[08:17] <Orphaea_Imperium> but I know why it had to happen
[08:17] <Emperor_Cherokee> I'd think you were lying if you said you weren't.
[08:17] <Emperor_Cherokee> There was significant push from IHC to address what you did however.
[08:17] <Emperor_Cherokee> And the trust issue is real.
[08:17] <Emperor_Cherokee> I like you alot Orph, but you're one hell of a devious bastard.
[08:17] <Orphaea_Imperium> The consequences of when you do what's unpleasant but necessary
[08:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> Though like I told Guinar, I'm also a bit less guilt-ridden now
[08:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> I always assumed it was more or less inevitable it would be you -> him -> me
[08:18] * Emperor_Cherokee nods
[08:18] <Emperor_Cherokee> I think he's leaning that way too.
[08:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> at least I'm not rearranging things this way
[08:18] <Emperor_Cherokee> That was one of his first questions...
[08:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> aye, he said that
[08:18] <Emperor_Cherokee> who should follow him.
[08:18] <Emperor_Cherokee> I told him it was his choice.
[08:19] <Emperor_Cherokee> Unlike Vodo I don't intend to try to put my footprint that far down the path.
[08:19] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm happy to stay around, but I have one condition
[08:19] <Orphaea_Imperium> well, a request
[08:20] <Orphaea_Imperium> Be a damn good Emperor - if I never make it there myself, at least history will prove I was right
[08:24] <GMoff_Imperium> you mean all I had to do was wait another week for you to retire and I'd have your job now?
[08:24] <GMoff_Imperium> damn! >.>
[08:25] <Emperor_Cherokee> Orph... you did this literally 2 hours after I sent that to Vodo.
[08:25] <Emperor_Cherokee> :)  Hows that for timimg.
[08:25] <Emperor_Cherokee> timing.
[08:25] <GMoff_Imperium> god I hate you right now
[08:27] <Emperor_Cherokee> Well.  My recommendation was that Guinar follow me.  Whether it would have outweighed the trust Vodo had in you at the time I put at about a 50/50 toss up.
[08:30] <GMoff_Imperium> like I said - you, Guinar, me
[08:30] * Emperor_Cherokee nods
[08:30] <Emperor_Cherokee> I'll also tell you...
[08:30] <Emperor_Cherokee> [18:10] <Emperor_Cherokee> FYI, I'll likely serve a year reign before handing it over to you. 
[08:30] <Emperor_Cherokee> As I told Guinar.
[08:30] <GMoff_Imperium> you said that to me yesterday
[08:31] <Emperor_Cherokee> Well, yes.  But I wanted to confirm that considering what I had to just do during the meeting.
[08:31] <GMoff_Imperium> springing something on on a guy without anyone knowing about it beforehand
[08:31] <GMoff_Imperium> you're taking a leaf out of my book
[08:32] <Emperor_Cherokee> The only way to stay ahead is to adapt to the way the game is being played.
[08:32] <GMoff_Imperium> My bad
[08:38] <GMoff_Imperium> thinking on it...
[08:38] <GMoff_Imperium> it may actually have been good timing
[08:38] <GMoff_Imperium> if Vodo thought you wanted to retire entirely, he mightn't have been so ready to put his hope in you handing it back to him
[08:38] <GMoff_Imperium> ...messed up the wording there, but you get what I mean
Session Close: Sun Sep 19 10:22:41 2010