Fourth Imperial Civil War/Imperial High Command emergency meeting

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Log of #Imperial-Discussion
(Emergency IHC meeting)
As provided by Seele to Orphaea Imperium Year 11 Day 292

[09:10] <.Seele[AWAY]> Your Highness.
[09:11] <.Seele[AWAY]> Where would you like us to begin?
[09:13] <@The_Emperor> Greetings.  Is everyone here?
[09:14] <.Seele[AWAY]> Admiral Vulcan is inactive.
[09:14] <@The_Emperor> Let me grab my food really quick... starting out... What is the extent of the damage and what is the worst case scenario.  Let's cast wide boundaries and start from there
[09:14] <.Seele[AWAY]> And Mikel is the highest of the Sith we could rustle up
[09:14] <.Seele[AWAY]> Approx 400 planets lost.
[09:14] <.Seele[AWAY]> 5 sectors.
[09:15] <.Seele[AWAY]> Some sectors completely lost, whilst others we retain some planets in.
[09:15] <.Seele[AWAY]> All of our credits, lost.
[09:15] <.Seele[AWAY]> Some of our tax planets lost.
[09:15] <.Seele[AWAY]> All of our raw materials lost.
[09:16] <.Seele[AWAY]> Some planets that Orph could not get the flats for, he controls the power and shielding systems, such as Bastion which now, even in its poor economic state makes up 20% of our projected monthly income.
[09:17] <@The_Emperor> it looks like it is just you and I
[09:17] <@The_Emperor> where is Cherokee
[09:17] <.Seele[AWAY]> Most of our mines were also taken by Orph, and much of Cloud City's RM stores are sitting in facilities now owned by Orph.
[09:17] <.Seele[AWAY]> Waiting for me to shutup I imagine.
[09:17] <@The_Emperor> Question.  How did he get access to credits?
[09:17] <@The_Emperor> I can understand facilities in his role
[09:18] <.Seele[AWAY]> I believe he has had access to them from before the merger, I will allow the Executor to answer though.
[09:18] <@The_Emperor> Sengir and Cherokee were the only ones I ever gave access to
[09:19] <Guinar> Part of Orph's mandate was to broker territorial deals. As such, he had access to all facilities and cities.
[09:19] <@The_Emperor> im not so concerned with credits.. we could not spend it all even with our massive infrastructure.
[09:19] <@The_Emperor> and we have an efficient operation
[09:19] <@The_Emperor> what is our tax income hit
[09:19] <.Seele[AWAY]> 1.5-2 Billion.
[09:19] <@The_Emperor> is any IU leadership on?
[09:20] <@The_Emperor> so what is our net takeaway after the hit?
[09:20] <.Seele[AWAY]> About the same.
[09:20] <@Cherokee> I'm back.  I'm technically still on the clock for the next hour and a half, but I'll try to keep up in here.
[09:20] <@The_Emperor> ok no problem
[09:20] <@The_Emperor> thanks for coming tom
[09:20] <@The_Emperor> i was to west coast yesterday and back today so have been pretty crazy
[09:21] <.Seele[AWAY]> Somewhere between 1.5-2Bil, but Orph can reduce that by shutting off power to cut some of our remaining tax planets down.
[09:21] <Jarek> Not a trip to envy.
[09:21] <@Cherokee> I hear you.  He could not have picked a worse time for this shit.
[09:21] <@The_Emperor> im used to it
[09:21] <@The_Emperor> we were due :)
[09:21] <@Cherokee> To be honest, I've only ever been on the other end of a situation like this... being on the receiving end is not a pleasant experience.
[09:22] <@The_Emperor> It is not pleasant.. but be positive
[09:22] <@The_Emperor> Okay
[09:22] <@The_Emperor> Here are my thoughts
[09:22] <@The_Emperor> punch holes in them
[09:22] <@The_Emperor> 1.  Imperium should have talked to me...  I am not opposed to his ideas...  He was in my most trusted circle...
[09:23] <@The_Emperor> 2.  He made his situation impossible.  I cannot step down based on a coup threat.  That would not only weaken the Empire, but any Emperor to follow
[09:23] <@The_Emperor> Question:  What are the odds of him donating his bounty to our enemies
[09:24] <@The_Emperor> Question:  What are your recommendations for next steps
[09:24] <Ventidius> Orph does not donate anything, he may sell off portions though.
[09:24] <@The_Emperor> i need some IU people here
[09:24] <.Seele[AWAY]> Question #1: After 48hrs have passed? Entirely likely. He has already been approached by Eidol and the GA over his holdings.
[09:24] <@The_Emperor> is alex online?
[09:25] <@Cherokee> I don't think he would donate.  I think he would however court the GA if he believes he is going to have to stick it out and realizes he might actually need a military.
[09:25] <Jarek> He's idling.
[09:25] <.Seele[AWAY]> I'm not sure you'll like Alex or DeMeer's responses.
[09:25] <@The_Emperor> i talked to Alex earlier
[09:25] <@The_Emperor> I have not heard from Demeer, but i rarely care for his responses
[09:25] * .Seele[AWAY] nods.
[09:25] <.Seele[AWAY]> Alex is currently idling, I tried to wake him but to no avail.
[09:26] <.Seele[AWAY]> 1. Agreed.
[09:26] <@The_Emperor> ok
[09:26] <@The_Emperor> thoughts/suggestions?
[09:26] <.Seele[AWAY]> 2. Orph believes that until you are no longer the leader in Darkness, any words from us of assurances of change will not eventuate.
[09:27] * Eric_Zahm (~ezjrb_63@SWC-IRC.469989A05D0D8.SWC) has joined #Imperial-Discussion
[09:27] * Eric_Zahm kneels to the Emperor
[09:27] <.Seele[AWAY]> In essence, he feels he has been lied to by you about leadership change multiple times, and he will not back down.
[09:27] <@The_Emperor> He wants to be Emperor
[09:27] * Eric_Zahm bows to the other IHC members
[09:27] <@The_Emperor> He has approached me to step down for him
[09:27] <@The_Emperor> Not for Cherokee
[09:28] <@The_Emperor> His motives are not as pure as a "change
[09:28] <@The_Emperor> "
[09:28] <.Seele[AWAY]> He is a political opportunist.
[09:28] <Guinar> Maybe this morning he'd been willing to accept other candidates. By now, he's in it for himself.
[09:28] <@The_Emperor> Does he have a following?
[09:29] <@The_Emperor> are there others that have joined his "cause"
[09:29] <Guinar> He has a certain charisma. And he has nearly unlimited funds at his disposal.
[09:29] <.Seele[AWAY]> He has not been trying to rally anyone.
[09:29] <Jarek> He could buy people if he wanted.
[09:29] <.Seele[AWAY]> However...
[09:29] <Jarek> But I do not think he will do that.
[09:29] <@Cherokee> That being said, he was never really a widely respected member of the IHC.  I think he'll find it hard to pull people out of the GE to join him.
[09:30] <@Cherokee> But I don't think that is the particular concern here.  Rather than a manpower issue, our issue is really assets and economics.
[09:30] <Ventidius> And he is not one to actively recruit into his faction.
[09:30] <.Seele[AWAY]> His scheming was widely known...
[09:30] <@The_Emperor> and pull them out to do what.  he does not have data cards and he does not have ships or vehicles
[09:30] <@The_Emperor> so he would have to pull them out for a wholesale change
[09:30] <.Seele[AWAY]> In conversation with him before, he did say that he was prepared to consider alternatives to himself as Emperor.
[09:30] <Eric_Zahm> but he has plenty of planets to trade for ships and vehicles
[09:30] <Ventidius> He would need people to sustain his faction.
[09:31] * Eric_Zahm nods to Inwe
[09:31] <@The_Emperor> agreed re: cherokee statement
[09:31] <.Seele[AWAY]> Orph isn't going to lead a rebellion.
[09:31] <@Cherokee> That won't be hard Inwe.  I'm just not sure they'll come from the GE.
[09:31] <@Cherokee> He has a ton of followers "outside" the GE.
[09:31] <@Cherokee> That's where he's most popular.
[09:31] <.Seele[AWAY]> that's not his game here, and it's not what we're facing. Any thoughts of that should be dispelled.
[09:31] <Mikel> Agreed with Seele and Cherokee on that.
[09:31] <Ventidius> Indeed
[09:31] <@The_Emperor> I am not concerned with CASH
[09:31] <@The_Emperor> Our IU allies will support us temporarily
[09:31] <Jarek> As will other groups.
[09:31] <@The_Emperor> I control their military assets for a reason
[09:32] <Jarek> I have had offers from Magnus Plaga and his Thyrsus Sun Guards of assistance.
[09:32] <@The_Emperor> We can also consolidate factions and narrow some of the losses, although it will only impact minimally
[09:32] <.Seele[AWAY]> I disagree.
[09:32] <.Seele[AWAY]> This is not something we just shrug off, positive attitude or not.
[09:32] <@The_Emperor> Sustainable economics is our biggest challenge...  the ability to earn
[09:32] <.Seele[AWAY]> We can't just consolodate a few things and move on.
[09:33] <@The_Emperor> *looks at Seele*
[09:33] <Guinar> We have lost our complete RM infrastructure.
[09:33] <Eric_Zahm> With 1/5 of our origional planets our growth potential is damanged
[09:33] <@The_Emperor> Jesse and I have an plan
[09:33] <@The_Emperor> called Order 66 (not very creative I know)
[09:33] <@The_Emperor> in the event either of our factions got gutted
[09:33] <@The_Emperor> i am not sure we require order 66 at the moment
[09:33] <@Cherokee> ((customer call, back in 5 min))
[09:34] <@The_Emperor> okay
[09:34] <@The_Emperor> so strategically and tactically.. what do we need to do?
[09:34] <@The_Emperor> What do you guys want to do
[09:34] <.Seele[AWAY]> We need our stuff back.
[09:35] <.Seele[AWAY]> Orph as Emperor is completely unnacceptable however.
[09:35] <Eric_Zahm> catching back up with rm's and credits will take time
[09:35] <.Seele[AWAY]> You personal feelings about Orph for a while now.
[09:35] * .Seele[AWAY] nods.
[09:35] <Eric_Zahm> but it'd be impossible for us to regain 395 planets
[09:35] <.Seele[AWAY]> Orph knew where to hit us.
[09:35] <Ventidius> The planets that had most of our RM deposits.
[09:36] <.Seele[AWAY]> Our RM network was stretched thin as it was.
[09:36] * Eric_Zahm nods
[09:36] <@The_Emperor> Agreed.
[09:36] <.Seele[AWAY]> And now, it will take us a very long time to regain those losses, and Orph will use them to gain his next political foothold wherever he goes, and strengthen our enemies to give them the resources we once had.
[09:36] <Guinar> Orph also copied the holonet, with the locations of all known RM deposits in the Empire.
[09:37] <@The_Emperor> I do not see a suggestion there Seele.
[09:37] <.Seele[AWAY]> The only suggestion I have, aside form spending the next decade rebuilding to our might, is the one no one wants to suggest. =/
[09:38] <@The_Emperor> How do you reconcile supporting a coup?  although you have been known to support them in the past
[09:38] <.Seele[AWAY]> My greatest concern at the present is the survival of the Empire.
[09:38] <@The_Emperor> What is to stop the next "Orph" from being unhappy that he would never become Emperor and looking to hold the Empire hostage.
[09:38] <.Seele[AWAY]> Your own IC history proports performing two coups against Emperors.
[09:38] <@The_Emperor> The Empire will survive under Order 66
[09:38] <@The_Emperor> I just need to talk to Jesse and Alex
[09:39] <@The_Emperor> Which involved no theft
[09:39] <.Seele[AWAY]> Mind informing us what Order 66 is?
[09:39] <@The_Emperor> of even a single credit
[09:39] <@The_Emperor> A merger with CC
[09:39] <@The_Emperor> HApes
[09:39] <@The_Emperor> sorry
[09:39] <.Seele[AWAY]> ...
[09:39] <@The_Emperor> all assets, they become the GE
[09:39] <@The_Emperor> if hapes was gut they wool merge with GE
[09:39] <@The_Emperor> if GE was gut ten beyond repair, we would merge with them
[09:40] <@The_Emperor> its the founding principle of the IU
[09:40] <@The_Emperor> it wasn't always called Order 66
[09:40] <@The_Emperor> it was called Order Reciprocity
[09:40] <.Seele[AWAY]> I feel that your personal feelings of not "losing" are clouding your judgement here, Highness.
[09:40] <Eric_Zahm> So GE merge into Hapes?
[09:40] <Eric_Zahm> would mean Orph wins
[09:40] <@The_Emperor> This is VERY privileged info.. so please keep it to this group
[09:41] * .Seele[AWAY] nods.
[09:41] <.Seele[AWAY]> Understood.
[09:41] <Eric_Zahm> of course
[09:41] * Eric_Zahm clears his c/p
[09:41] <Jarek> Technically, nothing would stop Orph from renaming his faction and putting himself as Emperor.
[09:41] * Ventidius nods
[09:41] <Eric_Zahm> very true
[09:41] <Eric_Zahm> he has the population and credits to go Gov
[09:41] <@The_Emperor> The Hapes would become the GE
[09:41] <Eric_Zahm> just needs the member count
[09:41] <@The_Emperor> He does not have the infrastructure to do anything
[09:41] <@The_Emperor> He has cash
[09:41] <@The_Emperor> He would need to join someone
[09:42] <@The_Emperor> and then he would be in the SAME position he is now
[09:42] <.Seele[AWAY]> He can get infrastructure in a nano-second now.
[09:42] <Eric_Zahm> how many other medical factions you think he could convince to merge into him
[09:42] <Eric_Zahm> I'd bet at least 3 or 4
[09:42] <@The_Emperor> yet he would be jouining as someone who is a traitor and will never be trusted the same
[09:42] <Jarek> Not just medical factions.
[09:42] <Eric_Zahm> knowing that they'd get planets
[09:42] <@Cherokee> back
[09:42] <.Seele[AWAY]> History is full of traitors being trusted.
[09:42] <Guinar> Territory will be his buying power.
[09:42] <.Seele[AWAY]> Territory is the ultimate currency of the galaxy now.
[09:43] * Eric_Zahm nods to Seele
[09:43] <Ventidius> We trusted him after CSA, someone else would trust him after this.
[09:43] <@The_Emperor> *nods*
[09:43] <@The_Emperor> What are your thoughts Cherokee?
[09:43] <@Cherokee> Technically, Orph doesn't need to merge with anyone.  He has a wide mining complex, hundreds of known RM deposits, the cash needed to fund going government, and at least 3 tax planets.  If he doesn't get his way, he can effectively set up the 3rd largest government in the game.
[09:43] <@Cherokee> What he doesn't have is GE tech.
[09:44] <@Cherokee> If he chose to pass himself off as Imperial, he'd be a jumped up "NIO"
[09:44] <@The_Emperor> zero
[09:44] <@The_Emperor> tech
[09:44] <@Cherokee> My major concern with all of this is this...
[09:44] <Eric_Zahm> but once again I'm sure GA would trade ships for some choice planets to regain control of sectors we've fought for
[09:45] <Eric_Zahm> not as good as GE tech, but still good
[09:45] <@Cherokee> The GE can survive, yes.  But losing 80% of our ability to expand our future growth means our future is not one of growing prosperity and expanding hegemony, it is one of 'surviving' and just trying to get back to where we were this time yesterday.
[09:45] <@Cherokee> That's a loss of 2 - 3 years at best.
[09:45] <@The_Emperor> Cherokee...  I agree with you.  HOWEVER.  He does not have people, logistics, ships, transports, etc.  He has part of what he needs.  He will need a partner or would need to actively recruit people and setup a faction, which takes some time I imagine, to turn what he has into anything.
[09:46] <Guinar> Eidola, BS, NR. He can take his pick.
[09:46] <Jarek> Except he's had a whole day to do that.
[09:46] <@The_Emperor> *nods to Cherokee*
[09:46] <@Cherokee> Agreed.  But with 400 planets and solid income, time is on his side.
[09:46] <@Cherokee> We're limited now to 104 planets.
[09:46] <@Cherokee> Many of which we've already fully exploited.
[09:46] <.Seele[AWAY]> Not to mention political victory of unseen magnitude in SWC to gather supporters. =/
[09:46] <Eric_Zahm> all he has to do is approach an NFG saying "join me and you can govern this system"
[09:47] <@The_Emperor> So Cherokee.  What is your recommendation?
[09:47] <Jarek> Doesn't even have to be NFGs.
[09:47] <Eric_Zahm> newbs, whatever you name it
[09:48] <Eric_Zahm> Can't do a temp LOA transfer of power?
[09:48] <@Cherokee> My recommendation is to engage Orph in direct conversation and see what compromises he may be willing to make.  We cannot accept giving into a hostage taker, yet he will not back down from his demands.  We would need to talk with him to find out what middle ground there is so both sides can save face while MORE IMPORTANTLY, saving the Empire.
[09:49] <@The_Emperor> *nods*
[09:49] <@The_Emperor> He os Orph around?
[09:49] <@The_Emperor> Is rather
[09:49] <Eric_Zahm> he's on IRC
[09:50] <Eric_Zahm> not sure if he's idle or active though
[09:50] <@Cherokee> We also need to realistically guage where stonewalling Orph puts us.  Yes, we can make a stand and not 'give in to terrorists' but doing so weakens up at least as much in the public eye and among our allies at the IU who see this entire incident as proof of the GE's problems.
[09:50] <Eric_Zahm> Orphaea_Imperium has been idle 3hrs 51mins 41secs,
[09:50] <.Seele[AWAY]> He is asleep. He was up all night, like me.
[09:51] <Ventidius> Speaking of Orph, could his access be removed from the IHC room?
[09:51] <Mikel> I removed him from all GE mailing lists this afternoon
[09:51] <.Seele[AWAY]> When I was talking with Orph before, to try and get him to come back to the fold, he said he would be willing to accept himself or Cherokee as Emperor, or pending dialogue, potentially a "compromise candidate".
[09:51] <@The_Emperor> *nods*
[09:52] <.Seele[AWAY]> I do not know what he imagines as a compromise candidate, as I cannot see any from where we are.
[09:52] <Jarek> But there's no assurance that he'd behave with Cherokee or a compromise.
[09:52] <.Seele[AWAY]> There are never assurances in anything.
[09:52] <Jarek> Death and taxes.
[09:52] <@The_Emperor> That is the problem when you act brashly.  There is no good situation, as he has demonstrated he is willing to put everyone at risk
[09:52] <@The_Emperor> for himself
[09:53] <Eric_Zahm> I would think that whoever (just tossing it out) did become the next emperor they'd not have Orph anywhere near a position with privs
[09:53] <@The_Emperor> It is difficult to undo that.
[09:53] <Eric_Zahm> that's in responce to him behaving (jarek)
[09:53] <.Seele[AWAY]> ISB and II will need to seriously look at privs across the board.
[09:53] <@The_Emperor> Agreed.  Privs are not in the right spot.
[09:53] <@The_Emperor> He should not have had access to the treasury
[09:53] <.Seele[AWAY]> Damn admins should've coded my privs suggestion years ago. >.<
[09:54] <@The_Emperor> and it takes FOREVER to protect 50K flats
[09:54] <@The_Emperor> and facilities
[09:54] <Eric_Zahm> Sorry for my not understanding protecting of assets fully, but are you the only one that can protect?
[09:55] <.Seele[AWAY]> However, if Vodo did retire, and Orph didn't play ball, all of our other options would still be on the table.
[09:55] <.Seele[AWAY]> Including Order 66.
[09:56] * Mikel is now known as Mikelsewhere
[09:56] <.Seele[AWAY]> However, Order 66 is rightfully so the very last option we could ever use. =/
[09:56] <Mikelsewhere> I have to go to dinner with my parents, I'll be back asap
[09:56] * Mikelsewhere kneels to His Highness
[09:56] <.Seele[AWAY]> It would completely destroy morale, and likely result in staggering losses of personnel.
[09:56] <Ventidius> Yes, I don't think we are at Order 66 yet.
[09:57] <Guinar> The political impact would be horrendous too, as the galaxy would lose one of its most renowned names.
[09:57] <.Seele[AWAY]> And also see us as being defeated.
[09:57] * Eric_Zahm nods
[09:57] <@The_Emperor> Yes
[09:57] <@The_Emperor> I protect assets
[09:58] <Eric_Zahm> All you'd hear from the Eidola corner would be defeat propaganda
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> however, you can only protect what can display on a page
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> and once you display more than like 500 items
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> the script crashes
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> so you have to do it in like increments of 500 or so
[09:58] * Eric_Zahm sighs
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> which means this time next year I will be finished protecting
[09:58] <Eric_Zahm> so damn near impossible
[09:58] <Ventidius> It's down to 200 now
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> all ships are always protected
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> and vehicles
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> i do that very regularly... i cannot keep up with flats./facilities
[09:58] <Eric_Zahm> and you can't protect RM piles
[09:58] <@The_Emperor> its a full time job
[09:59] <.Seele[AWAY]> Well, we're lucky Orph didn't take those 74 ships.
[09:59] <@The_Emperor> plus we are always selling and trading and deleting and shit
[09:59] <Eric_Zahm> so he still could have cripled us temporarily
[09:59] <@The_Emperor> Regarding Order 66
[09:59] <Ventidius> I think he already did that.
[09:59] <@The_Emperor> Hapes would be renamed GE
[09:59] <Eric_Zahm> Inwe I meant even if everything was protected
[09:59] <.Seele[AWAY]> Hapes would need to merge with us.
[09:59] <Eric_Zahm> you can't protect RM's
[10:00] <.Seele[AWAY]> Otherwise all GE tech would disappear.
[10:00] * Ventidius nods
[10:00] <@The_Emperor> Yes
[10:00] <Eric_Zahm> why's that?
[10:00] <Eric_Zahm> thought tech merged like ANG/TGM when they merged
[10:00] <Eric_Zahm> nm ANG just renamed
[10:00] * Eric_Zahm slaps himself
[10:00] <Jarek> Because the party merging into loses its DCs, Eric.
[10:01] <@The_Emperor> We would work with Veynom to merge... it would obviously be something different than was the coding intended
[10:01] <@The_Emperor> and would require some help at the admin level
[10:01] <@The_Emperor> speaking of which... did he do anything illegal from a game rules perspective?
[10:01] <Eric_Zahm> Not that I've been able to think of
[10:01] <Ventidius> Well, he used an IRL friend to lead the faction
[10:01] <Jarek> But that's not against the rules, I think.
[10:02] <Ventidius> Uther's assassination was overturned because it was not deemed 'IC' when an OOC friend was used.
[10:02] <Ventidius> But I think that scenario holding water with the admins would be unlikely here.
[10:02] <.Seele[AWAY]> No.
[10:02] <.Seele[AWAY]> I have spoken with the Admins already.
[10:02] <Eric_Zahm> he could still argue that the person was an IC relative though
[10:02] <Eric_Zahm> since it was an imperium
[10:02] <.Seele[AWAY]> Everything he did was legal, and no exploits. They will not intervene.
[10:03] * Ventidius nods
[10:03] <Jarek> One of the things we need to do is control message at this point.
[10:03] <Jarek> Because people are going to ask questions, and we need to be able to respond and maintain that we are in control.
[10:04] <.Seele[AWAY]> We need to know how we're going to respond first. :P
[10:04] <.Seele[AWAY]> A "everything is under control" message with no details of how we're in control and going to resolve it will not placate anyone.
[10:04] <Jarek> Correct.
[10:05] <Jarek> We need to at least settle a short-term response.
[10:05] <.Seele[AWAY]> Well, once the Emperor has made a decision, we will know how to try and spin it.
[10:05] <@The_Emperor> Okay
[10:06] <@The_Emperor> This is the plan.
[10:06] <@The_Emperor> I will leave the short term spin to the spin masters
[10:06] <@The_Emperor> I spoke with the Executor privately
[10:06] <@The_Emperor> Invite Orph to a meeting tomorrow
[10:07] <@The_Emperor> The meeting will be between the Executor, myself and Orph.  Seele will host, but will not be present for the discussions.  Seele is too much of a power broker and that could threaten Orph
[10:07] * .Seele[AWAY] nods.
[10:08] <@The_Emperor> I will offer to step down as Emperor and name Executor Cherokee the Emperor effectively immediately.  I will step down in darkness and Orph will be named #2 and Executor and next in line to the throne
[10:08] <@The_Emperor> Spin this as a successful coup attempt
[10:08] <.Seele[AWAY]> O_o
[10:08] <@The_Emperor> resulting in the DLOS being banished from the Empire
[10:09] <Eric_Zahm> DLOS?
[10:09] <.Seele[AWAY]> Dark Lord.
[10:09] <@Cherokee> Dark Lord of the Sith.
[10:09] <@The_Emperor> Dark Lord of the Sith
[10:09] * Eric_Zahm akks
[10:09] <@The_Emperor> My Spiritual Role
[10:09] <Jarek> Right.
[10:09] <@The_Emperor> The Sith will not support this
[10:09] <@The_Emperor> and will break away from the Empire
[10:09] <@The_Emperor> but we will not steal any ships
[10:09] <@The_Emperor> I will only keep the SSD I currently own personally...
[10:10] <@The_Emperor> There will be IU repercussions I will need to resolve as I personally own their SSD's and half of their Star Destroyers
[10:10] <@The_Emperor> set this up for tomorrow please
[10:10] <@The_Emperor> 10am EST (so I can sleep in)
[10:10] <Eric_Zahm> But will we let Orph remain Executor?
[10:10] <Jarek> Pfft, you can sleep in.  I'll be at temple :P
[10:11] <@The_Emperor> That will be the deal
[10:11] <@The_Emperor> That is the ONLY deal
[10:11] <Guinar> SSDs can be replaced.
[10:11] <@The_Emperor> if he rejects it
[10:12] <@The_Emperor> then we meet again to plan our next steps
[10:12] <Jarek> So, to make sure I understand:  You step down, Cherokee steps up and Orph is now in the On Deck Circle.  The Sith break away in protest over what is perceived as a loss of influence and power.
[10:13] <Eric_Zahm> Will this same channel be used for future talks so I know if I need to favorite it?
[10:13] <@The_Emperor> This is not to be discussed
[10:14] <Ventidius> For the moment our public story should be we are engaging in negogiations.
[10:14] <@The_Emperor> until after I formally announce it
[10:14] <@The_Emperor> agreed?
[10:14] <Jarek> Agreed.
[10:14] <Guinar> Understood
[10:14] <Eric_Zahm> Agreed
[10:14] <Ventidius> Understood
[10:14] <@The_Emperor> Correct
[10:14] <@The_Emperor> The power of the Sith will move on
[10:14] <@The_Emperor> from the Empire
[10:16] <Ventidius> Your Highness, in the meanwhile could you remove Orph from #cmg-empire-ihc ? The other members may not feel comfortable discussing possible plans for their branches in his presence.
[10:47] <@The_Emperor> he is removed
[10:59] * Mikelsewhere is now known as Mikel
[10:59] * Mikel kneels
[11:08] * The_Emperor is now known as Dark-Lord-Vodo
[11:09] <Jarek> Subtle.
[11:10] * @Dark-Lord-Vodo (~The_Emper@SWC-IRC.A4CF96C2CB3C49.SWC) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[11:10] * Cherokee is now known as Emperor_Cherokee
[11:12] <Eric_Zahm> let the restructuring begin
[11:14] <.Seele[AWAY]> lol
[11:14] <Jarek> Change places!
[11:14] * Eric_Zahm starts the music
[11:15] <Eric_Zahm> I love musical chairs
[11:22] * Emperor_Cherokee is now known as Cherokee
[11:22] * Cherokee is now known as Emperor_Cherokee
[11:31] * Eric_Zahm is now known as Moff_Zahm
[11:35] * Ventidius is now known as DIR_Ventidius
[11:41] <.Seele[AWAY]> Ladies and gentlemen. I think we're done here.
[11:41] * DIR_Ventidius (~inwe.vent@SWC-IRC.625039E2B9687B.SWC) has left #Imperial-Discussion
[11:42] * Moff_Zahm bows
[11:42] * ChanServ sets mode: -r
[11:42] <Moff_Zahm> gentlemen
[11:42] * Jarek (~jsankin@SWC-IRC.15604ECFEAD552.SWC) has left #Imperial-Discussion