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[19:08] <Alex_Track> Is the GNS mistaking or do i have 401 new notifications in less hten an hour>?
[19:08] <Ten> 404
[19:08] <Ten> 405
[19:08] <Alex_Track> So there is a coup on ?
[19:08] <Ten> 404 planet switches, one leader switch
[19:08] <Alex_Track> looks like someone just f*ed the GE
[19:09] * Venix (~chatzilla@SWC-IRC.852799B9A6506B.SWC) has joined #SWC-Members
[19:09] <Ten> indeedely
[19:09] * Orphaea is now known as Orphaea_Imperium
[19:09] <Alex_Track> Congrats Orphaea
[20:11] <Lance_Freewill> whats up whit GE?
[20:12] <Ten> vodo  got tired and is dissolving it
[20:12] <Lance_Freewill> :P
[20:31] <Borr_Fedick> hmmmm so anyoe know what's going on with GE planets?
[20:32] <Ten> apparently orphaea stole them
[20:33] <Borr_Fedick> seriously?
[20:33] <Bane> more like comadeered them :P
[20:33] <Ten> well, that's what orphaea lets on =p
[20:34] <Ten> he could be lying, I guess :)
[20:34] <Borr_Fedick> just seems funny to steal from GE considering he gave them 2 sectors not too long ago
[20:34] <Ten> and now he took them back :D
[20:35] <Bane> lol
[20:35] <Bane> and he commandeered it godamit :)
[20:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> Fear me.
[20:35] <Borr_Fedick> oh lol, I only just realised it was those 2 secotrs that have gone
[20:35] <Bane> he has a browning
[20:35] <Evan_Cornforth> where is your factions website Orph?
[20:36] <Evan_Cornforth> I get some placeholder thing
[20:36] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah, the server's being dodgy
[20:36] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm trying to fix it
 [20:38] <Vonar> Go make he pay a fine!
[20:38] <Vonar> :P
[20:39] <Evan_Cornforth> my silence can be bought with 1 planet!
[20:47] <Clarr> wait, so, what actually happened to the GE?
[20:48] <Nalah> looted har har
[20:48] <Talor> Sin gave Orph loot privs
[20:48] <Talor> and unprotected shit for him
[20:48] <Talor> :(
[20:48] <Orphaea_Imperium> btw, Sin
[20:48] * Orphaea_Imperium hands over sack full of money
[20:48] <Bane> im still wondering how all this stuff got public :\
[20:48] <Nalah> £_£
[20:48] <Bane> or was it meant to? :P
[20:48] <Talor> then I tried to reverse it and Sin removed my privs here and in SWC
[20:48] <Talor> it's so wrong
[20:48] <Nalah> wait, aussie, so...$_$
[20:48] <Ten> and then he jacked off
[20:49] <Talor> See? no half-op!
[20:49] <@Zhao> literally jacked off
[20:49] <Talor> so rude
[20:49] <@Zhao> It was amazing
[20:49] <Ten> amazingly short
[20:49] <Nalah> Sin is so corrupt...he should be in politics
[20:49] <@Zhao> ^.^
[20:49] * Ten waits for vodo's traders lounge post!
[20:49] <@Zhao> <Nalah> Sin is so corrupt...he should be in politics
[20:49] <Talor> Only requirement Sin put to Orph was that his new faction should be called the Kangaroo Federation
[20:49] <Clarr> so I'm confused, why didn't he take coruscant?
[20:49] <@Zhao> I plan on running in the next election ^.^
[20:49] * K[a]rnak is now known as Karnak
[20:50] <@Zhao> Because it was protected I believe?
[20:50] <Ten> duh
[20:50] <Evan_Cornforth> that would just be mean Clarr :P
[20:50] <Talor> Veynom had it perma-protected!
[20:50] <@Zhao> lol
[20:50] <@Zhao> Loser
[20:50] <Talor> Sin couldn't un-protect it. :7
[20:50] <Nalah> Your powers are weak....young man
[20:51] <Talor> and in reality Keir is behind all this
[20:51] <Bane> lol
[20:51] <Talor> Orph is just a puppet
[20:51] <Vonar> I thought it was BS.....
[20:51] <Talor> no silly
[20:51] <Nalah> He should have waited till talk like a pirate day then
[20:51] <Clarr> quick, sync, and with the new population rules that convieniently updated *2500 to *250000, and the introduction of temporary sith force powers the GE can easily cover up this unfortunate loss
[20:51] <Talor> when you see NR looted, that's BS
[20:51] <Ten> [11:31:21] <Ten> ETA: until keir claims it as an eidola sting?
[20:51] <Ten> old!
[20:51] <Bane> lol
[20:52] <Talor> In reality this is april fools
[20:52] <Ten> I was thinking that
[20:52] <Talor> we're going by the SWC calendar this year
[20:52] <Nalah> Well, Sin is totally still all makes sense
[20:52] <Talor> Mark this day!
[20:52] <Ten> but it's still two weeks away from april fools in upside down land
[20:53] <Clarr> ohai, i too would like some of GEs planets
[20:53] <Talor> would you like to have their DCs instead?
[20:53] <Talor> Sin was selling them for beer earlier
[20:53] <Clarr> what would a mining faction do with ship DCs!
[20:53] <Talor> all PMs about it should go to him
[20:53] <Jaxom_Sky> same thing any faction does with any DCs :P
[20:53] <Jaxom_Sky> send faction hoppers and use them :P
 [20:54] <Clarr> BJ4DC?
[20:54] <@Zhao> lol
[20:54] * Jando blinks at events
[20:54] <@Zhao> How is this becoming about me? :P
[20:54] <Talor> SOLD
[20:55] <Clarr> you send first
[20:55] <Nalah> Jando, you need to stop smoking that pot :P
[20:55] <Talor> Because it's a known secret Orph has bribed you, ergo proven you're bribeable, ergo you be the front for admin conspiracies from now on. :)
[20:56] <Jando> I'm seeing shit
[20:56] <Ten> clean your room
[20:58] * Nalah is now known as Nal
[20:59] * Clarr is now known as Cla
 04[21:10] <Cla> Orphaea_Imperium, did you steal any ships as well?
[21:10] <Cla> well, not "steal" perhaps "liberate"
[21:10] <Bane> Commandeer*
[21:10] <Bane> :)
[21:11] * Cryingstar makes a long "hmmmmm"
[21:11] <Cla> I wonder what happens if the GE dissolves (obviously it won't - but that would be an awkward situation)
[21:12] <Ten> the next gov on the list will become the new GE
[21:12] <Ten> determined alphabetically
[21:12] <Cla>    	 Galactic Empire
[21:12] <Cla>   	Hapes Consortium
[21:12] <Cla> I agree
[21:12] <Cla> Hapes deserve it
[21:12] <Talor> QJJ will take over the GE!
[21:13] <Talor> oops
[21:13] <Talor> it's KAT now =7
[21:21] <Orphaea_Imperium> <Cla> Orphaea_Imperium, did you steal any ships as well? <--- 2 SSDs, 3 ISDs, 7 VSDs and an Acc ;o
[21:21] <Cla> can I have a VSD?
[21:21] <Orphaea_Imperium> lol... no, I didn't get any tech
[21:21] <Bane> can i have an SSD
[21:21] <Bane> :)
[21:21] * Talor takes away the Acc
[21:21] <Ten> <Orphaea_Imperium> 2 SSDs, 3 ISDs, 7 VSDs and an Acc
[21:22] <Bane> although i might ram the SSD into a planet by accident....
[21:22] <Urthadar> You'd think Vodo would have heard about this fascinating little feature known as Asset Protection.
[21:22] <Orphaea_Imperium> <Talor> Only requirement Sin put to Orph was that his new faction should be called the Kangaroo Federation <--- god I want to change Nikar's name to that now
[21:22] <Ten> so do it
[21:22] <Bane> lol
[21:22] <Cla> did you take any credits?
 [21:22] <Urthadar> then again, Vodo does have Veynom which is the ultimate Asset Protection system :P
[21:22] <Talor> Go for it!
[21:22] <Talor> :p
[21:22] <Cla> actually, can you itemise your haul into an excel spreadsheet?
[21:22] <Ten> already done
[21:23] <Ten> the list is up for auction on cpm
 [21:23] <Cla> (autofilter headers, facet by type and cpm value, thanks)
[21:23] <Talor> Veynom hardcoded everything Orph didn't take to SWC
[21:23] <Squall_Chitose> I won't let this build up inside of me.
[21:23] <Urthadar> maybe Veynom will be disappointed in Vodo and dispose of his reign :P
 [21:23] <Jando> dream on
[21:24] <Bane> lol
[21:25] <Urthadar> Finally, a medical faction with a purpose to exist.
[21:25] <Cla> I have already voiced my anger at this action! TO THE FACTION WEBSITE REPORT FORM!
[21:26] <Cla>
[21:26] <Urthadar> I'm pretty sure a couple million in fines dwarfs whatever they hauled out of GE :P
[21:26] * Talor takes random assets due to the severity of lacking faction stuff
[21:27] <Cla> it's done by percentage of leaders ego
[21:27] <Urthadar> that's not possible
[21:27] <Jando> A medical group that managed to get 415 planets over night from one of the bigger and best structured governments, shitty RP but a hell of an accomplishment.
[21:27] <Urthadar> if it was based on percentage of leader's ego, all major governments would be bankrupt
[21:27] <Cla> I'd be worried about our server if we had to calculate people's egos
[21:27] <Jando> that is just rude
[21:29] <Urthadar> I wonder if Vodo goes to the Traders Lounge and makes a topic calling Orph a thief :P
 [21:30] <Talor> That's cherrypies job
[21:30] <Orphaea_Imperium> looters aren't thieves anymore, remember?
[21:30] <Orphaea_Imperium> >.>
[21:31] <Urthadar> doesn't stop people from making the posts anyways
[21:31] <Orphaea_Imperium> <Jando> A medical group that managed to get 415 planets over night from one of the bigger and best structured governments, shitty RP but a hell of an accomplishment. <--- to be fair... they were very sick.
[21:31] <Cla> I would like my scammer tag removed then :(
[21:31] <Urthadar> see...Vodo was visited by this really hot slutty nurse
[21:31] <Urthadar> and while he was distracted
[21:31] <Jando> LOLZ
[21:31] <Urthadar> she took the deed for property on 415 planets
[21:32] <Urthadar> injected him with a sedative
[21:32] <Urthadar> and ran :P
[21:32] <Bane> lol
[21:32] * Cryingstar laughs
[21:32] <Cryingstar> that
[21:32] <Cryingstar> 's not good RP ;p
[21:32] <Urthadar> sure it is!
[21:33] <Urthadar> oh wait
[21:33] <Urthadar> yeah
[21:33] <Urthadar> replace "hot slutty nurse" with "half-naked male nurse"
[21:33] <Urthadar> ok, NOW its good RP
[21:33] <Cla> but hte nurse had a fantastic hatt
[21:34] <Ten> wasn't even 415 planets
[22:23] <Talor> Oh cool
[22:23] <Talor> an actual old-fashioned bank robbery
[22:25] <Dac_Kain> but no jawa
[22:25] <Talor> Orph is a robot operated by a jawa in realit
[22:25] <Talor> y
[22:26] <Talor> Jawa in turn is being run by Sin
[22:26] <Talor> scary isn't it?!
[22:26] <Bane> no, he is operated by a Moth that has the voice of Cartman in South Park :)
[22:27] <Cryingstar> "screw you guys I'm going home"
[22:28] <Bane> Team America tehehehe
[11:23] * Emperor_Cherokee is now known as Cherokee
[11:23] * Cherokee is now known as Emperor_Cherokee
[11:25] * Orphaea_Imperium is now known as Executor_Imperium
[11:28] * Bryce is now known as Prince_Bryce
[11:28] * Paparrin is now known as Emperor_Palparrin
[11:28] <Emperor_Cherokee> I'm sorry, c-cup turned down my offer of the Executor's post.
 [11:29] <Emperor_Palparrin> that bitch
[11:30] <Gilboa> :O
[11:30] <Prince_Bryce> There is a situation with GE?
[11:30] <.Light> hee, c-cup.
[11:30] <Nathan> That GLobal just confused the hell out of me
[11:30] <.Light> man
[11:30] <.Light> my day has been made, people.
[11:30] <@tycho> you got a new coffin?
[11:30] <.Light> hats, c-cups, vodo, and something about a panda
[11:31] <Nathan> I think a lot of ex-imperials' day was just made
[11:31] <David_Crow> Congrats Your majesty
[11:31] <Geno> The situation has been seen to:
[11:31] * FCPL_Winslow (~lukewinsl@SWC-IRC.7310AC4436F79.SWC) has joined #SWC-Members
[11:31] <Geno> [20:29:57] <Geno> What's a GE?
[11:31] <Geno> [20:30:27] <Lord_Jackson> O_o
[11:31] <Geno> [20:30:32] <Lord_Jackson> General electric?
[11:31] <@£> PNADA
[11:31] <Geno> PANDA
[11:31] <@£> WHERE
[11:31] * Doctor_Azala_Naranek buys a lightbulb.
[11:31] <Dac_K[a]in> I thought Jackson was a whirlpool man
[11:31] <Emperor_Palparrin> hihihi
[11:31] <Vonar> Just what is the situation? :P
[11:31] <@£> Did you not read the global
[11:31] <.Light> PM jackson to find out!
[11:31] <Geno> Nothing that concerns you.
[11:31] <@£> Sheesh
[11:31] <@Lord_Jackson> Oh suck me sideways, Syn
[11:31] <Dac_K[a]in> Cherokee double parked a SSD
[11:31] <Nathan> Vodo has stepped down as the Emperor of the Galactic EMpire, with now-Emperor Chereokee stepping up into the throne.
[11:31] <.Light> I don't know what that means
[11:32] <@Lord_Jackson> For the record, only Geno pm'd me
[11:32] <Dac_K[a]in> the parking ticket was huge
[11:32] <.Light> Tycho's description of Phryss: [20:28:30] <tycho> it is like the face has 2 mouths and the first mouth is crying
[11:32] <@Lord_Jackson> stopit tycho
[11:32] <@£> >: (
[11:32] <@tycho> that face works!@
[11:32] <@£> I do not have two mouths.
[11:32] <Emperor_Palparrin> im gonna miss manny
[11:32] * Light is now known as Emperor_Light
[11:32] <Dionaea_Kuat_Morgarr> WOW THE COMBINE IS ACTIVE
[11:33] <.Emperor_Light> is not
[11:33] * Geno is now known as Emperor_Sin`X
[11:33] <.Emperor_Light> oh shit my handle isnt actually light
[11:33] * Lord_Jackson is now known as EotKG_Jackson
[11:33] <.Emperor_Light> I forgot my name
[11:33] * Emperor_Light is now known as Emperor_Stefan
[11:33] <.Emperor_Stefan> I.. think?
[11:33] <.Emperor_Stefan> I so confused
[11:33] <Emperor_Palparrin> yes yes thats correct
[11:33] * David_Crow is now known as Crow
[11:33] <.Emperor_Stefan> CAW
[11:33] <@EotKG_Jackson> No, syn, your name is crog
[11:34] <.Emperor_Stefan> what
[11:34] <.Emperor_Stefan> I'm not c-cup
[11:34] <@EotKG_Jackson> crog
[11:34] <Prince_Bryce> Cherokee is king!
[11:34] <.Emperor_Stefan> will the real c-cup please stand up
[11:34] * Prince_Bryce joins the empire
[11:34] <Emperor_Palparrin> hes gone honey
[11:34] * Nicholas_Piega is now known as Piega|out
[11:34] <Hardolaf> Emperor_Cherokee, does this mean that you are permanenent leader of GE?
[11:34] <.Emperor_Stefan> not if I draw first blood
[11:34] <Emperor_Palparrin> only until c-cup returns
[11:35] <Emperor_Palparrin> charoky said c-cup turned down executor position
[11:35] <@£> Needs more emperors.
[11:35] <.Emperor_Stefan> I know right
[11:35] <Emperor_Palparrin> that only means he is takin emparor
[11:35] * Emperor_Stefan is now known as light
[11:35] * £ is now known as Emperor_£
[11:35] <@Emperor_£> £mperor
[11:35] * light is now known as Emperor_Stefan
[goes on in this way for about three hours]