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[17:51] <Ten> the GE just got looted!
[17:51] <Bane> by?
[17:52] * Ten refers to the 400 GNS flashes
[17:52] * Bane checks
[17:52] <Ten> I wonder what happened
[17:52] <Bane> wow
[17:53] <Ten> I'm guessing either a hilarious bug, of a hilarious lack of asset protection and one very pissed off high command member
[17:53] <Ten> former is probably more likely
[17:54] <Ten> although the med faction is owned by an imperium..
[17:54] <Bane> lol
 [17:55] <Crow|Away> lol
 [17:57] <Crow|Away> has to be a glitch
[17:58] <Crow|Away> that guy hasn't logged in since 288
[17:58] <@Togan> glitch or hack I'd say
 [17:58] <Helen[a]> <_<
[17:58] <Helen[a]> Ehm
[17:58] <Ten> what point would a hack this overt be
[17:58] <Helen[a]> Did GE just be looted?
[pinged out]
[17:59] <Ten> doesn't really disrupt anything major, though
[17:59] <Bane> it annoys people who wanna look at all the posts :P
[17:59] <Ten> deleting the character tables would be disruptive
[18:00] <Crow|Away> lol
[18:00] <Helen[a]> i just logged in and see 400 planets change hands to a med faction, anyone heard something about it?
[18:00] <Ten> oh, we hadn't noticed
[18:00] <Crow|Away> really? O_O
[18:00] <Bane> lol
[18:00] <Crow|Away> hhe
[18:01] <Ten> maybe this is just ellias' way to carry through his mad idea of making more planets available
[18:01] <@Togan> right
[18:03] <Bane> even more are coming in :\
[18:03] <Helen[a]> 410 and counting
[18:03] <@Togan> indeed
[18:03] <Helen[a]> down with the GE!
[18:03] <Bane> wow your counting?
[18:03] <Crow|Away> lol
[18:03] <Helen[a]> ehm
[18:03] <Helen[a]> yes?
[18:03] <Bane> lol
[18:03] <Ten> the mouseover gives you a handy number..
 [18:04] <Helen[a]> oh i could have done that too yes
[18:04] <Bane> 0.o
 [18:04] <Ten> you manually counted?
[18:04] <Bane> LOL
[18:05] <Ten> so how exactly can a faction be led by an inactive
[18:05] * Bane shrugs
[18:05] <Helen[a]> very easy
[18:06] <Helen[a]> if he logged in the last 7 days he can be appointed as leader
[18:06] <Ten> oh, wait, 288 -.-
[18:06] <Helen[a]> it is 291 now
[18:07] <Helen[a]> <_<
 [18:07] <Helen[a]> he should give mike the finger and keep those GE planets -.-
[18:07] <Ten> hm
[18:07] <@Togan> thing is, that faction shouldn't really have been created ... no website, no images, looks very fishy
[18:07] <Ten> not 410
[18:07] <Ten> 404
[18:07] <Crow|Away> nobody is gonna let em keep all those
[18:07] <Ten> and the imperium is probably a newly created character
[18:07] * @Togan starts faction checks and dissolves the faction
[18:08] <Ten> smells shady all around!
[18:08] <Crow|Away> ^^
[18:08] * Ten sits in commerce centre
[18:08] <Ten> dissolve it, togan!
[18:08] <Helen[a]> well, maybe he is a relative of Orpheae and it is all a plot from Eidola
[18:08] <Helen[a]> wow yes 409 planets going to the npc market =)
[18:08] <@Togan> maybe Orph's hat is damaged and now he wants to go to business school!
[18:09] <Ten> I count 404
[18:09] <Crow|Away> that would be good
[18:09] <Ten> and by I, I mean excel
[18:09] <@Togan> planets not found!
[18:09] <Ten> aha!
[18:09] <Ten> this is all a plot to make swc 404!
[18:09] <@Togan> ohnoz!
[18:09] <Crow|Away> lol
[18:09] <Bane> ohdearz!
[18:10] <Ten> well, maybe vodo sold the GEs planets to cover his vegas gambling debts
 [18:10] <Crow|Away> heehee
[18:10] * Ten waits for orphaea to get banned
[18:11] <Bane> wait, so why would orph get banned?
[18:12] <Ten> no particular reason
[18:12] <Bane> 0.o
[18:12] <Ten> I spend every day waiting for orphaea to get banned
[18:12] * Cryingstar laughs
[18:13] <Bane> it sounds like something you would do :P
 [18:35] <Helen[a]> w00t!
[18:35] <Helen[a]> check GNS news!
[18:35] <Helen[a]> it is no Glitch or bug
[18:35] <Ten> so that leaves foul play or legitimate looting
[18:36] <Helen[a]> the only way to top this over the top news, is if that 'medfaction' merges with NR =)
 [18:39] <@Zhao> Legit looting.
[18:39] <Helen[a]> WoW
[18:39] <Helen[a]> if Zhao says so, it is so@
[18:39] <@Togan> I'd love to know what else he took besides the planets
[18:40] <Ten> in that case, hilarious
[18:40] * Helen[a] waves to the former GE
[18:40] * Helen[a] renames the GE to LE
[18:40] <Helen[a]> (Local Empire)
[18:41] <Ten> if orphaea didn't take anything besides the planets, I wonder whether he intends to hold it hostage for exchange of other assets
[18:41] <Helen[a]> nah
[18:41] <@Togan> he'd be stupid if he only took planets
[18:42] <Helen[a]> if you can rob 400+ planets, he probaly took other stuff too
[18:42] <Helen[a]> what Togan said
[18:42] <Ten> depends on what he has access to
[18:42] <@Zhao> what's not protected*
[18:42] <Ten> same thing
[18:44] <Helen[a]> Orph is still headmaster of Coruscant
[18:44] <Helen[a]> ^
[18:44] <Ten> why wouldn't he be?
[18:45] <@Togan> of course, just because he left the faction doesn't automatically unassign him from stuff
[18:45] <Ten> you have to manually change those things
[18:45] <Helen[a]> We probaly just witnessed the greatest take  over the combine has ever seen
[18:46] <Helen[a]> We have seen history then
[18:46] <Helen[a]> over 10 years newbs will be asking us where we've been and what we have been thinking on day 291 in year 11
[18:46] <Crow|Away> lol
[18:47] <Ten> and I'll tell them I was sitting on the toilet using my wireless keyboard to chat
[18:47] <Helen[a]> And we can say: We were around when it happened
[18:47] <@Togan> Ten, you don't have voice recognition on your toilet yet?
[18:47] <Helen[a]> If this whole story is true and all, i wonder what his next move will be?
[18:47] <Ten> no microphone
[18:48] <@Togan> aa :(
[18:48] <Crow|Away> I think he'll Zig
[18:48] <Ten> I do have TTS turned on, though
[18:48] <Helen[a]> an independent faction, stepping over back to Eidola? Joining NR?
[18:48] <Ten> so the lack of screen doesn't matter
[19:01] <Helen[a]> Veynom will have a heartattack when he logs in  
[19:01] <Ten> I wonder if vodo noticed yet
[19:02] <Ten> and I wonder if mikel was in on it
[19:02] <Helen[a]> Offcourse he was? ^
[19:02] <Ten> why of course?
[19:02] <Anax> i think nobody cares
[19:03] <Helen[a]> mikel started this bogus med faction, then installed Jaster Orph, and then gave/installed Orph Imperium as leader After the loot
[19:03] <Ten> or....orphaea started it and used mikel as leader because he had to stay in the GE -.-
[19:03] <Orphaea> ^
[19:03] <Ten> then removed mikel and installed inactive dude
[19:03] <Ten> y'know, just a thought
[19:04] <Helen[a]> If this whole story is true and all, i wonder what his next move will be?
[19:04] <Helen[a]> an independent faction, stepping over back to Eidola? Joining NR?
[19:04] <Ten> stop repeating yourself!
[19:05] <Talor> OMG PANIC
[19:05] <Ten> what's wrong?!
 [19:05] <Anax> only 4 tickets thats wrong
[19:06] <Helen[a]> Ten, why was jaster needed then?
[19:06] <Helen[a]> mikel could stay in control, and then be replaced or give the medfaction to Orph?
[19:07] <Ten> if mikel wasn't in on it, perhaps to prevent him from taking shit?
[19:07] <Helen[a]> true
[19:07] <@Zhao> ........
[19:07] <Ten> for security, because someone that doesn't log in can't steal anything from your loot?
[19:07] <Anax> lol zhao 
[19:07] <Anax> work een mooie werkdag:P
[19:07] <Anax> word
[19:07] <@Zhao> Enlgish in here
[19:07] <Ten> maybe just because it's better to have an imperium in charge!
[19:07] <Anax> pfff
[19:08] <@Zhao> There are many Imperiums
[19:08] <@Zhao> Each as detestable as the next
 [19:08] <Helen[a]> i like them more and more
[19:09] <Ten> I'm not surprised you'd like someone that backstabs their faction =p
[19:09] <Anax> lol
[19:09] <Helen[a]> that hurts ten
 03[19:09] * Orphaea is now known as Orphaea_Imperium
[19:09] <Anax> tion:P
[19:09] <Ten> you walked right in to it!
[19:09] <Helen[a]> all hail to the new Emperor!
[19:09] * Helen[a] salutes
[19:09] <Anax> we all bow for Orphaea
[19:10] <Ten> I certainly don't!
[19:10] * Anax kick ten in the knees
[19:10] <Ten> not until I know whether he took any star destroyers, and if so, how many of each type
[19:10] <@Togan> not until I know how many of those I will get
[19:10] <Helen[a]> and for how many he will sell them!
[19:10] <Anax> yea give something to you followers
[19:10] * Anax bows
[19:11] <Helen[a]> remember who gave you this idea!
[19:11] <Helen[a]> ^
[19:12] <Helen[a]> and write a GNS!
[19:12] <Anax> hire saitam to do that
[19:12] <Ten> meh
[19:12] <Ten> julro would do a good job
 [19:13] <Helen[a]> Make a statement!
[19:13] <Ten> that was a statement
[19:13] <Helen[a]> thank you minister Ten ^
[19:14] <Anax> i told ellias
 [19:14] <Ten> told him what?
[19:15] <Anax> Orp, now we need to wait for the sync longer
[19:15] <Helen[a]> maybe this was part of the sync
[19:16] <@Zhao> Maybe we already did sync?
[19:16] <@Zhao> Dun dun DUUUUUUN!
[19:16] <@Zhao> BUt seriously, we haven't.
[19:16] <@Zhao> So don't ask.
[19:16] <Anax> i know
[19:16] <Talor> TOMORROW
[19:16] <Talor> IT'S TOMORROW!
[19:16] <Anax> i didnt asked
[19:16] <Ten> I love you tomorrow!
[19:17] <Alex_Track> hmmm... such an interesting turn of events :P
[19:19] <infiel> I'd love to see a GNS post.
[19:19] <Bane> there will be im sure
[19:19] <Bane> reporters will swarm like flies over this
[19:19] <infiel> ...but it'll be deleted as soon as Veynom reverses this.
[19:20] <Ten> it will be titled all your base are belong to us
[19:20] <Ten> because we love old memes
[19:20] <Anax> no flies,, fish is here
[19:20] <Bane> lol
[19:20] <Alex_Track> Well
[19:20] <Ten> unwell
[19:20] <Alex_Track> if this was a legal move against GE
[19:20] <Alex_Track> then it would be unfair for Veynom to revert
[19:21] <infiel> you're going to refer to fairness when it comes to GE?
[19:21] <@Zhao> <infiel> ...but it'll be deleted as soon as Veynom reverses this.
[19:21] <infiel> that activates my hilarity unit.
[19:21] <@Zhao> No it won't you're an idiot
[19:21] <infiel> no u
[19:21] <@Zhao> No, you.
[19:22] <Ten> yeah, it will be reverted five minutes *after* he sees it
[19:22] <Ten> >.>
[19:22] <Alex_Track> lol
[19:22] <Anax> i think ten
[19:22] <Helen[a]> wasn't Vodo revived from the dead once? ^
[19:22] <Ten> several times!
[19:22] <Talor> No silly, that was the other emperor
[19:22] <Ten> but those were actually due to bugs p=
[19:23] <@Zhao> They actually were.
[19:23] <@Zhao> And it was Owen that killed him
[19:23] <@Zhao> Once.
[19:23] <Talor> ismay?!
[19:23] <@Zhao> Yes, as Raider Aspect
[19:23] <Talor> How did Veynom approve his asimness?!?!+
[19:24] <Helen[a]> as payment to hushhush about the revivement?
[19:24] <Ten> he forgot who owen was, talor
[19:24] <@Zhao> He needed someone to counter your IU~ness
[19:24] <Talor> wasn't that Ellias?
[19:24] <Talor> and fleeeeeeeech
[19:24] <@Zhao> No, Ellias was just after-birth
 [19:24] <Ten> and sin
[19:24] <Talor> After-birth!?!
[19:24] <@Zhao> Yes, After-birth!
[19:24] <@Zhao> .
[19:24] <Talor> Oh my, you've been deceived.
[19:25] <Ten> sin, ellias, flich, owen, the entire administration is slowly going anti-GE!
[19:25] <@Zhao> I'm entirely neutral in all things.
[19:25] <@Zhao> I hate everyone equally
[19:25] <Bane> lol
[19:25] <Bane> fair enough
[19:25] <Ten> I've seen your 'down with the GE' wallpaper
[19:25] <Talor> In reality Sin just got tired of looking at GE so he gave Orph makeover privs and unprotected all that shit
[19:25] <@Zhao> lol
[19:25] <Rachel_Keiko-sho> maybe orph plans on installing himself s the new emporer .. 
[19:26] <Orphaea_Imperium> I bought Zhao a truck worth of booze
[19:26] <Orphaea_Imperium> he was like 'yeah, sure, do anything'
[19:26] <Alex_Track> lol
[19:26] <@Zhao> It was good booze
[19:26] <Orphaea_Imperium> -good +cheap
[19:26] <@Zhao> :o
[19:26] * @Zhao reverses
[19:26] <Orphaea_Imperium> though the way you were drinking it it may as well have been antifreeze
[19:26] <Alex_Track> lol
[19:26] <Ten> so good that it tastes better going out than going in
[19:26] <@Zhao> Apple flavoured urine
[19:26] <Bane> lol
[19:27] <Ten> budweiser has apple flavor now?
[19:27] <@Zhao> They don't sell budweiser in Australia
[19:27] <@Zhao> For good reason
[19:28] <@Togan> Australia has its own poor excuse for beer
[19:28] <Bane> do not!
[19:28] <Bane> we have a mediocre excuse :)
[19:28] <Ten> foster's is mediocre?
[19:28] <Ten> I think that's overly generous
 [19:28] <Bane> i meant VB
[19:28] <Bane> :P
[19:28] <Talor> Fosters is kangaroo pee
[19:29] <Ten> ah
[19:29] <@Zhao> Man
[19:29] <@Zhao> I'm gonna go and buy some Coopers
[19:29] <@Zhao> And sit here and get drunk
[19:29] <Bane> sounds good
[19:30] * Bane wants to be there :P
[19:30] <Helen[a]> i am seriously wondering howmany people will cry in front of the pc when they log in =)
[19:30] <@Zhao> Only Vodo
[19:30] <Alex_Track> I almost had a heart attack
[19:30] <Ten> and syn
[19:30] <Alex_Track> :P
[19:30] <Alex_Track> my GNS was flooded :/
[19:30] <Ten> but syn always cries in front of the pc
[19:30] <Alex_Track> its not use to that abuse
[19:31] <Helen[a]> i logged in, and thought i missed the sync ^
[19:31] <Helen[a]> silly me
[19:31] <Alex_Track> ^^
[19:31] <Ten> ETA: until keir claims it as an eidola sting?
 [19:31] <Bane> :P
 [19:32] <HaydenAtreides> 405 events... a shocker for me when i saw it... most with the same faction
[19:33] <Bane> *all
[19:33] <Alex_Track> yep
[19:33] <Helen[a]> *409
[19:33] <Bane> *404 wasn't it?
[19:33] <Alex_Track> 405
[19:33] <Bane> k
[19:33] <Ten> 404
[19:34] <Alex_Track> 5 if you include the leader change
[19:34] <Ten> that's not with the same factions!
[19:34] <Bane> ^
[19:34] <Bane> only half
[19:34] <Bane> :P
[19:35] <HaydenAtreides> i just page downed after about 30 events
[19:35] <Ten> page downed?
[19:36] <Bane> ^
[19:36] <HaydenAtreides> home, page up, page down, end (on the GNS events section)
[19:36] <Bane> oh
[19:43] <Azarin> Wow, the GE has so few planets left now it's ubelieveable...
[19:43] <Ten> still more than anzat!
[19:43] <Evan_Cornforth> lol
 [19:44] <Azarin> I'm not so sure Ten...
[19:44] <Bane> :P
[19:44] <Vonar> Do they have enough now to pay the crew of the SSDs? <_<
[19:44] <Ten> the tax planets are still theirs
[19:44] <Talor> Mass sale of SSDs!
[19:45] <Vonar> ^
[19:45] <Alex_Track> lol
[19:45] <Vonar> That's what I want to hear! :P
[19:45] <Azarin> Take the Corellian sector for example, only 2 systems are still GE controlled:
[19:45] <Bane> lol
[19:45] <Azarin> Same goes for Coruscant.
[19:46] <Azarin> Funny thing is, if Vey's proposed sector rules changes go ahead, the GE probably won't even have a single sector, and will have to revert.
[19:46] <Helen[a]> GE has 150 planets left, the med faction 400 (courtesy of Ten)
[19:46] <@Zhao> And Ten knows this how?
[19:46] <Alex_Track> Prob counted
[19:46] <Helen[a]> because he is awesome?
[19:46] <Bane> ^
[19:47] <@Zhao> <Azarin> Funny thing is, if Vey's proposed sector rules changes go ahead, the GE probably won't even have a single sector, and will have to revert.
[19:47] <@Zhao> They are going ahead, and Jesfa proposed them >.>
[19:47] <Anax> :P
[19:47] <Talor> Wasn't that Seele?
[19:47] <Ten> I am pretty sure, azarin
[19:47] <Azarin> Not that Zhao, not the galaxy map changes
[19:47] <Ten> unless anzat got a ton of new planets since a few months ago
[19:48] <@Zhao> Oh?
[19:48] <Azarin> The one where you need x proportion of systems, x proportion of planets, and x proportion of popultion to be above 1.5 total I think it was, to control the sector.
[19:48] <@Zhao> Oh, nah I doubt we'll do that
[19:48] <Azarin> Not now the GE doesn't have a sector they have many planets/systems in any more :P
[19:49] <Azarin> Who wants to fight an info factions Galactic Empire? :P
[19:49] <Vonar> \o_
[19:49] <Anax> veynom wont allow this
[19:49] <Alex_Track> Well...
[19:49] <Ten> they could always get shit from KDY or corsec back, though
[19:49] <Bane> i don't see why Veynom would really revert it
[19:49] <Azarin> I believe all of CorSec's planets were nationalised to the GE
[19:49] <Bane> you cant revert RL
[19:49] <Ten> no
[19:49] <Anax> but he will
[19:49] <Ten> just checked, noticed quite a few corsec planets
[19:49] <Bane> Simulators are meant to be lifelike :\
[19:50] <Ten> you also can't steal planets in this manner in real life =p
[19:50] <Azarin> Oh I see, the majority went for sure.
[19:50] <Ten> yeah
[19:50] <Alex_Track> Well
[19:50] <Alex_Track> if Vey was to revert it
[19:50] <Helen[a]> Fakir is hard to take over from the GE ^
[19:50] <Alex_Track> he would need to take back the CSA arguement too
[19:50] <Alex_Track> that was done by the looks of things in a simmiler fasion
[19:50] <Helen[a]> mybe Veynom will defect too to Orph?
[19:50] <Alex_Track> minus the memberbooting and a/es
[19:50] <Ten> egad, the GE is stealing things back!
[19:51] <Helen[a]> all hail to the new emperor!
[19:51] <Orphaea_Imperium> No
[19:51] <Orphaea_Imperium> some planets went uncontrolled
[19:51] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'd prefer at least one of our factions control them instead of leaving them to the masses
[19:51] <Azarin> Damn elitists <.<
[19:51] <Alex_Track> So what accually happened orphaea?
[19:51] <Ten> seize your spindoctoring!
[19:51] <Ten> ..cease!
[19:51] <Azarin> Just because you've got a hat, you think you're better than us.
[19:52] <@Zhao> My hat makes me better than you
[19:52] <Bane> hey, those hats are rather cool :)
[19:52] <@Zhao> It's a rapist hat
[19:52] <Alex_Track> lol
[19:52] <Ten> it's a paper bag with eye holes
[19:52] <@Zhao> ^.^
[19:53] <Helen[a]> Anzat has 5 planets and 77 asteroids, so at least the GE stays bigger then the Anzatan Commonwealth (courtesy of Rechlac)
[19:53] <Helen[a]> GE still has to rename themselves though
[19:53] <Azarin> We have more than 5 planets
[19:53] <Ten> poor anzat, only five planets :(
[19:53] <Azarin> I think it's 31, then there's moons asteroids and a comet.
[19:54] <Azarin> We've got 7 planets in this one system alone >.<
[19:54] <Azarin> And that's not even the system Anzat :P
[19:54] <Ten> anzat has about 90 planets total, no?
[19:55] <Anax> ten you keep records right
[19:55] <Azarin> That would be right if I bothered putting cities on all our asteroids.
[19:55] <Anax> and every time alion gets bigger then another faction he will run naked true the streeds
[19:55] <@Zhao> Time to go buy beer
[19:55] <Anax> its 11:55 zhao
[19:55] <Ten> why would ailon get bigger?
[19:55] <Helen[a]> im getting champagne
 [19:56] <Ten> I'm not interested in territory
[19:56] <@Zhao> I love to drink?
[19:56] <Anax> true
[19:56] <Anax> al the dutch that play this game are drinkers
[19:56] <Ten> only twenty-ish planets over 10x10 :/
 [19:58] <Anax> guys watch the gns
[19:58] <Anax> ed and met
[19:58] <Ten> am I looking for something specific?!
[19:59] <Azarin> Of ours? Yeah, our territory isn't massive... Not much we can do about it though.
[19:59] <Ten> large enough
[20:13] <Orphaea_Imperium> bribing Orph with a Guardian might do something ;o
[20:13] <Anax> guardian?
[20:13] <Helen[a]> it's a ship <_<
[20:13] <Talor> is not
[20:13] <Ten> it's that easy to get a planet? :/
[20:13] <Anax> show me
[20:13] <Bane> how about a discount on this ?
[20:13] <Anax> show me
[20:14] <Anax> the ship
[20:14] <Anax> Guardian-class light cruiser
[20:14] <Anax> that one
[20:15] <Anax> ?
[20:15] <Azarin> Orph, I could probably swing a guardian in exchange for all the planets... Jus' saying ;)
[20:15] <Azarin> Yes Anax
[20:16] <Azarin> Anzat and FF used to have the DCs for it, but (I don't know why) the admins replaced it with Kaloths making the Guardians rare.
 [20:16] <Talor> not canon I hear
[20:16] <Anax> so why do you want a guardain
[20:16] <Ten> because guardians weren't canon
[20:16] <Anax> its sucks
 [20:16] <Ten> once upon a time the plan was to change the guardians to their canon equivalents
[20:17] <Azarin> He only implied a planet for it Anax, he's got over 400 to hold on to ;)
[20:17] <Talor> Sin is drunk already.
[20:17] <Ten> ..which are markedly shittier than swc's guardians
[20:18] <Azarin> That was what would have happened in the recent stat revision too.
[20:18] <Anax> lol
[20:18] <Ten> well, that's why they changed the DCs to a ship that wouldn't get nerfed
[20:19] <Anax> its 12:18 and veynom is still not up
[20:19] <Ten> it's almost 12:20 and he's stillnot up!
 [20:19] <Ten> or maybe he just doesn't sit on irc all day
[20:19] <Talor> It's a conspiracy!
[20:20] <Bane> lol
 [20:33] <Vonar> You have 35 planets > 5 on size, Aza! :P
[20:33] <Azarin> Wahey! :D
[20:34] <Azarin> It's the most I've ever been in charge of, so beggers can't be choosers. I'm moving up in the galaxy ;)
[20:34] <Vonar> :P
[20:34] <Ten> be careful, azarin
[20:34] <Ten> those wax wings of yours might melt!
[20:34] <Vonar> Some people can't handle more than 1 system, let me tell ya. <_<
[21:50] <Dorn|Away> I saw the GNS, and I thought the sync had run - wth happened to GE?
[21:50] <Helen[a]> lootee
[21:50] <Helen[a]> [13:42] <Helen[a]> GE is in turmoil
[21:50] <Helen[a]> [13:42] <Nara> for real?
[21:50] <Helen[a]> [13:42] <Helen[a]> there is a coup going on
[21:50] <Helen[a]> [13:43] <Helen[a]> 3/4 of GE planets are gone
[21:50] <Helen[a]> [13:43] <Nara> what?!
[21:50] <Helen[a]> [13:43] <Helen[a]> at least 2 moffs defected with most of the materials in GE possesion and all items, ships, vehicles etc.
[21:50] <Helen[a]> [13:43] <Helen[a]> look at your gns <_<
[21:50] <Clarr|Skype> this is what happens when you sync too early
[21:50] <Talor> Oh
[21:50] <Talor> Helena has a multi in GE
[21:50] <Clarr|Skype> we had a sync overflow
[21:50] * Talor investigates
[21:50] <Ten> two moffs now?
[21:50] <Jaxom_Sky> ^?
[21:50] <Clarr|Skype> I heard it was atleast 5 moffs
[21:51] <Ryan> Can the average people get some stuff out of this? >_>
[21:51] <Anax> lol
[21:51] <Jaxom_Sky> I heard it was Vodo hisself!
[21:51] <Clarr|Skype> yes, a stern lesson in asset protection
[21:51] <Salamku_Derov> I heard the emperor was involved in the coup, 4 turkeys
[21:51] <Salamku_Derov> and*
[21:51] <Ten> I heard he was eight feet tall and he shoots fire from his ass
[21:51] <Clarr|Skype> I heard it was his face
[21:51] <Azarin> No Ryan, Orph sent the uncontrolled planets back to GE to keep the vultures from attacking.
[21:51] <Ryan> Bah
[21:51] <Dorn|Away> holy crap
[21:51] * Ryan aborts course to Market
[21:51] <Azarin> xD
[21:51] <Bane> lol
[21:52] <Helen[a]> it would be awesome if Orph steps over to Eidola now :P
[21:52] <Jaxom_Sky> I think Orph has officially looted more than anyone else in combine history :P
[21:52] <Dorn|Away> how would that be awesome?!
[21:52] <Clarr|Skype> keir will take credit
[21:52] <Clarr|Skype> that will be awesome
 01[21:52] <Orphaea_Imperium> you mean I beat keir?
[21:52] <Orphaea_Imperium> <.<
[21:52] <Bane> yep
[21:52] <Azarin> How many planets did you take from CSA to begin with?
 [21:52] <Talor> Orph is Keir's puppet, still
[21:52] <Clarr|Skype> "Keiresque> asims, and now asims pets, I CONTROL EVERYTHING IN SWC"
[21:52] <Azarin> It must have been over 500 planets you've stolen in your career.
[21:53] <Azarin> That's what, 10% of the galaxy?
[21:53] <Helen[a]> 400 now, dunno how many with CSA
[21:53] <Clarr|Skype> lets not start throwing around stats now
[21:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> CSA had ~120 from memory
[21:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> give or take
[21:53] <Trax> History in the making
[21:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> of course, I have now taking some of those twice >.>
[21:53] <Dorn|Away> lol
[21:53] <Jaxom_Sky> lol
[21:53] <Azarin> Still counts :P
[21:53] <Bane> ^
[21:53] <Dorn|Away> so whom are you defecting from?  Vodo?
[21:54] <Anax> then give one to me 
[21:54] <Helen[a]> Keir?
[21:54] <Anax> a small moon
[21:54] <Clarr|Skype> I can forsee exactly what happens when Veynom gets on.
[21:54] <Anax> who cares
[21:54] * Azarin moons Anax
[21:54] <Helen[a]> We all do Clarr
[21:54] <Ryan> Orph is so unstable
 [21:54] <Jaxom_Sky> when Veynom gets on "Orph" will "accidentally" send the GE everything he owns
[21:54] <Trax> I'll buy a planet!
[21:55] <Helen[a]> he will say: that faction has no banners no website, and never had those, so it didn't had the requirements to go faction. All planets wll go to the npc market <_<
 [21:55] <Trax> did you get any good ship loot?
[21:55] <Jaxom_Sky> Helena, I find that to be extremely unlikely
 [21:55] <Clarr|Skype> no, even better than that
[21:55] <Clarr|Skype> behold, the future simnews:
[21:55] <Clarr|Skype> Multi Banhammer (Posted by Veynom on Year 11 Day 291 04:55)
[21:55] <Clarr|Skype> Jaster Imperium and Orphaea Imperium have been banned for being illegal multis.
[21:55] <Jaxom_Sky> lol
[21:55] <Dorn|Away> lol
[21:55] <Trax> Hhaha
[21:55] <Bane> lol
[21:55] <Orphaea_Imperium> pssh
[21:55] <Orphaea_Imperium> Zhao's met Jaster
[21:56] <Azarin> I just had to check the SIm News to make sure that was fake <.<
[21:56] <Ryan> oops >_>
[21:56] <Jaxom_Sky> Zhao will be banned for being a multi with you too!
[21:56] <Jaxom_Sky> >.>
[21:56] <Helen[a]> when he brought the bribe monies?
 01[21:56] <Orphaea_Imperium> and keir!
 01[21:56] <Orphaea_Imperium> and Azarin!
[21:56] <Clarr|Skype> Zhao is untrustworthy
[21:56] <Orphaea_Imperium> and ten!
[21:56] <Clarr|Skype> I left him alone in my car when he was in sydney, and he didn't steal anything!
[21:56] <Azarin> Hey, we all know I don't have any RL friends. I'm not a multi <.<
[21:56] <Clarr|Skype> not one thing
[21:56] <Jaxom_Sky> for shame!
[21:57] <Clarr|NotReallySkyping> I have no fake friends to skype with :(
[21:57] <Dac_Kain> Azarin
[21:57] <Dac_Kain> send me all your stuff
[21:58] <Azarin> I would. But what's in it for me?
[21:58] <Clarr|NotReallySkyping> Dac, send me all your stuff
[21:58] <Jaxom_Sky> a warm fuzzy feeling?
[21:58] <Azarin> I'll trade my stuff for yours?
[21:58] <Crow|Away> a load off your feet?
[21:58] <Dac_Kain> I was going to send it back
[21:58] <Dac_Kain> I just was wondering if I was on that short list :P
[21:59] <Helen[a]> Riight
[21:59] <Bane> someone send me all their stuff
[21:59] <Bane> :)
[21:59] <Bane> i sooooooo need it
[21:59] <Azarin> Pretty much just the people who currently have my stuff are on that list...
[22:02] <Trax> Man with so many planets money doesn't even matter.
[22:02] <Talor> I wonder what GA has offered to Orph for all that stuff
[22:02] <Jaxom_Sky> he got lots of money too :P
[22:02] <Azarin> I wonder if Orph could even visit every one of his planets in a year...
[22:02] <Trax> I think you should smoosh all of the planets together like a giant ball pit and roll around in them
[22:03] <Jaxom_Sky> I just wonder if he managed to get a tax planet in that bunch
[22:03] <Jaxom_Sky> would be kinda awesome :P
[22:03] <Jaxom_Sky> Azarin, the answer is no :P
[22:03] <Dorn|Away> I'm more curious what kind of tech GE had protected
[22:03] <Azarin> I'm pretty sure all the taxers / big pop planets had enough protected to stop Orph getting them.
[22:03] <Dorn|Away> and how much they have left
[22:03] <Trax> and ISDs SSDs VSDs?
[22:03] <Xeon_Cartagho> all 3?
[22:03] <Jaxom_Sky> I'd assume and SDs, TIEs and the like were protected
 04[22:04] <Azarin> And I suspect these new pop rules resulted in many flats being built on many planets, and since Vodo is inactive no one protected them, leaving Orph with many planets to grab.
[22:04] <Dorn|Away> you think so?
[22:04] <Trax> I'd assume all the planets were protected
[22:04] <Jaxom_Sky> seeing as they won't even let new recruits pilot TIEs till they've been proven loyal
[22:04] <Dorn|Away> me too, Trax
[22:04] <Ryan> That's a lie
[22:04] <Dorn|Away> yeah, but there is no reason to pilot TIEs anyway
[22:04] <Ryan> I piloted Interceptors and Bombers when I was a recruit
[22:04] <Jaxom_Sky> and how long ago was that Ryan? :P
[22:04] <Ryan> 3 years >_>
[22:05] <Azarin> Then Keir kept hijacking them, and they stopped ;)
[22:05] <Jaxom_Sky> exactly
[22:05] <Jaxom_Sky> ^
[22:05] <Azarin> Back in the days Keir could get newbs to sundive a star destroyer :)
[22:05] <Talor> A newb*
[22:05] <Azarin> He only did it once? :(
[22:06] <Talor> I only recall one GNS with that cool gif
[22:06] <Ten> [14:02:52] <Azarin> I wonder if Orph could even visit every one of his planets in a year...
[22:06] <Ten> wouldn't be that hard, would it?
[22:06] <Jaxom_Sky> well he got 400 or so
[22:06] <Orphaea_Imperium> a planet every 20 hours
[22:06] <Orphaea_Imperium> give or take
[22:06] <Ten> you can easily visit several a day in the same system
[22:07] <Orphaea_Imperium> just see them, or actually land on them?
[22:07] <Jaxom_Sky> ^
[22:07] <Ten> unless visit means wander around the surface for an extended period
[22:07] <Ten> I'm going with descend to surface and get the hell out
[22:07] <Azarin> He needs to touch ground and have a pint, like pub golf, but planet golf.
[22:07] <Jaxom_Sky> well figure 4 hours to get onto and off of each planet
[22:07] <Jaxom_Sky> + sublight times
[22:07] <Ten> right, a few minutes sublighting
[22:07] <Jaxom_Sky> + hyper between each system
[22:07] <Ten> so several a day in the same system
[22:07] <Azarin> I see no one is accounting for sleep or a real life? :P
[22:07] <Jaxom_Sky> ^
 01[22:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> 395 planets, btw
[22:08] <Ten> he can sleep when he's in hyper
[22:08] <Talor> Orphaea is a robot
[22:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> plus a number of planets that I don't control by pop, but I do by shields
[22:08] <Jaxom_Sky> lol
[22:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> plus a number of uncontrolled planets that I own a majority of slabs on
 [22:08] <Trax> care to share anything?  I've got a few million credits that mean absolutely nothing to you
[22:09] <Ryan> He won't share
[22:09] <Ryan> it's Orph
[22:10] <Jaxom_Sky> why, Orph shared an entire government last time
[22:10] <Bane> lol
[22:11] <Jaxom_Sky> I mean sure, it was less than what he took now but still
[22:11] <Azarin> Yeah, but he traded CSA for ~70% of the GE.
[22:11] <Azarin> Oh, and got the CSA stuff back.
[01:25] <Siejo_Kutol> WTH: Writer to make me a sexy gns
[01:25] <Anax> saitam
[01:25] <Joshua> I think those writers are all under contract to Orphaea at the moment
[01:27] <Siejo_Kutol> awww
[01:27] <Siejo_Kutol> that little thing
[01:27] <Siejo_Kutol> still alittle strange if u ask me
[01:27] <Siejo_Kutol> how does GE have just that random sector unprotected?
[01:27] <Siejo_Kutol> i mean.. they are planets were talking about
[01:27] <Siejo_Kutol> seems.. odd
[01:27] <Siejo_Kutol> interesting .. but odd
[01:27] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> no one bothered protecting most of the CSA stuff
[01:28] <Siejo_Kutol> plus wouldnt of expected this from good ol orph
[01:28] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> of course not
[01:28] <Siejo_Kutol> very interesting indeed
[01:28] <Siejo_Kutol> :)
 [01:28] <Siejo_Kutol> u know what i mean
[01:28] <Siejo_Kutol> ur imperial record
 [01:28] <Siejo_Kutol> but.. as it appears to have gone over for you.. congrats i guess on ur loot
[01:29] <Siejo_Kutol> still.. i guess i dont get how u dont protect many billions worth of assets
[01:29] * Siejo_Kutol shrugs
[01:29] <Siejo_Kutol> ofcourse to them its prob like not protecting a city
[01:29] <Siejo_Kutol> :P
 [01:36] <Ten> there's also no major tax planets in those sectors
 [01:40] <Joshua> arrogance?
[01:40] <Joshua> ignorance?
[01:41] <Joshua> a healthy mixture?
[01:41] * Vincent_Corleone is now known as Trip[a]
[01:43] <Ten> laziness?
[01:44] <Dorn> inactiveness?
 04[01:45] <Daerun_Darkstar> What's that great number of GE planets under Orphaea's faction's control now? He swiped it from GE or did GE give it to him?
[01:46] <Dorn> GE was feeling benevolent?
[01:46] <Joshua> around 400 planets?
[01:46] <Daerun_Darkstar> seems so
[01:46] <Ten> 396 
 03[01:46] * Elix_Solaris (~basil@SWC-IRC.91EB4D683BBE78.SWC) has joined #Swc-traders
[01:47] <Joshua> ty :P
[01:47] <Daerun_Darkstar> damn.. seems like quite a loss for GE
[01:47] <Lance_Freewill> was 395 if my logs are correct
[01:47] <Joshua> what GE?
 [01:47] <Siejo_Kutol> ?
[01:48] <Joshua> They barely meet government standards anymore, I just need to buildwar them for control of their last remaining sector and they'll dissolve!
[01:48] <Siejo_Kutol> in the politcal thing shows them controling afew sectors i thought
[01:48] <Joshua> >.>
[01:48] <Joshua> yeah, the Core sectors :(
[01:48] <Ten> courtesy of tax planets
[01:48] <Dorn> yeah, they control what? 5 sectors still?
[01:49] <Siejo_Kutol> yea
[01:49] <Joshua> if Orph did declare a breakaway faction though, he could buildwar for control of those sectors :P
[01:49] <Siejo_Kutol> so a build war to take out their 1 sector isnt correct
[01:49] <Siejo_Kutol> well yeah.. orph could 
[01:49] <Siejo_Kutol> :)
 [01:49] <Joshua> other than Deep Core, he owns the majority of planets in each sector
[01:49] <Siejo_Kutol> well.. then wed see the fall of the empire.. 
[01:49] <Joshua> and he has A system in Deep Core, so he could still take it
[01:50] <Siejo_Kutol> OH!
[01:50] <Siejo_Kutol> he took their Dolomar ones
[01:50] <Joshua> technically, I would like to point out that the Empire only controlling the inner core is much more canon
[01:50] <Siejo_Kutol> >.>
[01:50] <Joshua> so I like to think he's just doing this for the good of us all
[01:50] <Siejo_Kutol> then they can be the imperial remnant
[01:50] <Dorn> and why would he want GE to dissolve?
[01:50] <Joshua> because then he can take the name?
[01:50] <Joshua> if they refuse to flat-out give him leadership after this
[01:50] <Dorn> it's the DCs that matter
[01:51] <Dorn> not the name
[01:51] <Bane> no
[01:51] <Joshua> they already have 90 ISDs, they don't need to build any more in the next two years befor ethey'll be able to reverse-engineer them and R&D anyways
[01:51] <Dorn> that is all speculation
[01:51] <Joshua> ...everything is speculation :P
[01:52] * Bane laughs at those that don't know
[01:52] <Joshua> at this point we don't even know if Orphaea also stole their SSDs
[01:52] <Joshua> :P
[01:52] <Dorn> ^
[01:52] <Dorn> very true
 04[01:52] <Joshua> for all we know, Orph has the entire Navy in Nilar
[01:52] <Dorn> one would have to assume at least some of it was protected
[01:52] <Siejo_Kutol> ...
[01:52] <Joshua> okay, 90% of the Navy :P
[01:52] <Dorn> Kuat would be awfully hard to take away, too
[01:53] <Ten> I doubt the GE lost a lot of manpower
[01:53] <Ten> so an unsupported build war would be difficult
[01:53] <Joshua> yeah, he didn't go gov overnight, suggesting he didn't steal 50 players
[01:53] <Dorn> yes Ten, agreed
[01:53] <Joshua> and oddly, he didn't pick a name likely to draw over new members unless he's renaming in an hour
[01:54] <Joshua> he even went with...medical
 [01:54] <Joshua> instead of forming a new security factino or something
 [01:54] <Dorn> he hasn't even said if he is going on his own, or making demands
[01:54] <Dorn> his actions suggest the latter
[01:54] <Joshua> all of this proving what we know deep down...that none of us have any f00king idea what's going on...but we like it :P
 [01:55] <Dorn> I don't like not knowing what is going on
[01:55] <Siejo_Kutol> >.>
 [01:56] <Daerun_Darkstar> same here.. don't like it that i don't know too
[01:56] <Daerun_Darkstar> hope someone who does know would care to enlighten us soon
[01:57] <Siejo_Kutol> doc?
[01:57] <Dorn> I doubt it
[01:57] <Siejo_Kutol> gns maybe?
 [01:57] <Ten> I know what's going on
 [01:57] <Daerun_Darkstar> yes, GNS please
[01:58] <Daerun_Darkstar> hopefully sometime soon
[01:58] <Siejo_Kutol> im curious how it plays out.. if orph gets leadership of GE, or GE falters.. or if it was really Orph breaking from GE for good
[01:58] <Dorn> I bet Secret knows what is going on
[01:58] <Siejo_Kutol> its.. interesting.. regardless for what side of the galaxy u fight for
[01:58] <Siejo_Kutol> :P
[01:58] <Daerun_Darkstar> it really is
[01:58] <Dorn> it certainly breaks up the monotony
[01:58] <Daerun_Darkstar> it certainly does
[01:59] <Dorn> excuse me while I cross this slab again
[01:59] <Daerun_Darkstar> lol at last something news worthy
 [02:03] <Vonar> Hum, interesting events.....
[02:03] <Vonar> Vip Fortuna, the leader of Outer Rim Excavations was replaced today by President Schem Pel...
[02:04] <Ten> riveting
 [02:05] <Dorn> lol
[02:06] <Vonar> :P
 [02:09] <Bane> im bored
[02:10] <Bane> someone do something interesting.
[02:10] <Saitam> check your GNS flashnews.
[02:10] <Dorn> ^
[02:10] <Bane> been there done that
[02:10] <Bane> hasn't been active since the incident
[02:10] <Bane> just a few things
[02:10] <Saitam> go take a nap.
[02:10] <Bane> nah
[02:10] <Saitam> then fire the missiles.
[02:11] <Bane> :D
[02:11] <Bane> FIRE ZE MISSILES!
 [02:11] <Bane> someone tell me a story
 [02:11] <Ellias> there was once a naughty little coder called Sin
 [02:12] <Ellias> one day he got bored with things
[02:12] <@Zhao> Did he touch himself?
[02:12] <Ellias> so to mix things up
[02:12] <Ellias> he changed planets around somewhat
[02:12] <Ellias> and the GE lost nearly 400 planets in a day
[02:12] <Ellias> the end
[02:12] <Bane> lol
 [02:12] <Bane> interesting...
[02:12] <Talor> he unprotected GE stuff and gave Orph makeover privs and then he touched himself
[02:12] <Talor> true story
[02:13] <Dorn> that is a good story
[02:13] <Ellias> thats just your fantasy Talor
[02:13] <Bane> anyone else got a story from today?
[02:13] <Talor> The latter part is true.
[02:13] <Talor> or so he said =/
[02:13] <Bane> Talor got a story?
[02:13] <Bane> or Dorn?
[02:13] <Ellias> there once was a asim called talor
 [02:13] <Bane> or Zhoa?
[02:14] <Ellias> he found he quite liked changing all over
[02:14] <Talor> who had a terrible headache
[02:14] <Ellias> so one day he murdered Veynom
[02:14] <Bane> 0.o
[02:14] <Ellias> and the galaxy was the same no more
[02:14] <Bane> ok.....
[02:14] <Ellias> but Vey was reborn, and talor punished
[02:15] <Ellias> and thats how the Eidolans were born
[02:15] <Ellias> the end
 06[02:15] * Bane applauds
[02:15] <Lance_Freewill> Ones there was Bane and this Bane had a Bulk and he decided to sun it and he did, the end.
[02:25] <Gilboa> ermmm what happened?
[02:25] <Gilboa> i got like 496 GNH flash
[02:26] <Vonar> Vodo was killed.
[02:26] <Joshua> Orphaea just broke away from the Empire and took the majority of their assets
[02:26] <Vonar> Ophrea inherited everything and ran from the rebelion.
[02:26] <Gilboa> woooow
[02:26] <Joshua> Vodo hasn't logged in for two weeks
[02:26] <Ten> majority of their facilities*
[02:26] <Ten> I wonder if someone's hanging on the phone with vodo
[02:26] <Vonar> They will now rename to "Rebel Empire".
 [02:27] <Ten> alliance to restore the empire
[02:27] <Saitam> I support Orphaea's bid for an anarchic, freethinking galaxy where everybody wears hats.
 [02:28] <Ten> I don't have the head for a hat
 [02:28] <Dorn> you can have your 2ic wear your hat for you
[02:28] <Ten> Last Login:	Year 11 Day 291
[02:28] <Ten> guess who logged in
[02:28] <Bane> lol
[02:28] <Bane> we know
[02:29] <Dorn> lol
[02:29] <Dorn> oh man
[02:29] <Dorn> solid
[02:29] <Dorn> Ten, you are an internet sleuth
[02:29] <Saitam> hmmhm.
[02:31] <Siejo_Kutol> WTH: GNS WRITER.. 
[02:32] <Bane> i wonder why you would want that
[02:32] <Bane> :P
[02:32] <Ten> try bolding it
 03[02:36] * Photino_friovor is now known as photin[o]
[02:36] <Ten> OMG
[02:36] <Ten> EIDOLA COUP
[02:37] <Dorn> two in one day!
[02:37] <Siejo_Kutol> ?
[02:37] <Siejo_Kutol> ...
[02:37] <Crow|Away> lol
[02:37] <Charles_Osten> Nooo, not poor Squall
 04[02:38] <Ten> eidola trying to upstage orphaea!
 [02:38] <Ten> it's on now!
[02:38] <Arklari> lol
[02:39] <Joshua> don't blame me, I just DMed Vodo and told him I needed 500mil to rape Eidola and join his ragtag band of sorry men
[02:39] <Prince_Onasi> lol
[02:40] <Bane> lol?
[02:40] <Prince_Onasi> @ Joshua: lol
[02:40] <Sharq> squall will be the new emperor?
[02:42] <Dorn> I can't take the suspense!
[02:43] <Bane> 0.o
[02:44] * Lord_Jackson is now known as EricJackson
[02:44] * EricJackson is now known as Lord_Jackson
[02:47] <Bane> Veynom is online
 [02:47] <Prince_Onasi> cool
[02:47] <Bane> now GE problems get interesting :D
[02:47] <Dorn> I like all the investigative reporting :)
 [02:48] <Talor> just watch how SWC get's mysteriously corrupted and has to be rebooted from an earlier backup
 [02:48] <Crow|Away> lol
 [02:49] <Bane> lol
[02:49] <Vonar> Earlier than CSA? :P
 [02:50] <Talor> Huh?
[02:50] <Charles_Osten> pft, that'd imply a working backup that was post-darkness
[04:01] <usb> IS VODO REALLY DEAD?
[04:02] <Talor> he is?
[04:02] <Aikinar> he is a zombie now
[04:03] <Drekstopi[a]> Vodo died again?
[04:03] <usb> That's what I'm trying to figure out.
 [04:04] <Bane> who said he is dead?
[04:04] <usb> <Vonar> Vodo was killed.
[04:04] <usb> <Vonar> Ophrea inherited everything and ran from the rebelion.
[04:04] <usb> So someone I've never heard of.
[04:04] <Prince_Onasi> Service: Artwork (Query me)
[04:04] <usb> But someone said it none the less.
[04:04] <Ten> vonar is full of shit
[04:04] <Ten> orphaea just took unprotected assets
[04:04] <Dorn> ^
[04:05] <usb> Damnit!
[04:05] <Dorn> ^
[04:05] <Bane> lol
[04:05] <Gilboa|MW2> lol
 [04:05] <Vonar> Hey, I was second in command of CRI on a time we actually didn't got loot by BS!
[04:05] <Ten> but maybe vodo will kill himself after this embarrassment
[04:05] <Vonar> I know things!
[04:05] <Vonar> But I also lie a lot...
[04:05] <Bane> nah
[04:05] <Bane> he is getting a lot of stuff back
[04:05] <Bane> i think :\
[04:05] <Dorn> by stepping down?
[04:05] <Ten> losing 70% of the empire is a pretty big screwup
[04:05] <Bane> no
[04:05] <usb> No it's not.
[04:05] <usb> It's awesome.
[04:06] <Bane> he will never step down
[04:06] <Dorn> so then it is a civil war
[04:06] <Charles_Osten> They are just swapping it around, it's to rid the Flashnews of all those Kaos leadership swaps
[04:06] <Dorn> lol
 [04:06] <Ten> that's a good cause
[04:06] <Bane> no civil war has been declared
[04:06] <Ten> ...
[04:06] <Bane> so don't say so
[04:06] <Charles_Osten> so
[04:07] <Charles_Osten> muahahaha!
[04:07] <Dorn> you just said he wouldn't step down
[04:07] <Ten> you don't really understand how the coercion thing works
[04:07] <Dorn> and that is the demand, yes?
[04:07] <Bane> yes but no war has been declared
[04:07] <Ten> first you coerce
[04:07] <Dorn> taking everything isn't a declaration of war?
[04:07] <Ten> once that fails things escalate
[04:07] <Locago_The_Hutt> now its mandalore turn to rob DeMeer
[04:07] <Ten> hapes first
[04:07] <Locago_The_Hutt> hey ho, Tyr and vodo have to go!
[04:07] <Bane> The Emperor has not said anything yet
[04:07] <Bane> but we know what he most likely will
[04:07] <Dorn> neither has Orphea
[04:07] <Ten> jessica james looting hapes because alex won't give it back
[04:07] <Locago_The_Hutt> hapes can stay in their sector, I dont really care. A long as they are not expansive
[04:08] <Ten> then it's time for rick to loot the FF
[04:08] <Bane> Orphaea doesn't need to say anything :\
[04:08] <Gilboa> rick ?
[04:08] <Ten> it would be scary if bane knew what was being said
[04:08] <Ten> rick
[04:08] <Ten> fat green dude, wears a toga
[04:08] <Gilboa> oh k
[04:09] <Bane> im in the GE, i know more then most in this room :\
[04:09] <Gilboa> lmao!
[04:09] <Bane> but you seem to know everything ten :P
[04:09] <Gilboa> said the 4 week old noob
[04:09] <Charles_Osten> What would happen next Ten? Troon loots ANG?
[04:09] <Dorn> so what did Orphea say, then?
[04:09] <Ten> you're a newb in the GE, you know shit
[04:09] <Drexel> The galaxy would be a better place with Mikel as Emperor, myself as NR Chief of State, Mephiston as FF King, Ran as...Ran
[04:09] <Bane> im talking about the situation
[04:09] <Ten> troon has no looting privs, charles
[04:09] <Bane> not in general
[04:09] <Bane> in general im a dumbass
[04:09] <Bane> :P
[04:09] <Ten> I'm talking about your lack of knowledge
[04:09] <Ten> in specific
[04:09] <Ten> regarding this subject
 [04:09] <Drexel> ^
[04:09] <Dorn> lol
[04:09] <Locago_The_Hutt> RS will be the only gov to survive
[04:10] <Bane> :P
[04:10] <Locago_The_Hutt> we'd have to create some kind of looting order and we're too lazy for that
[04:10] <usb> Pfft
[04:10] <Ten> the only thing you're told is propaganda
[04:10] <usb> <Locago_The_Hutt> RS will be the only gov to survive
[04:10] <Drexel> ^ which is totally true
[04:10] <Ten> I think the last gov standing will be the rachuk order thingy
[04:10] <Charles_Osten> Everyone knows propoganda is completely true
[04:10] <Vonar> That RS will survive or propaganda?
[04:10] <usb> lol
[04:11] <Ten> there's nothing to loot there
[04:11] <Locago_The_Hutt> and theres a gov in rachuk?
[04:11] <Ten> uther's thingy!
[04:11] <Locago_The_Hutt> isn that dorn thingy?
[04:11] <Ten> no, dorn thingy is in...uh
[04:11] <Locago_The_Hutt> we're allied with that?
[04:11] <Dorn> lol
[04:11] <Jude> yea you guys let them in
[04:11] <Jude> genius >.>
[04:11] <Ten> dorn, where's your thingy
[04:11] <Locago_The_Hutt> oh
[04:11] <Dorn> you're confusing me with Rachuk?
[04:11] <Dorn> how insulting...
[04:11] <Locago_The_Hutt> sorry mate
[04:11] <Locago_The_Hutt> I've stopped drinking lately
[04:12] <Locago_The_Hutt> and everything went foggy
[04:12] <Talor> Ten, aren't you allied with Uther?
[04:12] <Ten> I deny everything
[04:12] <Ten> sure, technically we are allied
[04:12] <Ten> but I'll deny it
[04:12] <Talor> I knewit
[04:12] <Ten> knew what?!
[04:13] <Talor> ANG is Uther's puppet gov!
[04:13] <Dorn> Locago - which faction are you in?  RS or Krath?
[04:13] <Locago_The_Hutt> Uther von Chalcedon?
 [04:13] <Ten> kaldreon
[04:13] <Locago_The_Hutt> Im Eidola
[04:13] <Ten> the previous gov name was chalcedon =p
[04:13] <Aikinar> Kaldreon
[04:13] <Aikinar> i think
[04:13] <Locago_The_Hutt> Im used to naming him Uther von Chalcedon,so I wont forget what gov he runs
[04:14] <Ten> but the gov renamed :/
[04:14] <Locago_The_Hutt> From now on, he'll be known as ..Uther von Rachuk
[04:15] <Joshua> is he still around?
[04:15] <Joshua> haven't seen him in ages
[04:15] <Locago_The_Hutt> he hangs on
[04:15] <Dorn> he's always recruiting on the seeking work forum
[04:15] <Dorn> "DM Sent"
[04:15] <Dorn> I see him post that a lot
[04:15] <Ten> he never shows his face anywhere
[04:15] <Aikinar> he was more active, untill some internal faction crap occured
[04:15] <Ten> but he posted an 'artist wanted' ad a few days ago
[04:16] <Dorn> when he got sunned by his 2ic/3ic?
[04:16] <Ten> yeah
[04:16] <Dorn> that was reversed, though!
[04:16] <Aikinar> uhu
[04:16] <Ten> at that point he was going on some sort of deployment
[04:16] <Dorn> you can't have a new player sun someone
[04:16] <Locago_The_Hutt> you get one reversal for every 2 years of service in GE
[04:16] <Ten> :(
 03[04:16] * Shiro (~justjorda@SWC-IRC.ED7386DCA47C1F.SWC) has joined #Swc-traders
[04:17] <Talor> Dorn you can't go to a library, make an account, sun a player and go back home and get rich
[04:17] <Aikinar> :p
[04:18] <Paparrin> yes you can
[04:18] <Dorn> I can't? :(
[04:18] <Paparrin> do it
[04:19] <Ten> that's so lame, talor
[04:19] <Vonar> What if I go to a library, make an account, sun a player and go back home and get someone else rich?
[04:19] <Paparrin> like your other self
[04:19] <Vonar> Like my IC wife?
[04:19] <Talor> =7
[04:20] <Vonar> That's a no? :P
 [04:22] <Paparrin> ok so, which sector is now the weakest of all? which one are we freelance going to invade and take over? 
[04:22] <Dorn> Coruscant
[04:22] <Locago_The_Hutt> it may get funky after sync, unless Ge managed to secure all planets before this stunt
[04:23] <Paparrin> no, focus, look for something big, with a medical faction controlling it
[04:23] <Dorn> they did, Locago
[04:23] <Ten> the securing is what led to the loot =p
[04:23] <Dorn> ^
[04:25] <Vonar> Actually, only 2 planets weren't secure before the looting.
[04:25] <Joshua> GE planets, or total in the game?
[04:25] <Vonar> Well, assuming the pop that were on it was all GE.
[04:26] <Vonar> Of the 395 that Ophrea transferred, only 2 had pop less than the pop rules marger.
[04:26] <Joshua> ah
[04:26] <Dorn> most of the stuff has been locked up at this point
[04:26] <Dorn> :)
[04:27] <Paparrin> as always, a 'well thought' feature becomes useless by coming in too late
[04:27] <Ten> uh
[04:28] <Ten> the feature wasn't intended to make planets available =p
[04:28] <Vonar> And that is not exactly true.
[04:28] <Ten> the intent was to be annoying to planet owners
[04:28] <Vonar> I just said that 2 of the planets that he transferred are down the line,
[04:28] <Vonar> Not talking about all governments.
[04:28] <Dorn> lol ten
[04:29] <Paparrin> it was so that planet control 'make sense'
[04:30] <Ten> well, several hundred thousand does make more sense from an IC standpoint
[04:30] <Charles_Osten> I believe the 2 planets trasnsferred that were down the line were shielded anyhow [or had city grids that would indicate shielding]
[04:30] <Ten> but in terms of gameplay it's all the same
[04:30] <Charles_Osten> which is generally the case with most planets for this sync
[11:12] <Jude> -  Year 11 Day 291:: Vodo Bonias, the leader of Galactic Empire was replaced today by Executor Thomas Cherokee. 
[11:13] <Jude> There goes the Venerable Darkside Master! or whatever he called himself >.>
[11:18] <Michael_MaCleod> Orph, you do realize that change will only last till after you give all the stuff back, right?
[11:18] <Jude> shhhhh
[11:19] <Jude> we need to keep the idiot leader in charge!
 01[11:19] <Orphaea_Imperium> if you were Cherokee, would you give it back to Vodo? <.<
[11:19] <Jude> depends on how good he is at bjs >.>
[11:20] <Vonar> Does he have a choice?
[11:20] <.Light> why would he not?
[11:21] <.Light> in swc's eyes, a government leader is the faction owner.
[11:21] <Jude> ^
[11:21] * Vonar shrugs
[11:21] <Vonar> Just asking.
[11:21] <Vonar> Things always happen.
[11:21] <Drexel> now you know
 [11:21] <Drexel> tard
[11:25] * Orphaea_Imperium is now known as Executor_Imperium
[11:26] <Vytor> lol,
 04[11:26] <Vytor> Guess Orph got what he wanted XD
[11:26] <@tycho> macaroni and cheese?
[11:27] <.Light> A new hat?
[11:27] <.Light> I recommend
[11:27] <Vytor> >.> of all the choices you pick that one..
[11:27] <.Light> it will protect your head from the incoming snows
[11:27] <Pozz> snows of what?
[11:27] <Vytor> What if orph lives in a place where it doesn't snow :o
[11:28] <Pozz> it always snows on the wrong side of the tracks
[13:11] <Mazi> I'm actually on the frontlines of the action this time woot!
[13:11] * Hobo_Daed bets Vodo is emp again within 5 hours of asset returns
[13:12] <Hanny> You're assuming Cherokee won't go "Hey, this is awesome, I'm emperor now bitches!"
[13:12] <@ETJ> Who says he hasn't?
[13:12] <Joshua> Cherokee isn't exactly best friends with Vodo
[13:12] <Hobo_Daed> Oh
[13:12] <Joshua> I doubt he'd give it back
[13:12] <Hobo_Daed> Then nvm
[13:13] <Hobo_Daed> So what happens to Vodo
[13:13] <Hanny> I would actually put money on Orph doing it on behalf of Cherokee
[13:13] <Joshua> I'd say "he fades into obscurity", but I think that happened years ago
[13:13] <Hanny> lol aye
[13:13] * Hobo_Daed would P/O
[13:13] <Bane> Vodo will retire.
[13:13] <Joshua> last month I couldn't have told you who led the GE or the NR in the game with any certainty
 06[13:13] * Hobo_Daed would be P/O'd *
[13:14] <Hanny> you can just type 'pissed off' you know
[13:14] <Mazi> you guys do know that Vodo wasn't the real leader of GE, there's a couple of puppet masters that control all the aspects of GE/IU functions, just like irl with China's gov.
[13:15] <Bane> lol at you
[13:15] <Hobo_Daed> Lol
 01[13:15] <Executor_Imperium> please
[13:15] <Hobo_Daed> Yeah but Vodo lost all his Death Star =P
[13:15] <Executor_Imperium> Bisz controls the Empire
[13:15] <Executor_Imperium> and Corvis Orion controls Bisz
[13:15] <Executor_Imperium> duh
[13:15] <Mazi> I though Aeonian Masha did?
[13:15] <Hobo_Daed> I thought it was all secretly me?
[13:16] <Corvis_Orion> shhh!
[13:16] <Bane> it was supposed to be a secret!
[13:16] <Corvis_Orion> i wanted our merger later tonigh tto be a surprise!
[13:16] * Hobo_Daed puppet masters Orion
[13:16] * Bane is the puppet master of keir
[13:16] <Bane> heh.
[13:16] <Michael_MaCleod> Aeonian Masha controls little more then his ability to not go to the bathroom in his pants.
[13:17] <Mazi> haha
[13:17] <Emperor_Hardolaf> Aeonian Masha controls the ability to look stupid on a massive scale!
[13:17] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> =)
[13:18] <Joshua> you know what was a shitty movie? Religulous
[13:18] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> Sounds shitty
[13:18] <Joshua> Bill Maher proved himself as shitty a documentary-maker as Michael Moore
[13:19] <Michael_MaCleod> If Aeonian could infiltrate and loot factions as easily as he botches his own attempts at leading a faction he'd probably have Eidola attemping to recruit him.
 [13:19] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> Lol
[13:19] <Joshua> maybe he'll do what Jesfa did and leave behind all his IC failures to take OOC adminship?
[13:19] <Emperor_Hardolaf> If Aeonian could infiltrate a faction Eidola would recruit him.
[13:19] <Joshua> no shortage of OOC opportunities for people who fail to comprehend the galaxy IC
[13:20] <Emperor_Hardolaf> Jesfa is one of the few good ASims
[13:20] <Joshua> he's the best of the current lot
[13:20] <Joshua> my point is that he was very bad IC
 [13:20] <Emperor_Hardolaf> IC doesn't translate to OOC skill.
[13:20] <Emperor_Hardolaf> Thankfully.
[13:20] <Joshua> but given the choice between telling Ellias, Jesfa or Jevon/Talor/Zhao/whoever about a confidential matter, i'd definitely go Jesfa
[13:21] <Michael_MaCleod> If Aeonian gets made an ASIM then we will know Veynom wants the combine wiped and have a scapegoat to blame it all on.
[13:21] <Emperor_Hardolaf> I go to Zhao for confidential stuff, but then again I work with Zhao daily.
[13:21] * Bane noted that members of the GE are the only ones not aloud to change their names to Emperor
[13:21] <Bane> :P
[13:21] <Emperor_Hardolaf> FF can't either.
 [13:22] <Emperor_Hardolaf> They have to have their actual rank in their nick
[13:22] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> Lol
 03[13:22] * Joshua is now known as FSgt_Santage
[13:22] <FSgt_Santage> I have realistic delusions
 06[13:22] * Emperor_Hobo_Daed has his actual rank in his nick
 06[13:22] * Emperor_Hardolaf has his actual rank in his nick too
[13:22] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> =D
 03[13:22] * Hanny is now known as Emperor_Hanny
[13:22] <Emperor_Hanny> I can has Empire?
[13:23] <@ETJ> I was emperor for a while. Suck it
 03[13:23] * Michael_MaCleod is now known as Emperor_MaCleod
 06[13:23] * Bane is too awesome for his rank.
 03[13:23] * Agent_P is now known as Shioro
 03[13:23] * Shioro is now known as Shiro
[13:23] <Emperor_Hardolaf> Hanny do you even own a planet?
 [13:24] <Emperor_Hanny> Hell no.
[13:24] <Emperor_Hanny> I don't need planets.
[13:24] <Emperor_Hardolaf> Then you're not an emperor.
[13:24] <Emperor_Hanny> I got death stars.
[13:24] * Wise bows to the emperors?!
[13:24] <Wool> I'm emperor of my pants.
[13:24] * Emperor_Hobo_Daed is the hobo emperor
[13:24] <Bane> lol
 [13:24] <Bane> an Emperor without a home
[13:24] * Photino_friovor (~datapad01@SWC-IRC.225CA2CF69418A.SWC) Quit (Quit: Photino_friovor)
[13:25] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> I gotz me a cardboard box
[13:25] <Bane> not good enough
[13:25] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> =(
 06[13:25] * Bane burns the box
[13:25] <Emperor_Hardolaf> I'm glad that other channel only has real emperors in it.
[13:25] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> Noooooo
 [13:25] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> Rawr
[13:25] <Emperor_Keir> the Eidola channel has the highest percentage of emperors of any channel
[13:25] <Emperor_Bone_Ass> lies!
[13:25] <Bane> you must have twigs and a coat to cover you :P
[13:25] <Emperor_Hardolaf> <---- proof of Emperorship
[13:26] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> Yay no
[13:26] <Emperor_Hobo_Daed> =P
[13:26] <Bane> :P
[13:26] <Emperor_Bone_Ass> Fear my ass of bone!
[13:27] <Emperor_Hardolaf> Keir, the official eidola channel for members only, the unnofficial chat channel, or the public channel no one ever joins?
 03[13:27] * Emperor_MaCleod is now known as Michael_MaCleod
[it goes on like this for a while]