Francesca Falcov

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Francesca Freda Elizabeth Falcov
Francesca Main.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Hapan)
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Tabetha Falcov
Father Loui Falcov
Partner Ryan Farlander (m.Y8; div.Y9)
Siblings Michael Rebkin (Half-Brother) (Deceased)
Born Year -7 Day 25 (age 25)
Languages Fluent: Hapan, Galactic Basic
Religion Bendu (Dai Bendu) (non-practicing)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.74m
Weight 58kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Green
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Prior Affiliation Hapes Consortium, Student, Athlete, Boloball Player

Francesca Freda Elizabeth Falcov, the sole daughter of Hapan civil magistrates, Loui and Tabetha Falcov, is a retired semi-professional Boloball player and athlete, as well as an amateur synthesizer jockey (hired by Cluster Event Z) to which she still does sets around various clubs within the Hapes Cluster. Considered a rouge personality compared to the lifestyle in which she was raised in, the woman has created her own opportunities away from what she considers the limitations of the traditional Hapan life her parents lead.



A physically alluring person which is testimony to her infatuation to keep as physically fit as possible, Francesca is a lean and toned woman due to her regimental exercise filled lifestyle. Her hair has been cut short for most of her adult life which she usually keeps swept up out of her face. Over time her hair has been dyed many colours but she has always reverted back to her natural brunette shade. Standing at 173cm and weighing 58kg, her body is covered in tattoos which extend down both arms, legs, and torso. She has stated that many of these tattoos (which are mostly phrases, portraits, and symbols) don’t have a singular meaning but reflect the journey she has been on through life. Due to a personal intolerance to conforming with a stereotypical gender assigned wardrobe, Francesca most often than not can be seen wearing masculine orientated clothing such as shorts, vests, loose fitted bottoms and sometimes shirts and jackets on occasion. Due to her Hapan race she has a trademark beautiful face with full lips as well as defined cheekbones similar to her mother and the other women in her family. Depending on her mood she will apply makeup when and if she feels like it but will comfortably neglect any paint without hesitation or worry.


Most often than not, Francesca is a warm and enthusiastic individual, and has been described as bright and full of potential by the people who are most close to her. Her past is testimony to the journey that she has started for herself, she always seems to be adapting, learning new skills and talents. Though sometimes this may be perceived as directionless and without purpose – it is simply a woman lining up to her values and living life as her true self. Having a strong need to be liked by the people who interest her, Francesca has developed strong people skills and has an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person after a very short period of time. Independence is important to Francesca, and she often resists being controlled or labelled. With a strong sense of self control, this extends to her belief in not controlling others which can seem as quite anarchistic at times.

Used to the warm climate of her city, Francesca feels uncomfortable in sometimes regular temperatures and is known to artificially keep the environment around her warmer than most humanoid beings would feel comfortable in. It is rare that she visits cooler locations and if so, will more than likely seek to find a source of heat to elevate her temperature. It is unknown if this intolerance to cold is psychological or physical but Francesca tries not to let it limit her day to day life.

Politically, Francesca has supported the Galactic Concordiate since it's conception in Year 14, but has also scrutinised the Galactic Alliance for what she believes are false ideals for all sentient beings. She questions whether their citizen’s true rights are being valued by the people who rule over them, or if the famous ‘equality for all sentient life’ is simply a veil they use in the galactic political arena.


In a moment of what she herself describes as utter madness, Francesca married long term boyfriend Ryan Farlander, a fellow Hapan male that she had first met on the streets of her home city. The service had no specific religious basis and was highly low key in fear that her parents would try to convince her not to go through with it. It could be described as happening on a whim and was over and done with hastily. Francesca lives to regret the acceptance of marriage however, stating that it drove more of a wedge through the couple’s relationship than anything. After the divorce, they did try to salvage their companionship but to no avail. Francesca is certain that Farlander developed a feeling of regret upon the realization that the two had committed their life to one another, and quickly became uneasy with the idea. A view which she too claims to have developed, stating that she has no ill feelings towards Farlander and that she is happy to be out of such commitments for the time being.


Early Years

Born and raised within a large metropolis on Hapes Prime, Francesca undoubtedly had the best possible start in life. Her parents, magistrates of the Hapan Court, took a very authoritarian approach when it came to Francesca’s upbringing. Educated privately from an early age, Falcov’s social circles intertwined with all the kinds of people her parents wished them to, those being upper class children around her age, belonging to prestigious families who had status within the Hapes Cluster. After a while Francesca understood the status that her life was surrounded by, made up by even. It was slowly consuming her, taking over her life – feeling suffocated by this, Francesca planned to change her future.

It wasn’t uncommon for Francesca to be left alone for days at a time whilst her parents worked off world. At the age of 10 Francesca was looking after herself for most of the working week; taking herself to school, attending various social events which her parents had planned, and living in the family apartment independently for the most part. However, on one occasion Francesca had spontaneously diverted from her daily schedule and had taken herself to a hair salon that she passed every day on her way to school. After receiving a handsome amount of credits the barber agreed to cut the unaccompanied child’s hair – short, as requested by Francesca.

Much to her parents and tutor’s disapproval, this would just be the start of a series of actions that would lead to Francesca to be reprimanded well into her early teenage years. Francesca would sometimes truant school to walk around the city and take part in various community projects, loiter outside state buildings and socialize with street groups that were for the most part completely alien to the sheltered young woman. There had been an awakening inside her, and she wanted to explore more of this different lifestyle. Despite the attempts of her parent’s persistent draconian rules and enforcement – Francesca stood true to herself and by the age of 17 she took part in her very first protest against the state to which her parents had dedicated their working lives to.

The First Protest

At the time, though almost completely eradicated, still some of the Hapes Cluster saw men as second class citizens and the matriarchal society overshadowed much of their rights which were afforded to the female population. Feeling strongly for an equal stance for all Hapan citizens, regardless of gender, Francesca took part in a peaceful march and demonstration on multiple state buildings throughout her city. Chaperoned by local law enforcement, the protest remained peaceful until the very end. It is reported that aggressors from the very crowd Francesca stood in aggravated the law enforcement, enticing them to attack to gain a more publicised march. Feeling out of her depth, Francesca decided she would flee and return to a meeting point she had arranged with a few friends who were also marching that day. Francesca was caught up in the now riot, and was beaten to the ground with a baton in the law enforcements attempt to disperse the crowd. Francesca woke up in a detention unit but was soon released and sent back home with her highly disappointed mother.

Francesca would go on to sustain further black marks again her record due to her early beliefs and willing to stand up for what she believed in. Mainly her actions were against local government but in some instances she went against large private organisations. Francesca has been prosecuted and charged with the following crimes:

> Assault (Chapter II, section 1 of the Criminal Code)

> Impersonation (Chapter II, section 8 of the Criminal Code)

> Trespassing (Chapter III, section 1 of the Criminal Code)

> Burglary (Chapter III, section 4 of the Criminal Code)

> Vandalism & Arson (Chapter III, section 6/7 of the Criminal Code)

Despite numerous charges, Francesca has served very little time inside a detention unit but has stated that she is remorseful to those personally effected by her actions. She now understands that her actions may have consequences outside the scope of her original views and that there are lawful ways to express her ideals and protect her rights.

Early Career

Fran Boloball.jpg
Francesca playing Boloball

Despite the consequences of her rebellious behaviour towards the upper-class ideals that surrounded Francesca’s life, she never turned her back on her inner values. From the age of 18 she turned her love and skill of Boloball into a career on a semi-professional level. The now young adult had frequently played the game within greenspaces which were dotted around the city. She wasn’t directly paid for her participation at local matches, however she did receive payment from sponsors which sustained the player. This sporting career developed further with Francesca joining her city team in the inter-world athletic games. At this level her participation in games were shown throughout local areas of her system and analysed by sporting commentators on sporting channels. She enjoyed this new profile she now held and the social life that came with it. She was now becoming something of a known figure, at least within her area.

Francesca as a Synthesizer Jockey

Using this heightened publicity period to her advantage, Francesca joined a local entertainment company as a synthesizer jockey to further explore her love of music. Specializing in a type of tranquil/electronic her sets have been described to evoke a sense of imagery and emotion of freedom, spaciousness, and elevation. Lacking in ordinary and common Hapan compositional schemes, it is seen more as a ‘new-age’ type of listening which is typically seen in ‘underground’ venues. Francesca is renowned for delivering a type of trance-like state in certain individuals which is highly enjoyed in the venues in which she works. Although the financial benefit appeals to the woman, she has stated that it is more of a hobby than a profession and that, although now it has become less frequent in her life, she continues to hone her skills in the chance she finds herself in front of a crowd again.

University Education

Francesca attended Jovaria University in Year 13 where she studied Medical Science with a focus on cybernetic prosthetics and enhancements, and then during her final year, combat medical treatment and battlefield triage. The University campus reminded her much of home, the architecture being similar in that they were both created in a neo-Tini’duranist style. The world as a whole was under much construction since early Year 8 when government decided to industrialise the planet.

In her time between studying she toured the world with the new friends she had met in classes. The world offered many greenspaces for lazy days in the sun, picnics and in favour of Francesca’s interests, impromptu boloball games. Expeditions were also common amongst Francesca and her class. The ancient gas pools on the planet had not been entirely explored before construction of the large metropolises took place, and it was first thought that if harvestable, certain gas compositions could be used as a healing agent, similar to that of the popular synthetic chemical substance known as Bacta. Francesca graduated before any further research took place.

During the final months of her education Francesca was visited by her mother who had not visited her daughter for the duration of her stay on Jovaria. In this meeting, Francesca was told that she was a younger sister to a half-brother known as Michael Rebkin (born Augustus Falcov prior to adoption). Through various contacts from her mother’s profession it was known that he was serving in the Royal Hapan Military as a soldier.

Hapes Consortium

On Year 18, Day 109, Falcov join the Hapes Consortium – the ruling Government and long established sovereign over Francesca’s home. At first, officials were sceptical of Francesca’s intentions based on her questionable past. However, after vetting interviews and a review of her skill set she was allowed to enrol into the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education, the Consortium’s compulsory training program for enlisting personnel. After graduating from the RHS with top marks she advanced into the Star Home Academy to complete her preliminary training. By now the woman who raised a lot of questions about what she was doing here had proven herself more than capable of conforming with the Consortium way of life. Graduation from the Star Home Academy soon came, launching Francesca’s career within the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. The idea of joining up would have been inconceivable 5 years prior and although it was bitter medicine for Francesca to swallow, after her time at Jovaria University the woman seemed to have a different perspective on things.

Michael Rebkin.jpg
Michael Rebkin

After just a couple of weeks in active service, Francesca received news from the Embassy on Lorell that her brother had died prior to her enlistment. The news being as much unfortunate as it was late, due to security checks in the history of Michaels childhood adoption. Despite never meeting her brother, Francesca was told that he served admirably – even into the later days of his illness (The Great Animosity Plague of Year 14) to which his body eventually succumbed to.

The woman was also granted access to his personal logs which had been securely archived as tribute to his memory and service. Through these holo-recordings and transcripts Francesca had been given the opportunity to learn more about the brother she had never had the chance to meet. She was taken back by how fondly he regarded the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and the Consortium as a whole. It transpired that he was a truly dedicated man and like Francesca, stood up for his beliefs and values. The small library of personal logs gave Francesca much to think over and how she would continue her service in the Royal Hapan Navy. Perhaps one day she would be as dedicated as he was.

On Year 18, Day 124, Francesca departed Hapan Space after sending a transmission detailing her resignation to her superiors. Despite her best efforts going through training and finally gaining her commission in the Royal Hapan Navy, Francesca started to feel that she belonged elsewhere. She had sought out the answers she needed about her brother, and now it was time to move on. Perhaps it was another whimsical move into the unknown; which the woman had been known to do in past instances, or perhaps it was the final outcome after grieving. Francesca's personal transport was last seen travelling away from Lorell before jumping to hyperspace.