Frankie Di Conti

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Frankie Di Conti
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Louisa Di Conti
Father Alfredo Di Conti
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Partner None
Born Year -6, Day 339
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic & Kiffu
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5' 8" (172 cm)
Weight 139 lbs (63.25kg)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Exelis Crime Syndicate

Frankie Di Conti (pronounced fræŋkɪ daɪ koʊntɪ) is a Kiffar female in her late 20's and finds herself in the employ of the Exelis Syndicate. A woman equally renowned for her ability to take sentient's breath away as stick a knife between their ribs, Di Conti is ruthless and driven, qualities the Syndicate is hoping to take full advantage of. After a short stint working as a freelance pilot to acquire assets, Frankie was approached by Underlord Sathel with the offer of joining the Exelis family. After a particularly bloody hunting trip, Di Conti took the Underlord up on her offer and set a course for Venaari.


Early Years

Frankie was born on the planet Kiffex on Year -6, Day 339 to Alfredo and Louisa Di Conti. The family wasn't well off and Frankie was only able to enjoy a traditional Kiffar upbringing for a handful of years. Unfortunately for Frankie, war broke out on Kiffex and Frankie’s parents, afraid of orphaning their young daughter, sent her to live with friends they had made off-world. Importantly, this happened before Frankie could be given her qukuuf, the familial markings that Kiffar wear on their face.

Frankie’s adoptive parents changed her surname to theirs, telling her that it’s what her birth parents wanted for her safety. They were strict and decided to raise Frankie in line with their way of life instead of the life she would have had on Kiffex. This bred a sense of resentment in Frankie throughout her childhood. She chafed under their rules and was a poor performer at school because it as well as the bullying from being adopted and from a different planet. This would cause her adoptive parents to berate her poor performance, leading to Frankie suffering from depression before she had even entered her adolescence.

Frankie would deal with the bullies through violence, though this would only cause more trouble as she gathered a reputation for being a problem child. Her adoptive parents were regularly called into the school Frankie attended for either a behavioural issue or something related to her academic performance. This caused them to be increasingly strict with Frankie and did nothing to prevent the sense of resentment festering within young Di Conti.

Journey to the stars

On Frankie’s 18th birthday, she snuck out to a local bar with some friends to celebrate the momentous occasion. It was a lively affair, credits and booze flowed in equal measure. Over the course of the night, Frankie’s friends would leave the party in a variety of states of drunken stupor. When Frankie was the last of the group at the bar, she was approached by a man in a black leather jacket who had heard about her rebellious nature and he bought her a drink. And another and another. He told Frankie that he was part of a group who couldn’t stand the status quo, who hated rules and were looking to provide a shock to the system. Frankie would have liked the idea even if she wasn’t drunk, being intoxicated just laid bare how much she desired what was being offered.

Over the next few months, Frankie would work a menial job during the day and attend meetings held by a revolutionary group at night. She also changed her surname back to Di Conti. The group would regularly stage protests against the corruption of the planetary government and worked hard to expose this to the common people. However, their methodology wasn’t resonating and they were seen as more of an annoyance than people doing a public service. Di Conti was one of the more extreme members of the group, regularly clashing with law enforcement and private security. She constantly advocated for the group to take more extreme action to draw attention to their cause, even undertaking actions on her own. Di Conti enjoyed vast support from the working-class members of the organisation but ran into trouble convincing the comfortable middle-class leadership to risk their comfortable lives.

Things came to a head in Year 16 when Frankie decided she’d had enough of people who were cynically exploiting the cause of equality for financial gain. She entered the main starport and commandeered a YT-1300 Light Freighter that she dubbed Razor’s Edge. Over the next half-decade, Di Conti would roam the Outer Rim, taking on a variety of jobs, anything from a computer technician to hired muscle was fair game. During this time she acquired two more ships, a YT-200 known as Light In The Darkness and YV-666 she named the Corrupted Soul. The addition of these craft to her personal fleet allowed more jobs to be taken on as a smuggler. During Year 21 she began working north of the core, first on Champala before taking on transport work to various remote outposts north of the Core.

Joining the Exelis Syndicate

Frankie was working for a mining foreman in the Ord Mantell system, hunting alongside a Sanyassan crew to deal with a Purrgil problem when she received a message from the Underlord of the Exelis Syndicate, Morgan Sathel. Di Conti’s name was well-known enough for Sathel to offer Di Conti a place in her organisation. She considered it for a couple of days, wanting to see her current job through to completion before making a decision. Sure enough, when the job was done, Frankie contacted the Underlord to see if the job was still available. Once it was confirmed the offer was still on the table, Di Conti set a course for the Venaari system to join up with her new crew.