Galacian Mining Corporation

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Galacian Mining Corporation
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General Information
Status Active
Leader Minister Hugh Grishnak
2IC Minister Garm Munin
Owner The eXiles
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 56
Political Information
Affiliation The eXiles, and Galactic Alliance
Industry Mining company
Holosite Galacian Mining Corporation

Galacian Mining Corporation (GMC) is prominent mining company and a naturalized subsidiary of the Commonality.


GMC is a large mining company led by Lady Helen Hawk and it's tough mercenary miners. We do it all we mine, we transport, we build and we kill. We are unlike other mining companies; who often strip planets of their resources for the purposes of their own greed and wealth. Some of GMC's major terrestrial operations include those on Sumitra and Brak.

Galacian Mining Corporation is one of the oldest and richest mining companies in the galaxy and they didn't get that way by letting others compete with them. Miners who get in their way tend to die and we will eliminate any competition at all costs.

GMC can go toe to toe with any mining company out in the galaxy today, being backed up by the Commonality, it has numerous ships to transport any raw material in a decent amount of time. All our pilots go thru a rigorous training to maximize time and efficiency.


Founded in Year 10 Day 56, the Galacian Mining Corporation established their first base of operation in the Jinet System, Brak Sector, lead by Nara Pong. Starting off as a small company based on a single planet, GMC has been able to thrive on the system's natural resources and establish a solid trade for raw materials in the Brak sector.

During Year 10 Day 350, Marcus Blackheart was introduced as the new CEO for Galacian Mining Corporation. Under his rule, he made sure every single Station was fully loaded with the Raw Materials needed to make the massive Modular Taskforce Cruiser that the Commonality had designs for.

In Year 11 Day 220, Marcus Blackheart stepped down as leader of GMC and turned the reigns over to Lady Helen Hawk. An honest and experienced leader. In her desire to make GMC one of the best mining factions in the galaxy; she decided to expand their operations and overall production resulting in GMC becoming the backbone of the Commonality and thus, shifting their HQ and hubs to the Sumitra Sector.

Galacian Mining Corporation conducts logistics, prospect for raw materials, constructs and operates mines, manages vast stockpiles of raw materials and does construction of various facilities for the Commonality and it's subsidiaries.

With an enormous amount of resources and the Commonality's vast fleet of Modular Taskforce Cruisers and Bulk Freighters. GMC's ingenuity, trustworthiness, attention to detail and commitment is a prime example of how a mining company should be ran and operated.


On Year 13 Day 327, Krath Lord Frezt Raleigh was appointed leader of the Commonality to accommodate a merger between this government and the Krath Dynasty. Thus, GMC was taken over by Krath. On Year 14 Day 158, GMC was no longer needed in Krath and was offered back to The eXiles. The eXiles decided it was best to merge it with it's current mining faction EXiles Intragalactic Lithology. Minister Hugh Grishnak lead the change along with Minister Kai Niloc.



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