Galactic Museum

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Galactic Museum
Sector Savareen
System Tyrius
Galactic Coordinates (276, -245)
System Coordinates (5, 7)
Additional Notes
Controlled By Darkness
NavComp Entry Galactic Museum station

The Galactic Museum space station opened its doors on Year 14 Day 100. Originally the Galactic Museum was housed in a Shipyard IV station which was completed on Year 13 Day 223. However, it became clear day by day that the space available was still not enough to host all technological samples collected. Just with the vehicles and the smaller fighters, the bays were soon filled. A new, unique space station was then planned: its construction was completed on Year 14 Day 15. After moving all entities, reorganising the staff, and devising new advanced security measures for the new exhibition, the Galactic Museum was eventually inaugurated with a Grand Opening ceremony on Day 121.
In order to improve the numbers of visitors, on Day 176 the Galactic Museum was added as one of destinations of the galactic transport network.

Inside, the docents of the Galactic Museum station are continually trained by the New Republic Academy and are arranged throughout the Museum to give lectures and inform visitors on the collections as well as on more general related subjects. The broadness and depth of this project makes the Galactic Museum to be easily included among the Galactic Wonders this galaxy offers, and marks how high sentient beings can go in their creative abilities.


Revolving like a dancer in the dark space of Tyrius system, the Galactic Museum is currently said to be one of the most imposing and impressive known stations in space. Built according to a modular architectural concept, its size has slowly grown with each new acquisition. The station has a large octagonal dish at the bottom with a smaller one on top. A central tower connects the two and has four docking bays coming off of it near the top.

On top, the smaller octagonal dish houses the administrative offices and the apartments for the staff members of the Museum. Three of the four, finger like, docking bays act as permanent homes to the individual classes of ships that the museum has on display, while the last acts as the entrance and parking for visitors. The central tower houses the visitor amenities including a hotel, bar, gifts, lifts and various other shops and hangouts. While most sentients spend their time in the ship exhibits, others make their way down to the large octagonal dish at the bottom. Here, guests will get to see exhibits showing the vehicles of the galaxy along with droids and the galaxy's rarest items. Many of the museum's exhibits are also very interactive, which serve to keep the interest of those visiting them.

The administrators have gone to great lengths to ensure guests feel included. Great care has been taken to place holograms of museum personnel next to most exhibits, talking about the finer details of the display item. You will also see the same people in these holograms guiding tours. There are also many hologames set up designed to give the user the feeling of piloting a fighter of their choice through several different scenarios or how it feels to pilot a pod racer in the big race. Many of the larger ships are open to the public to fully explore and give them an understanding of how it felt to live and work in the confines of these massive ships. While guided tours are offered, the museum staff does not discourage from one wandering off on their own and seeing everything the museum has to offer.


Currently, the Museum's staff includes 21 people. Ms. Kassira Talsh (Museum Educator) coordinates the group of Docents specialised in several subjects. Visitors can therefore ask the Docents about:

  • Space Technology
  • Starship Weapons
  • Capital Ships
  • Freighters
  • Fighters
  • History of Weapons
  • Defenses and Armour
  • Sensors and Communications
  • History of Droids
  • Droid Engineering
  • First-Degree Droids
  • Second-Degree Droids
  • Third-Degree Droids
  • Fourth-Degree Droids
  • Fifth-Degree Droids

A mechanic is also part of the staff, but he's not particularly loquacious and he hates to be disturbed while working. He could give some good information too, however.


  • Year 13 - Out of 231 entities housed, ships accounted for 116 (50%), vehicles were 71 (31%), and droids were 44 (19%). Of these, purchases summed up to 41.5%, donations were 57.6%, and loans were 0.9%
  • Year 14 - Twenty-two entities were acquired during this year. Of them, 15 ships, 4 vehicles, and 3 droids. Eighteen entities were bought, while donations and loans were two each.
  • Year 15 - The collection received 3 ships, 3 vehicles, and 2 droids. Four of them were purchased, while the four others were donated.
  • Year 17 - That was a good year for the Museum. The collection expanded with 26 ships, 12 vehicles, and 7 droids more. Out of the new 45 entities, 11 (24%) were bought, 31 (69%) were donated, and 3 (7%) were loaned.
  • Year 18 - During this year 8 new ships were acquired. Four of them were donated, four purchased.

At the end of Year 18, the Museum housed 314 entities overall. Ships were 54% (168), vehicles accounted for 29% (90), and droids were 18% (56). Out of the 314 entities, 42% (133) were bought, 55% (174) were donated, and 2% (7) were loaned.

  • Year 19 -
  • Year 20 -
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