Galactic Transport and Trading

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Galactic Transport and Trading
General Information
Status NFG
Leader Myyrdral Orinn
Owner Nimm Proga
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 257
Political Information
Industry arms shipment, raw material transport, ship delivery, caravan security

Galactic Transport and Trading is a small company founded in year 16 by the Duros Nimm Proga and the Trandoshan Myyrdral Orinn, two longtime friends who opted to take on the galaxy as business partners instead of going it alone. The company specializes in the shipment and delivery of raw materials and other ships themselves at an exorbitantly low cost; a tribute to the pair's humble beginnings. GTT mainly caters to smaller businesses or newly formed companies, and while they do have their own schedule and shipments to make, the majority of their income comes from outside sources; shipping and moving various items and materials for others.

Brief History

"'What do you take me for, a vagrant Wookiee?!'"
Myyrdral Orinn to Nimm after having received the offer of a free ship as a token of friendship.

Nimm and Myyrdral met when they were still quite young during on of Nimm's father's trips around the galaxy. This particular trip was to none other than Trandosha, where Nimm met the young reptilian after having accidentally shot his pet wamp rat. They became good friends in the few weeks Nimm was there, and remained in contact, only seeing each other in person again when they each left their homeworlds in search of adventure and new beginnings. Myyrdral, already an experienced spacer and cargo hauler, taught a naive Nimm the ways of the galaxy when he first left Duro, and saved his life on a number of occasions, a particularly memorable one being the time where a terribly drunk Nimm (who can't handle his alcohol at all) attempted to pick a fight with a group of bounty hunters. The fiasco ended with Myyrdral beating the hunters off of an unconscious Nimm before running to their ship and performing a hasty takeoff.

Current Status

GTT is now a growing enterprise with an increasing customer base in newly formed companies and businesses, with the promise of "Nowhere in the galaxy is too far," Galactic Transport and Trading charges minimal fees for their services and often are the victims of full customer queues due to the small nature of the employee base. The GTT employs many different ships is order to most adequately accommodate the job at hand, with a larger Corona-class frigate for their most hefty deliveries, a small fleet of G-1A Transport ships and Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttles, a few YG-4210s for the medium sized loads, several Sprint-class rescue crafts for shipments of weapons and medical supplies and several more specialized ships for various other jobs that may require different capabilities. More recently, GTT added a number of YT-510s to the fleet to attract customers with speed and quality in mind over quantity.


Galactic Transport and Trading mostly offers the transportation of specified goods that are already available to the customer, but the company also caters to smaller-time sentients in the form of high class weaponry and armors at low prices. GTT was formed with the intent of helping out the small fish and opening the gate to greater opportunities for those people, and as such have procured the means and credits necessary to facilitate that mindset. Galactic Transport and Trading offers such equipment to low-on-credits individuals such as Battle Armour and Combat Armour, as well as Corellian Powersuit Armour (of course) coming with the corresponding helmets. The weaponry that the company has for sale includes A280s, Bowcasters, DL-44s, ELG-3As, Ryyk Blades, Vibroblades and Vibroaxes.