Aliit Gav

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Aliit Gav
General Information
Status Current
Leader Aliit'buir Jaster Gav
Motto "Aliit ori'shya tal'din" - Family is more than blood.
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Mando'ade
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Aliit Gav

Aliit Gav is a Mandalorian Clan led by Aliit'alor Kathlen Stewart. Their founder and Aliit'buir is Jaster Gav. The clan recognizes Kai Oryk as Mand'alor. As of now, the clan is invite only.



Change in Aliit'Alor

With Jaster being away for work longer than any one had anticipated, the aliit began to grow uneasy. On year 14, day 164, Kathlen went to Mand'alor Kai Oryk and formally made it known that Aliit Gav had decided that they wanted her to become their Aliit'alor.

The Death Hunt

On Year 14 day 260, Aliit'alor Kathlen Stewart and Aliit'ver'alor Kyla Royer set off to Malastare for Aliit Breviin's Death Hunt.[1] They met up with Dr. Kira Morbus and set a plan in motion for the event.

Phoenix Vu`Traat

On Year 14 Day 262, Kathlen Stewart became the Alor'aan of Phoenix Vu`Traat. With the acquisition of the small security team, she brought Kyla Royer in as her Al'verde. They also transferred all of the aliit assets into the business in hopes of making both their family, and their work grow together.

The Split

A rift was created the night that Kathlen and Jaster separated. Kathlen decided it best for her and her son, James, to leave Aliit Gav. Her feelings were personal, and she did not wish to drag the whole clan down with it. In her heart, she knew Kyla would follow her. She left the option for the rest of her family to follow her, and help her form a new clan.

Current Members

Jaster Gav - Aliit'Buir/Alor (Founder)


  • Aliit Gav Sig Bar.png (Year 14)


  1. The Death Hunt

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