Gevaudn Conahaka

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Gevaudn Conahaka
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Kubindi
Marital Status Seeing someone
Born Year -11 Day 336
Languages Galactic Standard
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Light Green
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation None
Positions Freelance
Prior Affiliation Trade Federation
Signature Gevaudn Signature.png


Gevaudn was born on Kubindi. As a young Kubaz, he couldn't help but want more. He would look up at the starry night skies, wishing he could fly a ship and visit the vast systems throughout his lifetime. He found his life of helping his clan keep their source of food thriving for the members to be quite boring and his need for something more grew stronger. There happened to be a group of freelances on Kubindi, and Gev eventually decided to approach them. He asked them to train him in piloting a ship. At first the freelancers thought the young Gevaudn was a spy but eventually his persistent paid off.He continued to approach them day after day and eventually they took him in and trained him. Gev began to work for the freelancers doing various things while they taught him how to pilot and repair ships. After a few months the freelancers needed to leave to complete another job. Before they left they gave Gevaudn a customized ship of his own.

Now with a ship of his own, Gevaudn decides to leave his life behind and begin a new. With no particular destination in min her boards his ship, the Drunken Plague Doctor, and takes to the open space. He wasn't exactly sure what he wanted to do at this time, only that he had no interest in being a spy or get involved with the galactic battle. He decided to start this new life as a freelancer and see where it would take him.

Gevaudn Conahaka made his presence known to the galaxy in year 17 Day 84. Business started out slow for him as no one really trusted his race and for good reason. His life as a freelancer wasn't too bad as he made a small name for himself and earned some credits. Though he enjoyed his life as a freelancer he decided to close shop. He decided to take up with a faction and after talking with a friend he choose to join the Trade Federation.


While awaiting for his confirmation to join the Trade Federation, Gevaudn became severely sick while waiting on a near by planet. Passing out at a local bar he was rushed to the hospital where he was monitored until he regain consciousness. Gevaudn didn't wake up until two days later, when he did he found that he was no longer a Kubaz and was now a new race all together. He found out later that there were some reports of other sentient beings becoming ill as well and becoming Mirialan, some how Gevaudn caught it and was transformed. Again he had another opportunity to start again to make a new start for himself.