Ghullka Ikto

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Ghullka Ikto
Biographical Information
Race Iktotchi
Homeworld Iktotch Moon
Mother Amkith Ikto
Father Zonlon Ikto
Siblings Sorruth Ikto (Brother)
Born Year -8
Languages Basic, Iktotchese, Huttese, Falleen
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Coloring Orange
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Title "Loverboy"
Prior Affiliation New Republic, Juganoth Mining Corporation
""We all have to play our parts. I don't mind playing the villain.""
— Ghullka Ikto

Born on the moon Iktotch, Ghullka Ikto's life tells the story of a marked, scorned, beaten and reborn man who desperatly tries to keep his loved ones save at all costs. These means divert from legal to illegal actions which left him in contact with numerous shady and unsavoury characters raging from the criminal world of Nal Hutta to the civilised world of Coruscant.



""You are a man now. Look after your brother. Survive.""
— Amkith Ikto, Ghullka's mother

Ghullka Ikto was born on the moon Ikotch, in the city of Ankhela, where he was raised in isolation on a farm outside of the city with his younger brother Sorruth. Their father, Zonlon Ikto, a Grand Marshall in the Falleen Protection Force and a raging alcoholic, had chosen to leave the hustle and bustle of the city of Ankhela to escape the horror of atrocities to which he bore witness during the Battle of Beta. It was here, on this farm, that Ghullka Ikto would begin the journey to become the man that he is today. As children, Ghullka and Sorruth were subjected to the harsh conditions of farm life on Iktotch: It was a largely barren, rocky and desolate place outside of the larger centers of commerce which their father made every effort to avoid. Zonlon himself did nothing to assist the situation, often drinking himself into despair and choosing to take out his frustrations on his children, and when she intervened, their mother, Amkith. In stark contrast to their stubborn and often violent father, Amkith was an optimistic and cheerful woman, whose every action was dictated by a desire to protect and nurture her two small children. She would often work long hours in the city of Ankhela to help provide for the family and provide herself sanctuary, if only temporary, from the repercussions of her abusive husband’s nightly outbursts.

It was here, during her long shifts working as a midwife for Cryomed Laboratories that Amkith considered her life with her husband and what was best for her children, until one night when the beatings where particularly severe, she hatched a plan to allow the children a chance to escape. The following night, after making a particularly lavish meal, Amkith treated her husband with a fresh bottle of Corellian wine. She allowed the wine to flow like rain for Zonlon as the children looked on in horror, contemplating the beatings that would most assuredly follow once the bottle was empty. It was not long before Zonlon, almost finishing the bottle, collapsed into a pile of muscle on the floor. Soon, it had become clear that Amkith had dosed the wine with a sedative. Amkith quickly ran to the children’s bedroom where she had already prepared a duffle filled with necessities: a little food, some water, and a few credits that she had been able to save. She slung the bag over Ghullka’s shoulder and explained to him that he was now, at twelve years old, a man and that it was up to him to protect Sorruth and to get them to safety should they have the chance at a better life. Amkith pulled a keycard on a long silver lanyard from her pocket and placed it around Ghullka’s neck. She instructed the boys to return to the city of Ankhela and search for Docking Bay 36. There, she told them, they would find a YG-4210 that they could gain entry to using the keycard. She explained that the nav computer was already set and that all that needed to be done was to initiate the takeoff procedures and they would be delivered to freedom. The following morning, the boys found their way to the ship as planned. Emblazoned on the side of the YG-4210 was the name of the ship. Tears filled his eyes as Ghullka read the aurebesh lettering out loud: The Emancipator.


""Two lads. One quick, one strong. Brothers on the streets.""
— A local bartender talking with a drunk patron

A true older brother, Ghullka reassured his younger sibling that everything was going to be alright, just as he had done many times before. A few days later The Emancipator reached the Onderon system and sat down just outside the city of Iziz. When young Ghullka and Sorruth emerged from their deliverer, they were met with the sudden realization that their newfound sense of freedom was coming to a screeching halt: a bulletin had been spread around the surrounding systems urging pilots and travelers to be on the lookout for a stolen YG series freighter with two young Iktotchi aboard. Ghullka and Sorruth were immediately taken into custody and led into the city where they spent the next several days undergoing questioning as to how they came to be in the possession of the stolen freighter. Ghullka, though met with numerous threats, resolved never to implicate his mother in the crime, instead choosing to implicate his father, Zonlon. An intelligent boy, Ghullka reasoned that the authorities would be more apt to believe his mother, an upstanding citizen and employee of Cryomed Laboratories over the violent and abusive drunk Zonlon. Ghullka secretly hoped that they would take his father away. After the two boys satisfied the local authorities with their statements, and the determination that they were too young to prosecute, the Iktotchi were released.

For the next several years, Ghullka and Sorruth lived on the streets in the city of Iziz, near the Malgan Market. They opted to survive by doing whatever odd jobs they could find and thievery. Sorruth, being much smaller in build to Ghullka, clearly made the better thief. His nimble fingers allowed him to get into much trouble. Trouble that often fell to Ghullka to muscle him out of. One such occasion lead to one of the most violent periods of Ghullka’s life. One evening on the streets of the marketplace, Sorruth sat near a makeshift table advertising his ill-gotten collection of wares when he was approached by a pair of Gamorreans. After noticing a handful of their own vibroblades on the table, they began to make boisterous public accusations against Sorruth, claiming that the blades had been lifted from the shipping containers belonging to their boss. Ghullka, who was always nearby, approached the two Gamorrean warriors with lightning speed as one of them lifted Sorruth by the throat. In a flash, Ghullka produced his own vibroblade and in a fluid, downward motion, severed the hand grasping Sorruth by the throat. In the following instant, he turned on the second Gamorrean as the first collapsed to the pavement clutching the bleeding stub where his hand was moments before. Ghullka brought his fist down and straight into the massive face of his monstrous adversary, pummeling him with every ounce of strength and anger in his great Iktotchi body. During the confusion, it went unnoticed to the Iktotchi pair that they were the subject of much interest to a certain Zabrak slave owner watching the battle unfold from the alley off to the side of the street. After he was satisfied with the performance and the anger of the Iktotchi warrior, he stepped from the shadows and made his presence known by firing a blaster into the air. All at once, the street fell silent, the fighting ceased, and all eyes fell upon him as he approached his two wounded Gamorrean soldiers. Ghullka stood to meet him as he approached, ready to meet his end if necessary to protect his brother. The Zabrak introduced himself to Ghullka as Lord Lok Tur, rightful owner of the stolen vibroblades. Lok Tur was well known on Onderon for two things: his cruelty and the fact that he owned the absolute best gladiators ever to step foot in a coliseum.


""Your brother there took something from me. Now, I am required to take something from him. I choose his protection. His shield. I am taking you.""
— Lok Tur

As repayment to Sorruth's crime, the crime lord took hold of Ghullka's life. Over the course of the next several months, Ghullka was subjected to an intense regimen of violence and strength training. He was chained, beaten, healed, and beaten again. Over and over he was tormented to the brink of death, and then healed to full recovery. Lok Tur often chose to beat him personally, choosing a large section of pipe taken from the life support systems from some long-forgotten spacecraft. He would wield it without compassion, bringing it over his head and down onto Ghullka’s muscled back or legs. All the while threatening and taunting him with his brother’s life. Slowly, Ghullka began to realize something: With each subsequent beating, he felt less pain than he did during the beating before. Over time, the beatings became a sense of relief for the beating he knew was sure to follow. This was Ghullka’s reality until one day Lok Tur opened his cell to begin his awful work. As he raised the pipe above his head and brought it down upon Ghullka’s head, he realized that his work was done: Ghullka did not move, nor make the slightest sound when the pipe connected to its target. Ghullka just stared into Lok Tur’s eyes, burning a hole into his very soul with all the hatred of a thousand Sith warriors. Lok Tur smiled back at him.

It was at this point that Ghullka was forced into the gladiatorial pits on Onderon. Persuaded to fight with Lok Tur’s personal guarantee that a defeat for Ghullka not only meant death for himself but for Sorruth too, who was still held in captivity by the slave master. It was in these pits that Ghullka was forged into the formidable warrior that he is today. Match after match, he fought and piled the bodies of his opponents high. To Ghullka, each one of his opponents bore the face of Lok Tur, and he made a promise to himself that Lok Tur would die a thousand deaths before he was granted relief from his rage. This was Ghullka’s life until one day, he was afforded his chance. After a particularly pitched battle between several veteran gladiators, Ghullka, having just won his master a considerable sum of money, was taken into the arboretum where Lok Tur would spend his nights drinking and engaging in the more carnal pleasures that could be afforded to him. There, he sat while Lok Tur showed him off in front of his fellow gormandizers. Lok Tur, in a state of drunken ignorance, boasted that they would never see an Iktotchi warrior subdued to the degree that Ghullka was, bragging that if left unchained, Ghullka would not dare harm his master. Ghullka sat, seething at his captor for treating him like a beast, an animal. That was when Lok Tur’s boast became action: He reached down and unlocked the chains from Ghullka’s hands. What happened next can only be described as a bloodbath.


""Look how strong he has become! How strong I made him!""
— Lok Tur

A veteran of many pitched battles, the Iktotchi’s reflexes would have been a match for any Jedi. Without thinking, he located every target in the room. There were four, including Lok Tur. Three of them were armed. In a moment, the first of the three, a Rodian, found himself in the clutches of the Iktotchi’s great hands. With a flick of his wrist, Ghullka snapped the Rodian’s neck and tossed his lifeless corpse to the side. Ghullka moved on to the next target, who was now aware, despite his drunken haze, that this was a reckoning. As the Ithorian reached for his blaster, Ghullka seized the opportunity to drive his enormous fist directly into his face, knocking him down to the floor. Ghullka wrestled the blaster from the Ithorian’s hand and pointed it at his face and pulled the trigger. Two down, two to go. During the chaos, Lok Tur dove behind an upturned table to shield himself from the blaster fire he knew would soon be upon him. Ghullka raised the Ithorian’s blaster and fired six shots in rapid succession, all of them striking the third combatant directly in the chest. The Bith was dead before he hit the ground. One to go. Ghullka was just getting warmed up.

Ghullka reached down and lifted the table where Lok Tur was hiding. As he grabbed the table and tossed it aside, the Zabrak lept upon the Iktotchi and plunged a vibroblade firmly into his side. Ghullka remained unfazed in his anger as blood began to pour from the open wound. As the Iktotchi spun around, Lok Tur managed to secure a Gamorrean vibropike that was a wall decoration just moments before the outbreak of violence. The Zabrak brought the pike down upon Ghullka’s head with incredible force, severing one of the horns from his great head. With a second upward swipe, the vibropike slashed Ghullka’s face rendering completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other, the blood still coming from his head wound was further inhibited his vision. He had begun to feel the pain. As Lok Tur took one final moment to look upon his conquered adversary, he failed to notice the severed horn hidden in the Iktotchi's hand. As the Zabrak brought the vibropike down in effort to behead the Iktotchi, Ghullka leapt to his feet and in an instant plunged the horn into Lok Tur’s throat. Ghullka looked on as he watched the life leave Lok Tur’s face. Alone and bleeding, Ghullka dug through Lok Tur’s pockets until he found the keycard to the cell that was holding Sorruth. It had been years since they had seen each other, but Ghullka knew that Sorruth would be able to help get them both to safety.

After a brief reunion, the two Ikto brothers took off once again, on the run and looking for freedom, into the jungle outside of the compound that held them captive for so long. Once sufficiently away from the compound, the brothers took a moment to rest and Sorruth did his best to tend his brother’s wounds before continuing again. Upon returning to the gates of the city of Iziz the two Iktotchi collapsed in exhaustion in the street. Ghullka rolled over and looked at the sky, having made peace with his fate. As he stared into the night sky he began to remember his mother and wondered if she was still out there. As he faded out he heard the hurried voices of people approaching them. He thought he heard something about one of them being a doctor from the New Republic, whatever that was…

Career History

Dean of Recruitment
Preceded By:
Gothar Elensar
Ghullka Ikto
Year 18 Day 246 - Year 19 Day 55
Succeeded By:
Gothar Elensar

Director of Cultural Affairs
Preceded By:
Ghullka Ikto
Year 18 Day 338 - Year 19 Day 55
Succeeded By:
Panzer Burnier

Awards & Citations