Giorgina Xyth

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Giorgina Xyth
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Born Unknown (c. -400)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown

Giorgina Xyth (also known to have exploited other false aliases), is a known Anzati assassin. She is currently wanted by a number of authorities after reportedly escaping from a detention colony on Barab I (Albanin Sector).

Xyth was serving a life sentence on Barab I after being captured on Empress Teta for a variety of crimes that had accrued over a number of years. Like many other Anzati, it is presumed Xyth's crimes relate to the nature of her race.

Reported Sightings

Year 19

Day 232: Identified by a Trade Federation owned satellite in the Asrat System collecting various projectile weapons and armour. Aboard the Sprint-class Rescue Craft: "Soothing Bacta".

Day 245: The twelve corpses of various sentient lifeforms were exhumed from the desert area on Derra IV after reports of Xyth's "Soothing Bacta" arriving in the system. The location was identified by using satellite data from a New Republic network in the system. The burial site was also marked with a partially destroyed Tactical Helmet with the words "in service of Xyth" etched onto the remnants of the hard upper casing. It is unknown how the twelve beings came to die as none had any obvious external injuries incompatible with life. The location of "Soothing Bacta" and Xyth remain unknown.