Gordian Reach Authority

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Gordian Reach Authority
Political information
Type of government Oligarchy
Head of State Consul Bossive Ketwol
Head-of-Government Viceroy Inrokini`luci Sabile
Executive branch Counts of Serenno
Legislative branch Council of the Reach
Judicial branch Massassi Order
Affiliation Free Trade Worlds
Societal information
Capital Torque, (Gordian Reach), Serenno, (D`astan)
Territory Gordian Reach


Language(s) Galactic Basic, Jawaese, Shyriiwook, Various others.
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 11 Day 357 (NFG)
Status Active
Holosite Gordian Reach/Massassi Discord

The GRA is completely neutral, it holds no black lists, accepts all who mean well, and do not do harm to others. Its history dates back to its founders inhabiting positions of a version of the Corporate Sector Authority and additional other Governments. Its direct Executives are the Counts of Serenno, a noble house from the planet Serenno in the sector D`astan, just a short hop from The Reach. They have been charged with the protection and security of their home planet and various others for thousands of years. They formalized governance with the GRA with a group of businesses, predominate land owners, and entrepreneur traders of the surrounding area known as the Council of the Reach. They help legislate actions taken by the group to ensure benefit to all of those possible within and friendly to the GRA. As members of both organizations, some Force Users settled on planet of Yavin 4. Many of these people came from old lineages of Sith and performed an exodus from the Empire many years ago to create a new order. Others came from the Order of the Jedi, others no affiliations at all. Together, through their mutual research, they founded the Massassi Order. They learned from the ruins of the old Massassi temples on Yavin 4 and various others on nearby worlds. The Massassi of present would adhere to the primal natures of the former inhabitants and builders of the ruins. Paths which some around the galaxy would deem as merely the Dark Side were understood to grant power through passions. This path could be controlled and tempered to allow love, families, friendship without the betrayal and backstabbing which had overtaken and perpetuated some successors of the Massassi. The light could similarly be embraced for its benefits of protection and health. They help mediate the on-goings of the Gordian Reach Authority to ensure balance

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Gordian Reach Authority
Factions Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. · InterGalactic Banking Clan · Massassi Mineral Extractions · Massassi Order
Sectors D`astan · Gordian Reach
Planets Serenno · Torque · Krylon · Yavin 4 · Yavin Prime · Fiddanl · Yavin 8 · Yavin 13 ·Stroiketcy ·