Gorlyn Boggs

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Gorlyn Boggs
Gorlyn Boggs.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Gamorrean
Homeworld Gamorr
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation CryoMed Laboratories
Rank Senior Doctor
Awards None

Gorlyn was born and raised on Gamorr. He grew up in typical Gamorrian fashion, going on raids during Wartime and gambling away his share of the plunder during Coldtime. After several years of successful raiding he attained Tusker status. Life was good until during a raid his brother took a fatal blow. After the battle all Gorlyn could do was just hold his brother as he died. It was then Gorlyn vowed to learn the ways of the healers.

He had heard rumors of a group of nuns that could heal the wounded. After about a year of searching he finally found out the the nuns were called the Nuns of G'aav'aar'oon. He then set out to find them and learn what he could from them. He eventually found them and he relayed his story and desires to them. They agreed to train him in the ways of healing. He studied hard and and was a fast learner, after four years the nuns told him he was ready to full fill his destiny. Gorlyn did not know what they meant, but they told him it will find you. With that Gorlyn set out to let his destiny find him.