Great Science Feud

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The Science Feud was an event involving two enemy scientific research groups: the GenSci Institute and the Twilight Foundation. The feud lasted from Day 260 to Day 287 of Year 18. Both groups spread their volunteers in the galaxy to raise public awareness on their aims and collecting funds. A total of 386 galactic citizens decided to support one group of another, and of course they became unpopular with each other.

What initially seemed to be a simple request to support one's cause, later it became apparent that stiff competition took over, up to the point of having both sides spying on each other and fighting for the control of new military droids. Four main stages in this "conflict" can be observed.

Part One

Phase One

Firstly, the group volunteers were sent to neutral planets - and later to any starport - in order to ask for support in different ways. GenSci was crowdfunding for 500 million credits, Twilight was looking for 300 Acklay Claw trophies. The latter changed its target soon after, accepting a wide variety of trophies, at varying different values (e.g., Rancor Tooth: 2; Katarn Skull and Reek Horn: 1; Howlrunner Skull, Nerf Horn, and Gundark Ear: 0,5; Squall Tail, Eye-snatcher eye, Quizzer Dorsal, Boma Tusk, Geejaw Beak, Crystal Snake Venom, Physallis Berry, and Gizka leg: 0,1), and raising the threshold to 1000 points. It must be said that daily limits on donations were set, and although many believed that collecting a number of trophies was more difficult than giving cash, the Twilight supporters filled the gap more quickly and managed to reach their quota before the GenSci supporters did.

Phase Two

About one week later, after reaching the initial target, the supporters were led to visit their group's headquarters. However, due to general mistrust, the HQ location was disclosed only to the supporters who donated the most; this minority had to pass the information down to the rest of friendly supporters. Once arrived at the HQ, people were given a datapad and instructions to infiltrate the other group's HQ to steal valuable information. Of the initial 386 donors, only 351 accepted the mission. The first 50 individuals who completed the mission were rewarded with a brand new military droid: the R0-L0 Tank Droid for GenSci and the BN-D0 Assassin Droid for Twilight. The Resistance, Triumvirate Coalition, and Invid Order joined forces working on this and knew the exact location of the Twilight HQ.

Phase Three

Two weeks later, the third stage can be marked by the search and activation of hundreds of droids hidden all over the galaxy on neutral planets. Special agents called "Droid Commanders" were waiting in civic centres and starports to give instructions and provide the necessary equipment (Jawa Ionisation Blaster and a Restraining Bolt). Every neutral planet had at least 12 droids (six Assassin and six Tank droids) on it, for a total of 500 droids in the whole galaxy. The Twilight supporters had to activate the BN-D0 Assassin droids and deactivate the GenSci's R0-L0 Tank Droids. The GenSci supporters had to activate the R0-L0 Tank Droids and deactivate the Twilight's Assassins. Those droids would be used in the next stage. At the end of this phase, Twilight had activated 138 droids, while Gensci activated 67 droids.
Knightcrawler, Ling Reen and a couple of others managed the coordination of the Twilight group's members over the holonet.

Phase Four

The last stage was triggered when enough droids had been activated. A real fight between the two sides broke out capturing or destroying all activated droids belonging to the other group, while keeping safe one's own droids.


The first side which conquered all active enemy droids was Twilight Foundation. The result was that the Twilight Assassin droid is now available to production and the GenSci tank droid can now be found in bandit groups.

Other Information

Twilight had a huge advantage in the number of members and thus was able to complete each phase before GenSci was able to do it. Also, in the Twilight group the members communicated very actively with each other to achieve the certain goals.

The NR called this event "Operation Monochrome."

GenSci (Baby blenderers) and Twilight (Sparkly buggers) (never heard of, The anti-twilight terms I remember using with ixzis were largely based around them being amoeba)

R&D IV "GenSci Institute HQ" (45, 71) in-system (10, 13).

Asteroid Hideout "Twilight Foundation Secret Base" (Twilight HQ) was located at (136, -32) in-system (10, 13).

  • Day 260 :: GenSci accuses the Twilight Foundation of the experiments that went wrong causing the Derra Virus
  • Y18D261 11:41 Both GenSci and Twilight Volunteers will now accept a limited number of credits and trophies per person, per day.
  • Day 287 :: Twilight Foundation was victorious in their battle against GenSci

Part Two (in progress)

  • Year 20 Day 132: Trouble has been reported at Zoos all over the Galaxy. Reports of protests are coming in from all over. Stay tuned for more breaking news on this subject in the week to come!