Gree Mining Authority

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Gree Mining Authority
GMA Logo
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Victor o`Cuinn
Owner Gree Trade Authority
Headquarters Gree system
Historical Information
Founder Tomas o`Cuinn
Founded Day 67 of Year 16 (CGT)
Dissolved Day 131 of Year 17 (CGT)
Political Information
Affiliation Gree Trade Authority
Industry Mining Corporation
Holosite Gree Mining Authority

The Gree Mining Authority (GMA) is a mining corporation that operates as the natural resource department of the Gree Trade Authority (GTA). Established in the Year 16 (CGT), the GMA was given a green light by the GTA board of directors due to the staggering prices of building materials on the various galactic markets. Designed to increase overall self-sufficiency and efficiency for the organizations, the mining corporation also lowers total overhead costs and creates additional jobs for the expanding population of the Gree system. The Gree Mining Authority's main directive is to efficiently and safely extract the many raw material deposits in GTA's territory, including the Gree system, and operates with two main branches. The Gree branch, operating out of the Gree system, uses its extractions to further develop the system's economy and defenses. The Fokask branch, operating out of the Fokask system, has an extensive business plan drawn up to open sales to the public, providing a new, cheaper source of raw materials in the Outer Rim.

On the 131st day of Year 17 (CGT), the Gree Mining Authority became LodeCorp Mining.


While the Gree Trade Authority is the controlling government, the Gree Mining Authority operates with absolute freedom through friendly territory to extract and haul the precious raw materials needed for the sustainment and expansion of GTA's operations.

Atmospheric view of Gree II

Total territory includes: