Gwazi Magnum

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Gwazi Magnum
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo (Planet)
Mother Unknown
Father Duvnar Magnum (adopted)
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -4
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Aratech
Rank Foreman, 1st Class
Positions Pilot
Prior Affiliation Heirs of Ziost,Trax Sector Vehicles
Awards *Letter of Commendation (Year 16)
  • Aratech Production Branch Badge (Year 16)

A boy who was born into a rich and powerful family his parents were killed when he was only three years old. The people who killed his parents were petty criminals who were looking for some extra credits. Fleeing for his life Gwazi spent the next two years of his life surviving on his own. He became strong willed, independent and powerful this way. But then ran across a crew lead by Gand Smuggler & Bounty Hunter Duvnar Magnum.

Duvnar Magnum adopted Gwazi as his own son and Gwazi spent the next ten years of his life traveling the Galaxy with the crew which consisted of Duvnar, another Gand who was female named Reticha, a Human named Zane Gural, Zane's son Valor Gural who was the same age as Gwazi, a Noghri called Urik Sadow and a Trandoshan named Zeekrow.

When Gwazi was 15 his father suddenly disappeared on a mission and at that point the crew although felt like family was forced to go their own ways for their survival. Reticha left to live a normal life back on her home world, Zane and his son Valor kept Duvnar's ship and continued in smuggling and bounty hunting, Urik and Zeekrow became mercenaries while Gwazi took a fighter he got from Duvnar and used it to travel the Galaxy until he crashed it.

He decided in order to start a new life he should join the New Republic but they were disorganized and Gwazi was never able to join. He then started to do things like collecting bounties, smuggling and getting into fights. He started several bar fights, one that resulted in the deaths of 14 civilians and 6 security guards. It was not long after that he learned that his father Duvnar was alive, he got a job as a security officer with Reticha on a capital ship. He didn't know what the ship was for but all he cared about was that his father was there. He arrived though to find the ship under heavy battle and both Duvnar and Reticha killed by the invaders. Gwazi joined who was left in the crew to get revenge and that is exactly what he got.

Proving his skills in that battle the captain of the ship Dirk Endow gave him the job of an Ensign on the ship which Gwazi accepted proudly. This is where his criminal life ended and his noble and honest life began. But the crew never fully recovered from the battle and disbanded about a month later. Gwazi then ran into several old friends which was Zane, Valor, Urik and Zeekrow. The five of them became part of a squad trying to defend a settlement from an army of thugs. Gwazi was wounded early in the battle when Zane and Valor took him to a medical station the squads were using. But the station was attacked and Valor was killed in action.

The rest of the squad, Urik, Zeekrow and Garrus who was a merc that Gwazi hired onto the squad arrived. Garrus revealed himself a traitor though by knocking out Zane and locking him in a room. He was found out soon later and killed only for Urik and Zeekrow to betray them as well. Their loyalty was to Duvnar and now that Duvnar was dead they had no reason to work with Gwazi.

The two were killed by the other squads and after the battle Gwazi recovered from his wounds and set off across the Galaxy with his friend Zane. Gwazi then got a job in the Heirs of Ziost so he could survive in the Galaxy but gained a sense of loyalty to them he did not expect he would get, a result of the kindness the Heirs of Ziost gave to him. During his service he gained two new crew members, a Gran named Ruth Kashir, a former merc who tried to kill Gwazi but failed, Gwazi spared him and Ruth joined him in a sense of honour and loyalty. The other was a wookiee named Zen Kal, he attacked Gwazi while mad and was also spared and once he returned to his senses he also joined Gwazi. When the organization was disbanded he joined the others who decided to make a new company entitled Trax Sector Vehicles.

Year 11

Seeker Magnum was one of the Seekers who tried to find former Chief Seeker Rhuk to bring him to justice. He however was unable to catch the former Chief Seeker. He would continue his search off and on throughout the remainder of the year.

Year 12

"Gwazi seemed to disappear, last seen around the Valrar system as I recall" Ku`Bakai Roche spoke of his one time Wing Commander "Be nice to have him back."

Year 14

Gwazi after some soul searching and time spent in the taverns of Valrar contacted Ku`Bakai expressing interest into returning to the larger galaxy. Ku`Bakai welcomed Gwazi into Aratech as he had many of his past TSV and HoZ brothers.