H'nemthe (Planet)

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System H'nemthe (System)
Sector Mayagil
Galactic Coordinates (80, -344)
System Coordinates (2, 12)
Astrographic Entry H'nemthe
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Ocean, Grassland, Glacier, Forest
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 85,583,483
Controlled By New Republic
Governor New Republic
Magistrate Grath Gelenek
Sentient Races H'nemthean Homeworld

The third planet in the system under the same name, H'nemthe is a planet of simplistic sights. Approximately 60% of the planet is covered in water. The landmasses consist of large plains and forests that give the planet a calming look to it from space. Its position from the local star gives it just the right amount of radiation for a warm and temperate planet. The vast amounts of terrain and sea is home to a variety of animals used for food and domestication. H'nemthe is home to the H'nemthean species.

H'nemthe has several major cities and hundreds of minor towns spread out over the planet. The main city of H'nemthe is known as Nemthe. Almost every H'nemthean born on the planet at one point or another visits this city to observe the history of their species or for mating purpose. With an average population size, the makeup of the population is overwhelmed with males. With a ratio of almost twenty males for every one female, it's often difficult to see how any male H'nemthean is able to find a lady. Even more interesting, the ones that do find one are actually doomed as the female usually kills the male through ceremonial evisceration after mating.

Because the H'nemthean species resembles the Gotals through the horns on top of their heads (although Gotals only have two instead of four), it is believed that H'nemthe is actually a colony established shortly after the Gotals developed space travel, although the distance from H'nemthean to the Gotal homeworld of Antar 4 raises serious doubts to this theory. The horns on the H'nemtheans work similar to those of Gotals giving them the ability to detect the emotions of most creatures. Visitors to H'nemthe are often warned to keep their emotions under control as the emotional excitement has caused more than one incident with undesirable results.