Haar Hackchowi

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Haar Hackchowi
Biographical Information
Race Wookie
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Mother  ?
Died Year 19 Day 70
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation The Lawless
Title Lord
Prior Affiliation Schism Collective

Haar Hackchowi was born and raised on Kashyyyk where he loved hunting. He was adored by his family as he wanted to known across the galaxy so he joined factions and was mediocre about them but he loved hunting. He had a base in Champala where he would hunt for hours and had a friend named Fang D`Wurm. They were best friends and hunted together, haar later joined the Schism Collective and he became a Lord after a month and a half. He left the faction to join Fang D`Wurms faction, The Lawless who gave him freedom and a title but things weren't so right about the faction it had problems, Haar Hackchowi soon became first mate to The Lawless. Complications began Haar had a lot of friends and enemies, enemies he did want or needed as he was peaceful and relaxed at the end, he got captured and then executed, his family were heartbroken so the tale of Haar Hackchowi, the mighty Wookie Hunt had ended but his family will rise ever stronger, his clan will be united. Haar Hackichowi now rests in peace.