Harlynn Kinn

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Harlynn "Harley" Kinn
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Deep Space Colony Station
Mother Jenna
Father Jo'rga Kinn
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -8 Day 25
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.67 meters
Hair Color Black, Red, Mixed
Eye Color Grey, Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Vorsia Companion
Positions Guard
Prior Affiliation Mando'ade
"What can I say? I like the simple things. Sharp blades, liquor, credits and seeing my enemies face down in pools of blood. Is that to much to ask for??"
— Harley, in response to a question about her favorite things.

Harlynn "Harley" Kinn is a female Alderaanian ex-slaver turned mercenary wanderer. She fought in the Battle of Karedda in the name of Mando'ade. After meeting up with Lilith Delcroix she remained at her side as a companion and protector.


"...now I'm alone. What am I going to do without him."
— Harlynn, after learning of her fathers death.

Harlynn was born to an Alderaanian mother and a Mandalorian father. Her mother went missing 3 years after her birth, though Harlynn later found out that she had really left her and her father. Harlynn, grew up with only her father as a influence in her life, he was great man of honor and courage, and spoke little of his Mandalorian past. He taught her how to live her life with courage and honor, teaching her the way of the blade and how to defend herself from attackers at close range. From him she also learned the ways of stealth, not only how to stay hidden from those around her, but also how to travel silently, how to move with the grace of water in both step, and combat. When she was 17 her father took a mercenary job in order to earn enough money for them to comfortably. 6 months later she learned her father had died on the mission.


"You can pay me now."
— Harlynn

After learning of her fathers death, Harlynn signed on with a crew of slavers at the age of 18. This was a time of exploration for Harlynn, she learned how to ply the skills her father had spent so much time driving home for her, and this was where she learned much about herself. The slaving crews leader took quick notice of her aptitude and skill for stealth and soon began sending her planet-side ahead of the main force to scout and eliminate any soft targets that may interfere with the slaving operation. Harlynn witnessed and took part in a number of slaver raids on numerous planets. After her stint with slaving company, Harlynn began taking small time merc jobs, honing and plying her skills further. It was also during her time wandering the galaxy when she met Lilith Delcroix, one of her closest and most trusted friends in the galaxy.


During her time working with different merc companies, Harlynn came across a contact that directed her to Mando'ade. Upon joining Mando'ade, Harlynn began to surround herself into the Mando culture, learning the language of her father, and ancestors. After a few weeks in Mando'ade, Harlynn took part in the Battle of Karedda in the Kessa system. There, in Mando'ade's battle against Mandalore for control of the planet, Harlynn earned the rank of Alor'uus. Earning great glory in the name of Mand'alor Oryk.


Eventually Harlynn decided to leave Mando'ade and instead of leading a life of mercenary, she settled on Vorsia Companion where she was given position within Vorsian Jurisdictional Command and acts as the primary guard of the sovereign.