Heritage Guard

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Heritage Guard
General Information
Status Active
Leader Sia Vir`uan
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Ev'reuin Family
Type Patrol and Escort Force


Created shortly after the 1st Alsakan Conflict by the family's patriarch, Regnald Ev'reuin, the Heritage Guard has a long and successful history of patrolling the trade lanes and escorting the mercantile fleet that is the life blood of the Family's business enterprises.

The Heritage Guard has also operated as a security force for Family assets. During one engagement against Corellian privateers long ago, the Guard force fought the privateers advance before driving them back to their vessels and successfully taking possession of the Star of the Core.

The Heritage Guard saw active service, escorting generations of merchants through the trade lanes, up until the First Galactic Civil War when they were pressed into Republic service to fight the CIS. Thrust into new roles that they were unprepared for, the security of Alsakan was compromised and the Heritage Guard was forced to evacuated the people of Alsakan to the Hapes Cluster, where the Family was granted entry and asylum.

Since the end of the First Galactic Civil War, the Heritage Guard has grown to pre-Civil War levels and returned to it's primary missions to patrol and protect the Family's business and personal interests.


The Heritage Guard, as a small time mercantile escort force, divides the force into three divisions, two operational fleets to provide security and an administrative command to enable the retention and development of personal and expertise.


Among the operational fleets, there are five distinctive elements that have been developed and tested throughout the Heritage Guard service to provide a superior level of protection with the limited resources available.

I. Armed Reconnaissance: Smallest element which provide the eyes and security for Ev’reuin assets and a screening force at the vanguard of a task unit to feel the location of the enemy. Armed Reconnaissance Squadrons are constantly on patrol with assault groups monitoring from a nearby vicinity in case contact is made.

II. Assault: Most versatile element that consist of groups of frigates and corvettes to be the main task unit to complete a mission, to hold for the bruiser element, secure the flanks, and to provide rear security for the safe withdrawal of the Ev’reuin fleet. The Assault Groups, before engaging, will send out a distress call to other Assault Groups and will hold the enemy until reinforcements can arrive and allow the Armed Reconnaissance Squadrons to withdraw.

III. Bruiser: Most powerful element with numerous capital ships. The Task Forces are used to decimate the enemy with overwhelming force after the Armed Reconnaissance Squadrons have located and the Assault Groups have pin down the fleet. The exact composition of Task Forces are classified and they are constantly in motion. Bruisers come into play after Assault Groups have made contact or if the Matriarch deems it necessary to plan a strike.

IV. Command: The command element is a smaller vessel usually located in the middle of an Assault Group or Task Force. The Command ship pairs speed with a state of the art sensors and communications suite and a command post staffed by specialists trained for command and control. The ship is commanded by a captain while an admiral monitors the battle from the command post.

V. Marine: The Marine element is dispersed throughout the fleet as security detachments and as large formations on troop transports that drop the Heritage Guard into battle. For administrative purposes, the dispersed units form into Guard Brigades and contain the shock troops that protect family assets. Given the symbiotic relationship between the infantry and the warships that get them close to the enemy, the Guard Brigades are well integrated into the operational fleets and fall under the command of the Admirals.


Expeditionary Fleet

The Expeditionary Fleet is attached to the Family's archaeological organization, the Ev'reuin Reliquary to provide support and protection for the organization's ongoing research projects. The Expeditionary Fleet consist of reconnaissance squadrons and assault groups as no major engagements are expected. Should hostile contact occur, the fleet commander's orders are to hold off the hostile forces long enough for the Family's personnel to evacuate and to withdraw.

Guard Fleet

The Guard Fleet provides the patrol and protection in the trade lanes and conducts missions as directed by the Matriarch. Since the Task Forces are based in the Guard Fleet, the capabilities are enhanced and various missions can be under taken. The Guard Fleet also act as a rear security element or a diversionary force for the Expeditionary Fleet if required.

Administrative Command

The Administrative Command lies at the heart and soul of the Heritage Guard. Every member inducted since near the beginning of the Guard's service has walked through the hallowed path of the Training Brigade. Those who have advanced have come back for training on advanced studies, developing of next generation tactics, and instructing of the next generation of Guards. In addition to training the Guard, the Administrative Command also supports the operational fleets by developing the plans and constructing the infrastructure. The Administrative Command is unique in that all slots within the Command are open to fleet and marine personnel. However, by tradition, should a marine officer assume command, s/he is promoted to Admiral.

The Command is currently lead by the capable Admiral Tadayoshi who prior to his posting was a distinguished officer and administrator of the Imperial Army and Regional Government with excellent experience in training small units.

Organizational Chart

Sia Vir`uan
1st Legio
200 Marines
2nd Legio
Xenvaer Station Hub
200 Marines
Ev'reuin Family
Praefectus Matricius
Shiraishi Tadayoshi
Administration &
Training Group
Veltraa-class Cruiser
Nocte Dolorem
Ardent-class Fast Frigate
EFS Sustinentiæ Praesagium
Corona-class Frigate
Coronam Mortem
Arquitens-class Light Cruiser

3rd Legio
500 Marines


Commodore Battlegroup/Wing Commander
Captain Ship's Captain
Commander Ship 2IC Major Cohort Leader
Lieutenant Division Leader Lieutenant Legionary
Petty Officer Flight Leader Hastatus Squad Leader

Family Ev'reuin
Social Structures
Branches Matriarch · Ev'reuin Family · Heritage Guard
Holdings Nocturnal Palace · Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae · Ev'reuin Reliquary
Per Temporis Sustinemus