Hetrinar Assault Bomber

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The Hetrinar Assault Bomber, a sister-ship to the MiyTil fighter, is the Hapan take on a fighter capable of dealing a considerable amount of damage to a capital ship. With its varied, deadly armament and considerable hull strength and shields, they are often seen as heavy support for fighter groups. Unfortunately, the hefty armament and defensive capabilities do make the Hetrinar somewhat sluggish in comparison to other craft, which means it is vulnerable to enemy interceptors.


The Hetrinar Assault Bomberis a starfighter that is designed to take on capital ships and survive, with its strong weapons and impressive shields. Its major weakness, however, is its low speed that makes it easy prey for intercepters and other starfighters.

Weapon Amount
Proton-Torpedo Launchers 2
Concussion Missile Launchers 1
Heavy Lasors 2



This starfighter has an estimated production cost of 78,820 credits.

Materals Amount
Quantum 34
Meleenium 360
Ardanium 17
Rudic 33
Rockivory 15
Tibannagas 46
Varmigio 38
Lommite 9


Navigation Stats - Cargo Stats - Hull Stats
Hyperspeed 0 Weight 48 T Lenguth 18 m
Sublight Speed 40 MGLT Volume 800 m³ Hull 120
Max Speed 400 km/h Weight Cap 0.0600 T Deflector Shields 100
Maneouverability 6.00 Volume Cap 0.4000 m³ Ionic Capacity 80
Sensors 1 Max Passangers 2 EMC 0

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