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Those are some of the highest ranks to be achieved in the galaxy.


The Viceroy of the Trade Federation is the driving force behind the entire Government acting as the Head of State. As the Trade Federation Head of State, de facto head of the Trade Federation Cabinet, Commander-in-Chief of Trade Federation armed forces, Glythe Sector Lord Governor, Chief Ambassador for the Trade Federation and Governor of all Trade Federation Territories. The position of Viceroy commands incredible power and tremendous dedication. At one time the Viceroy was the ruler of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, however that role has moved on to the Confederate Consul.


   Corbin Esco
   Toran Slisik
   Nereus Eruresto
   Dev Nul
   Horley Cyan
   Corbin Esco
   Bren Morgarr
   Jacob Jansen 

Supreme Commander

The title the leader of the Rebel Alliance bears.


The Emperor (also Emperor of the Galaxy, Galactic Emperor), is the Head of State of the Galactic Empire. The Emperor has absolute authority within the Empire and its subject states. Of those to hold the throne, all but one began in the Imperial Navy, even though they may have long since moved away from the Navy before becoming Emperor.


   Hiram Drayson
   Vodo Bonias (first reign)
   Trey Connel
   J. Charon
   Greyson Uebles
   Vodo Bonias (second reign)
   Thomas Cherokee 


The title the leader of the Falleen Federation or Tresario Star Kingdom bears.


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Pirate King/Queen

The Pirate King or Queen is the undisputed leader of the Eidola Pirates. The Pirate King is not a monarch, but more of a warlord who commands Eidola's fleet and is responsible for the managerial duties involved in running a rogue government


Keir Santage (unofficial)
Teniel Djo
Squall Chitose