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The Hutt Council, also known as the Grand Hutt Council, was a trading conglomerate and an Imperial suzerainty that existed from Year 3 Day 81 to Year 5 Day 347. Its origins trace back to the decadent age of the Old Republic when the Hutts controlled a dangerous swath of the galaxy between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories. The Council controlled the region by overseeing the activities of the Hutt clanskajidics — and their business syndicates. Their capital was located in the Y'toub system and was called Nal Hutta. Following centuries of decline, the Council was reborn on Year 3 Day 81 by Angobba Desilijic Lucar. During the Second Imperial Civil War that ravaged the galaxy circa Year 3, the Hutt Council was a key ally of Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire and — under the auspices of Grand Admiral Black Lodge and Director Matrel Byden — the Council played a prominent role in Charon's campaign to exterminate Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire. In the eyes of Warlord Bonias, it was contemptible that a humanocentric regime such as Charon's Empire should publicly align itself with a criminal syndicate of Hutts. (Full article...)

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