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Azarin Isard was a very young Wookiee of unknown origin whose career has spanned several organizations. Like all Wookiees he is unable to speak Basic, and so to interact with the wider galaxy he is escorted by a modified BD-3000 protocol droid named "Tink". The modification created by Azarin was to give Tink a secondary voice distinct from her own, to make it clear when she was translating. This other voice is Azarin's best attempt to make a clear voice which is easy to understand, yet still sounds largely similar to how a Wookiee would sound if their vocal cords allowed them to pronounce basic. During the Metamorphosis Plague caused by the Derra Virus, Azarin Isard became an Anzati. Some theorise this change was caused by his proximity to Anzati on a daily basis by this has not been confirmed. His hair continued to be bright reddy brown, like his fur was and he continued to have issues with his right eye which led to him opting to wear a monocle. He also underwent a successful cybernetic operation which replaced his arms with enhanced cyborg alternatives. (Full article...)

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