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Kyran Caelius Holocron 07 sm.png

Kyran Caelius is the White Star Mining Manager, a member of the Black Sun Family, a citizen of the Avance Coalition, and Arch Lord of House Soyak-Ikron. An expert in the fields of geochemical evolution, mining geology, and organic architecture, after graduating from the University of Coruscant in Year 8, Caelius spent many years on sabbatical to further his craft. However, in Year 14 he rejoined the greater society in order to begin his career as an Administrator in Dark Skies Gearworks. Notable for his full beard and extensive tattoo work, he is openly anti-Galactic Alliance in the galactic conflict, and a member of House Kaine. He has also been known to dabble in assorted art forms, though often for personal usage rather than financial benefit. Ideologically, Caelius espouses a laissez-fair philosophy and avidly supports minimal legislative interference in the lives of humans, at an almost anarchistic level. Despite his public diplomatic role within House Soyak-Ikron, Caelius is further noted for his staunch support of personal privacy and his lack of transparency in individual endeavors. (Full article...)

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