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House Ismay Emblem Year 14.png

House Ismay is a prosperous and widely-known political dynasty and royal house. The family purportedly originated from Coruscant in the distant past where an early patriarch obtained the peerage of Count. In recent years, the family gained widespread prominence under Moff Victor von Ismay XVI during his decorated service in the Galactic Empire. Despite Victor's grisly murder by Teniel Djo of the Eidola Pirates, the wealth and influence of the family nevertheless increased with the ascension of Victor's eldest son, Wilhelm von Ismay, as ruler of the New Anzat Order circa Year 9. Following Wilhelm's assassination by his consort Queen Keishi Miahr, several heirs of House Ismay denounced the latter monarch as a usurper and asserted their claim to be the rightful rulers of the Anzatan Commonwealth. They also claim to be the rightful rulers of the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth. (Full article...)

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