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Lilith Delcroix, also known by her full name Countess Lilith Delcroix of Vorsia, was born in Year -8 Day 177 (23 years old) by the Combine Galactic Time. She is the current sovereign of Vorsia Companion and Director of Vorsia Gearworks recycling company. Born in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, Lilith grew up as a child of nobility with Hapan ancestry. As part of the upper class she received the best education since young age. Later, the political scene of her home-system was where she discovered her affinity and talent for business and management. Due to a series of complicated and unfortunate events that ended her career, Lilith left her home in a risky trip to the known galaxy. Giving in to the temptation of the underworld, she became a member of the Black Sun crime syndicate where she lasted almost a year before retiring. Soon after Lilith returned to her business roots when she became a full-time Retainer in the Royal House James of Hapes and after almost two years of service created the Dark Skies Gearworks with help of Cait Catra. As the company established itself Lilith connected with neutral governments and became part of House Soyak-Ikron of the Avance Coalition. In Year 14, weeks after closing down her company Lilith joined the Trade Federation to lead their newest nationalized company. She is also renowned artisanal starship designer with a reputation spanning the galaxy. (Full article...)

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