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The Imperial Union is an official alignment of great powers in the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Alliance. The alignment began circa Year 7 Day 334 - 336 with a defensive military pact between the Galactic Empire and the Hapes Consortium, although its origins could be informally traced to a non-aggression pact signed on Year 4 Day 334 between Emperor Uebles and King James I. For much of its life, the Union consisted of the Galactic Empire, Hapes Consortium, Mandalore, Trade Federation, Tion Hegemony, and Aurodium Legion. However, circa Year 13, internal disagreements arose between various states regarding the further evolution of the alliance. While there was an aversion to disbanding the Imperial Union completely, some governments would not agree to sign a new charter without having unlimited access to the Empire's technology. Unable to come to a resolution amenable to all parties, the majority of the Union resigned from the charter on Year 13 Day 300. Weeks later, on Year 13 Day 326, the Imperial Union was reformed with an improved charter that addressed deficiencies in its previous iteration. The initial signatories were a tripartite bloc that consisted of the Galactic Empire, Black Sun, and the Tresario Star Kingdom. Year 14 Day 184 saw the Anzatan Commonwealth, formerly a neutral power in the galactic conflict, join the the Union, aptly demonstrating how much Anzatan-Imperial relations had improved since the reign of the von Ismays. (Full article...)

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