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Baobab Merchant Fleet (BMF) is a trading company located in the southeast quadrant of the galaxy, with headquarters in the Arbran and Calast systems. The company is privately owned by the Wookiee Zeth Quo, and is currently managed by the Human Narod Haler. BMF has been a private sector affiliate of the New Republic since Year 9. At present it is a well-respected company that has gained a consolidated position among the many trading conglomerates in the galaxy. Founded with few facilities, one Trading Station II, a single Shipyard I, four BFF-1 bulk freighters, one Action VI, and a handful of light freighters, the company's assets have decuplicated and allow BMF to provide a full range of services and products.

Currently, the BMF field of expertise and industrial structure can provide:

  • production of civilian and military ships, vehicles, items and droids;
  • design and construction of single cities, whole ecumenopoleis, space stations;
  • logistics and delivery;
  • management of trading facilities and space stations;
  • prospecting, recycling;
  • sale of products on demand.

The company commits to meeting legal requirements of fair and socially responsible trading. A Board of Directors helps in making the major decisions.

Important partnerships were concluded with the New Republic and Arkanian Brotherhood.

Past clients include: New Republic, Incom Corporation, The Octagon League, Corellian Transport Services, Kerdos Company, Rwookrrorro Industries, JUGANOTH Mining Corporation, Holowan Mechanicals, Falleen Federation, Rendili StarDrive, Trade Federation, Arkanian Brotherhood, Outland Mining Corporation, Mandal Motors.

Past customers include: Anax Noctru, Andrew Harris, Azriel Pitot, Bauren Augrems, Braa Ohk`ba, Craulani Ortesma, Dian Mosh, Doron Tristis, Ellias Aubec, Husqr Dara, Ingri Chorn, Jack Felix, Jim Frost, Jon Bromil, Kana Karr, Kavilo Dujuk, Kayllin Laws, Kristina Roberts, Leebri Chelski, Luther Nightwish, Marco Sands, Pharaun Mizzrym, Phatsas Loucas, Tz Juil.

In Year 14, BMF closed its fiscal year with good profits, and its assets were estimated at a value of 6,713 times its initial value. There were no mergers or acquisitions.

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