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Black Sun, originally known as the Black Sun Trading Company, is an infamous galactic industrial syndicate. Founded several centuries ago, the group achieved prominence with the rise of Princess Gabriella Storm. Over the years, Black Sun has approached itself in varied ways, including: a legitimate trading corporation, an independent paramilitary force, intelligence brokers, and a massive government authority. Historically, Black Sun has contended with the Galactic Empire, New Republic and other galactic powers as one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy. Operating as a monolithic organisation, Black Sun is centered around and supported by its legitimate companies: Gesenix Mining, Shobquix Yards, and DroMor Motors. Sharing a common organisational structure and code of conduct, the Black Sun syndicate is run by the Underlord who is advised by a Family Council, consisting of up to nine Vigos (Old Tionese for "nephew"). Beneath the Family Council sits the Consiglio, a lesser council of Consigliere who hold various positions within Black Sun. Central to Black Sun's endeavours is a strict protocol of conduct and behaviour which defines the relationships and actions of its members. (Full article...)

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