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Ankha Natanaele (Y-9 D364 - Y14 D196) was a citizen of the New Republic, Governor of Messert, Speaker of the Senate, and Consul in the Republic Diplomacy Command. She has received a variety of commendations, including the esteemed Chief of State's Medal, and was cited as the New Republic's "Sexiest Female" for Year 12 and Year 13. Natanaele was noted for her staunch beliefs in sentient rights, and publicly promoted non-human and human equality. She also faced some controversy in the New Republic due to her fervent support of personal enterprise.

Half Hapan and half Alderaanian, Natanaele left Alderaan and began her career in Raptor Pirates before eventually joining the New Republic. Initially she joined Starfighter Command before transferring to Naval Command where she served for nearly two years. Disenchanted with the state of the military, she resigned her commission before focusing on her development efforts in Messert system. Disappearing from the galaxy in Year 14, her whereabouts remained unknown until early Year 15. Natanaele was laid to rest on Vorsia Companion.

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