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New Imperial Order Emblem Large.png

The New Imperial Order (NIO) was a key belligerent in the Third Imperial Civil War which lasted from Year 6 Day 318 to Year 10 Day 160. The movement coalesced when Imperial officers and enlisted personnel frustrated with the incompetent reign of Grand Moff Daelin Zerk broke away from the Galactic Empire and formed a rival government.

Led by Garen Karrade and Thomas Cherokee, the New Imperial Order was, in their opinion at least, the embodiment of the true Galactic Empire and the true Imperial Spirit it encompasses. Headquartered in the Kothlis system, they had the long term goal of returning the Imperial throne to competent leadership and establishing a new dynasty of the Imperial Order. After almost four years of conflict, a reconciliation was negotiated between Emperor Vodo Bonias' Galactic Empire and Thomas Cherokee's New Imperial Order. The two governments were merged on Year 10 Day 160. Two years thereafter, during the Fourth Imperial Civil War, Thomas Cherokee usurped Bonias' throne as emperor of the galaxy.

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