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Tomas o`Cuinn is a well-known entrepreneur with extensive galactic interests, strongly focusing on planetary infrastructure and starship trafficking, and currently serves as the Chairman of the Gree Trade Authority, Governor of the Gree system and Patriarch of the Cuinn Family. He is also a Mandalorian convert of the clan Dael'mor, a citizen of the Trade Federation and a veteran sabacc player, having both won and lost fortunes while playing the high-stakes game. He originally gained widespread recognition for his profit-driven trading career along with galactic notoriety for his public position with the Black Sun crime syndicate before being forced out of the organization in Year 14 (CGT). Cuinn served as the leader of GenoHaradan from the 208th to the 267th day of Year 15 (CGT), after which he resigned and founded the Gree Trade Authority.

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