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Spree Razzix is a Vratix, an insectoid, hermaphroditic species native to Thyferra. Although technically both genders, Spree identifies as a male purely out of convenience for others. He hatched and grew up in the Vratix hive Razzix, on the planet Thyferra; a world famous for its production and mass exportation of Bacta, a potent healing solution. Having grown up in a community devoted to farming the raw materials for Bacta, as well as its utilization in medicine, Spree quickly took to practicing medicine on his own. After years of practice, he was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine from his Hive. Shortly thereafter, he departed Thyferra for worlds unknown, eager to heal the galaxy. Currently he is the Director of Surgery and Leader of the medical company Xucphra.

His body is insectoid in appearance is composed of a greenish-grey thorax with three pairs of appendages branching out from it. The first pair are his "arms" which, due to an arguably fortuitous birth defect, sport hands with four digits (instead of the species' standard three digits per hand). The arms themselves have two joints which, when extended, permit the arm to stretch to about 1 meter long. The second pair are much larger and more muscled and reside lower on the thorax, they are his legs. When in their resting, bent position, they bring the good doctor to a towering height of approximately 2 meters. The strong legs assist him in jumping great distances when on the run. On the ends of each leg is a foot with three thick digits. The final two limbs are stick-like and do little more than hold his abdomen off the ground. They also have three digits. His head sits atop a long, slender neck and sports two shining grey compound eyes. Using his vocal folds, he is able to speak in both his native tongue (A click-tongue language called Vratix) and Galactic Basic. He sports two antennae which assist in hearing. They also seem to function like eyebrows, their movement often coinciding with how interested or perplexed he is by some occurrence. His entire body is covered in small, thin hairs which change color to express mood and contribute linguistically to his native tongue. At a resting 'neutral' state, his body is green-grey in color.

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