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John Bourne (born Year -14 Day 98) is an artificially-modified Corellian entrepreneur, and the Director of Intelligence in The Resistance. Despite having come from a privileged family where he would be comfortable in the Galactic Empire, John found it difficult to obey all that was expected of him and scarpered for a life elsewhere in the galaxy. He spent many years as a petty thief working contracts in the outer reaches of the galaxy before he was arrested and subsequently recruited (due to his unique skills) into the rebellion. Aside from his professional responsibilities, John (like his brother Michael) is a successful billionaire socialite, trader, womanizer, and is an avid hunter and motorcycle/swoop enthusiast.

Due to his decision to abandon all that his family offered him and to associate with an enemy of the Empire, John's connection has been severed with family enterprise Medusa, an embodiment of Imperial corruption that he views to be a problem with the galaxy. (Full article...)

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