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Dark Princess Gabriella Storm was a Kaalan noblewoman and the first ruler of the Black Sun crime syndicate. A galactic personality, she later came to epitomize the ruthless politics and corruption alleged to be characteristic of Black Sun. Very little in fact is known of Princess Storm's criminal activities, and the extent of her complicity in the political machinations of her organization is unclear. In Year 5, Emperor Vodo Bonias of the Galactic Empire installed Storm as ruler of the New Anzat Order (later known as the Anzatan Commonwealth). She came to be blamed for the excessive persecutions carried out under her rule. For this reason, Anzati historians characterize Storm as an autocrat who brutally subjugated the Anzati populace and executed all those who opposed her reign. However, she was removed from power when implicated in an Eidolan plot that resulted in the embezzlement of the Xucphra Corporation, an Imperial medical supplier. (Full article...)

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