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Born on Year -51, Paul Luz is a Mirialan, retired from a long career with the Avance Coalition and then the Trade Federation. In his retirement, he has given himself to the preservation of Force-relate artifacts with The Guardians of the Whills. The Luz family had been on Ando for as long as anyone could recount, building and repairing weapons in the Baragwin fashion for the seemingly endless Aqualish clan wars. They specialized in decorative and ceremonial weapons but often took whatever contracts were available. Growing up, Paul was revolted by the carnage his family's trade enabled, but because they had to move around often the family could never afford the fare to reinvent themselves off-world. When Paul became the head of the family they settled in a jungle compound away from most of the fighting, but it too was soon raided by a young warlord who took Paul and the other survivors captive, hoping to enslave them and use their skills. (Full article...)

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