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The Battle for Derra IV was a conflict during the Second Galactic Civil War, as both the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Union tried to restore peace to Derra IV after an outbreak of two dangerous viruses on the planet. It officially lasted from Day 1 to Day 176 of Year 14, but its aftermath rippled throughout the galaxy for the rest of the year. It was codenamed Operation Peacekeeper by the Galactic Alliance and Operation Sovereign Canopy by the Imperial Union. Just after the fourteenth galactic standard year began, news broke of a growing tragedy in the Expansion Region. Virologists reported the discovery of a dangerous disease on the world of Derra IV. First observed in the tropical rainforests of the planet, the virus affected the parts of the nervous system that controlled anger, adrenaline, and fight-or-flight responses. By the time of its discovery, the virus had been transmitted between many different species of non-sentient animals, and to this day researchers debate its original host. Infected creatures were observed exhibiting increased aggression, territorial behavior, and a lack of inhibitions, leading them to attack anything in sight without regard for their own safety. (Full article...)

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