Holy Atrivis Empire

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Holy Atrivis Empire
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Holy Emperor Solarius Masha
Headquarters Atrivis
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Political
Holosite Holy Atrivis Empire


The Holy Atrivis Empire or formally known as the Holy Protectorate of Atrivis was initially a collation of subjugated and highly contested planets by New Republic and the Galactic Empire. Wanting an end to oppression and freedom to self-rule, the planets in the Atrivis Sector rose to a revolt against its NR Govenors and GE Moffs. From the ruin of that civil war, many warlords and leaders rose to power. One such leader and Mentor of Order of Jal Shey, Solarius Masha held a meeting between all planetary leaders from his palace in neutral Confederate Space. There after intense negotiations, the Holy Atrivis Empire was born.


Revolution: Atrivis Freedom Movement

The Holy Protectorate of Atrivis was started off as a simple Freedom Movement. It was a place for distressed citizens after many years of hard fighting against different oppressors such as the remnants of Galactic Empire/ New Republic influenced mercs, and pirates to collect and hold protests.

The first sparks of rebellion were ignited during the construction of imperial war machines using the local populace as slaves. Revolts during this period were violent and were heavily and brutally suppressed by the Empire. When the Empire was driven out by the New Republic, the so called democracy proceeded to strip the sector of all its money and resources with brutal taxes. After being striped for all there was, the sector and its surrounding were abandoned leaving behind paid mercenaries overlords.

Enough was Enough, unrest was ripe and the peaceful Atrivis Freedom started, until the massacre on Iridium by pirate forces. The massacre swiftly manifested itself into an armed war which resulted in the defeat of the Pirates of Iridium. Many protests on other planets and systems started to flare from peaceful to armed. Fearing the end of their reign the remaining mercenary overlords formed a collation to attempt to crush the rebellion in its infancy. The Atrivis Civil had started.

Atrivis Civil War

With the Collation of Overlords combining their money and military might and on the other the rise of a popular revolt leaders, the stage was set for a prolonged and deadly conflict. Several of these battle were well documented by reported and available in many news reports.

Treaty of Generis

Right on the onset, after the massacre on Iridium instigated by corrupt local military officials, the few leading rebel collectives joined forces for more coordination, and increased might against the strong overlords. As the leading resistance leaders met, fights ensured in the room and gridlock ruled supreme. The alliance looked like it would fail before it even started, that was until the unknown but technically minded Solarius Masha took interest , a Jal Shey Mentor, intervened and negotiated with the conflicting sides. After several more talks and the threat of defeat looming over, the treaty was signed between the various rebel leaders. This improved the social status the normally reclusive Mentor into fame. With the Signing of the Treaty of Generis the Atrivis Resistance Group was born.

Revolutionary War Council in Hevvrol

With the signing of the Treaty of Generis, the group slowly organized and started to solicit help from powerful barons, corporations, and governments. Of these groups solicited some decided to fund the ARG and provide assets and credits to the cause, such as the Masha Family owned and operated Creshaldyne Industries and with it the support of the CIS. Leading heads of the ARG moved an official and base of operations in the Hevvrol sector to produce weapons and armor for the ill-equipped ARG.


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High Council

Ministry of Defense

  • Royal Atrivis Navy
  • Royal Atrivis Army
  • Atrivis Central Intelligence

Ministry of State

  • Department of Instruction
    • The department heads the academy and
  • Department of Religion
  • Department of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Engineering

  • Department of Logistics
  • Department of Manufacturing
  • Department of Infrastructure