Hondo Walker

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Hondo Walker
Hondo Walker.png
Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan (Previously Human)
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Not Known
Father Not Known
Spouse Single
Siblings None known
Children Ca Kormk step son, Runi Kormk granddaughter, Ca Kormk great granddaughter
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.88 meters
Coloring Tan
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Hutt Cartel ; Zann Consortium
Rank Daimyo of Hutt Cartel, Defilers Circle Kamiriic ; Bvyek
Positions Trisco of House Skull ; Bvyek To Ximaro Jix
Prior Affiliation Force Guardians prior owner, Guardian Security Force Prior owner, Dark Star Hellions ; Blackscale Clan
Awards Academy Graduation, Evacuation of Ithilieron, Defense Meritorious Service Ribbon, Defense Superior Service Ribbon

Hondo Walker Slave Master, Defilers Circle|Kamiriic Zann Consortium.


Raised as an orphan on Tatooine Hondo had no family or place to call home. While growing up Hondo was taught how to do minor repairs on ships and vehicles. Trading was something that everyone learned how to do to survive. He was taught how to be sneaky to steal what he could not afford that’s what got him into trouble and had to leave Tatooine.

He stowed away on a ship going who knows were and he didn't care as long as it was away from his trouble. When the ship landed Hondo slipped off the ship and into the shadows. He ended up in some tavern and made friends with a Pirate who hired him as a mechanic. During his time with them he learned how to fly and became a good Fighter Pilot and drive anything with an engine. He honed his skills as a medic while taking care of the injured pirates and slaves. Hondo and one of the pirates got into a disagreement one day about who was better with a blade and after he cut the man’s arm off in the sword duel he decided it was time to move on.

He wandered the galaxy and picked up many other skills to help him survive and stay alive. While visiting the city of Cirrhugrin, he met a man that gave him a light at the end of the tunnel to change his ways and make a difference, this man took him to the Planet Ithilileron were he was introduced to the Colonel of the Guardian Rangers. He enlisted with Force Guardians and worked with the security force Guardian Rangers. He worked hard and was dedicated to his job and was soon promoted to commander of the Rangers. After sometime the whole organization was handed over to him and he was made owner of Force Guardians. Business was good and Hondo met a new friend in Xanxus Drol who worked for Force Guardians as head of security. Xanxus ended up having an organization given to him even though there is still some gray area on how this went down.

During this time it believed Hondo used Force Guardians as a front for his Ryll Smuggling operations but this has yet to be proven. Business with Force Guardians was doing good so Hondo turned over the operations to his friend Jason Con and opened Guardian Security Force and moved all the military and security to this organization. He provided security for several organizations now and was building stations and defense facilities across the galaxy. With business booming building stations it is rumored that he started using this as a way to smuggle weapons around the galaxy. On Year 14 Day 9 Hondo shocked the galaxy when he merged Guardian Security Force with Dark Star Hellions. It is believed that he has always had ties to Dark Star Hellions for how long no one knows.

While on a hunting trip on Deveron he fell victim to the Metamorphosis Plague and was transformed from a member of the Human race to a member of the Trandoshan race in the Year 14 Day 26. As time passed his memories of his Human past has faded and all he has is memories of a Trandoshan life.

Psychological Evaluation

Patient presents natural Trandoshans tendencies of aggressive, selfish, and vindictive behavior . He is violent, brutal, and driven and should be considered Dangerous at all times, also has unwavering loyalty to his brothers that make up the Dark Star Hellion, Zann Consortium and shows compassion only when the situation demands it. Patient has also shown high intelligence and is resistant to interrogation both by conventional and unorthodox methods.

Galactic Criminal Database Information

Name: Hondo Walker

Aliases: Scalelord

Race: Trandoshan

Age: 42 standard years old

Eye color: Red

Skin Color: Tan

Height: 6ft 2in

Weight: 295lb

Hair: None

Identifying marks: Black Tribal Sun Tattoo around left Eye, Tribal Tattoo’s on his fore head and right eye.

Attire: Can always be seen wearing his Hellions Patch jacket made out of prized Wookiee pelt

Known affiliates: Dark Star Hellion, Raging Banthas, Zann Consortium, De` Cobray

Hellions Rank: Original Enforcer

Weapon of Choice: UNKNOWN (believed armed and dangerous at all times)

Known Criminal Offenses:

11 counts first degree murder

Jamis Argetlam - Master Jedi

Jason Zero - Force Guardians

Vladimir Stukov - Force Guardians

Will Carl - Guardian Security Force

Onity Queste - Spy

Mardom Delnose - Force Guardians

Flyte Queste - Spy

Calowk Preench - Guardian Security Force

Bastian Silva - Force Guardians

Ann Aola - Spy

Jacen Dreks - Trespassing

6 counts Ryll Dealing/Smuggling

6 counts Weapons Smuggling

12 counts Conspiracy to commit murder

2 counts of stealing ships

- No Conviction to date-

Krmar I and the Wookie Encounter

Krmar is a hot breathable planet in the Toloda sector, making it a target for sentients wanting to build. Dark Star Hellions were among those and sought out a plan for obtaining their slabs.

This was not taken to kindly by a bunch of Wookie warriors. Hondo armed with his weapons and a set of Macro binoculars kept a check on the day to day, reporting any unusual changes to Ximaro.

At a population a little over two million, it shouldn’t be too had, he thought

Killing in the name of....

One day while helping his brothers, Hondo noticed something to the corner of his eye. “Hmm looked hairy” he muttered to himself. The next thing he knew he was being fired upon “Dammit” and ducked for cover behind the closest vehicle. Now armed with nothing more than his weapons and way more dangerous… adrenaline …he proceeded to fire back; missing at first “Damn I need a better eyeline”.

He swiftly moved to shelter to regroup, wondering if his brothers were also under attack. “Damn Wookies” he said “Next time…. I bring you down and I’ll display your head for all to see”

Hondo heard a noise, they had seen where he went and were hunting him..his brain said only one thing to him, “Not today, furball, not today”. He ran out from his location and fired repeatedly bringing the first few wookies down easily. One was tougher. Hondo waited and called to it “Oi”

The Wookie looked alarmed to be spoken too, but this was all Hondo needed. He fired round after round into the Wookie flesh and watched it fall to the ground. He smiled to himself “Well if it is always that easy the planet will be ours in days” he winked to the dead Wookie. He took its head with ease intent on its display in Hellions Tavern

Hondo's trophy Wookie