Horizon Tactical Armaments

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Horizon Tactical Armaments
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Solarius Masha
Owner Intergalactic Banking Clan
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 17
Dissolved Rechristened Galentro Heavy Works on Year 13 Day 237
Political Information
Affiliation Intergalactic Banking Clan
Industry Vehicle Manufacturer
Holosite Horizon Tactical Armaments

Early History

In Year 10, Vito Royan founded Royan Holdings, a small firm built on the concept of honest and affordable customer service. Building on a portfolio of diversified investments, and a high reputation for quality service, Royan Holdings grew. This growth was predicated on with the success of the growing weapons market, and eventually expanding into the other services.It was then decided that Royan Holdings would take steps toward becoming a recognized galactic company.

In Year 13, a partnership was reached with Gilboa Lavesta of the new incarnation of Horizon Corporation. He also reached out to fellow Chiss and Aristocra of House Sabosen, Drak`ora Sabosen. House Sabosen invested capital into the fledgling company. Royan Holdings would be the newest addition to the revived Horizon Corporation, as Horizon Tactical Armaments.

After much discussion with potential clients, it was decided that the new corporation would be a vehicle production company, addressing the niche in the public vehicle market. HTA, was founded on a commitment to a policy of quality service and political neutrality, all built on a foundation of mutual trust. However that would quickly change as they would sell controlling interest to the CIS in exchange for access to materials and datacards.[1]

Confederacy of Independent Systems Years

Vito Royan would lead HTA to become a nationalized company of the CIS. Under this arrangement the CIS owned 95% of the company. The setup was done while Siejo Kutol was leading the CIS. According to Rachel and Vito the arrangement was that they would really keep control and that the setup as a nat was only to provide access to restricted access datacards. Siejo had according to reports loaned 40 million credits to the effort.

Vito Royan was assisted by Coordinator Rachel Keiko-sho and Vice Coordinator Arch Terkan in running the corporation during his tenure as leader.

Among the deals forged in this time HTA would license the V-35 Courier and the THX-1138 Void Spider from Aratech. HTA had purchased 100 licenses of each of them but at the time CIS sold HTA only 10 of the Couriers and 20 of the THX-1138s had been built. In addition they had bought 24 licenses for the 008 Heavy Landspeeders. All of the 008s were built, who they were sold to is unknown and its possible they could be in the CIS defense forces now.

While under the leadership of Vito during the CIS time he sought to do his best to deliver vehicles to customers and to expand his business. Prior to the deal with Aratech he had also penned a deal with Kuat Drive Yards to produce the AT-PT for them. Material shortages led to a delay in getting the AT-PTs started and 5 months would pass without one being completed. Vito then suffered a serious of technical problems to his ship preventing his communications with those outside the ship. During this time Rachel, his second, would step up and try to revitalize the HTA by starting production of AT-PTs at 30 Factories over 2 planets. She would suspend building of other vehicles to accommodate the order with KDY. Vito would get a communication out finally and Rachel thought she'd be able to take a lesser role again but his communication would come in short bursts while his technical difficulties would still be sorted. Then came the next main move from CIS, after being warned by the Bureau of Corporation Licensing that they were in danger of losing the HTA license.

Intergalactic Banking Clan Years

Much as the Confederacy of Independent Systems had done previously with Andromeda Armory they would remove Vito Royan as leader of the company and began cleaning out HTA with the intention to shut it down.[2].

Once CIS had rescued the assets of HTA, they then sold the shell of the company to Intergalactic Banking Clan under Solarius Masha. Mr. Masha would then transfer certain assets into HTA and personnel to prop up the company. Who or what they might be supplying to customers is uncertain at this point. It should be noted that most assets would be returned to Vito Royan and his former second, Rachel Keiko-sho. Most of the DC uses before the transfer that HTA had previously purchased from Aratech ended up in the factories of Ms. Keiko-sho though she asserts they are Mr. Royan's not hers. One major point of contention remaining seems to have been a customized BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, which Vito says is his, Echuu says he doesn't have and that Vito should ask Rachel. [3]



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