House Ar`Togl

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House Ar`Togl
Historical Information
General information
Current headAristocra Grevendar Togl
AffiliationChiss Ascendancy


House Ar`Togl are a secretive and private house who sought refuge and secrecy during the civil wars that engulfed the galaxy, Csilla and their whole race. To avoid the main conflict they built hidden homes and sealed themselves off from the outside world for decades. While Csilla suffered, Togl survived and stabilised. Decades later, scouts emerged from exits to find their portion of the main in ruin and abandoned by the rest of the Chiss. Opening their small bays, scout craft emerged to observe system and then galactic behaviour.

In time one scout craft encountered a Mandalorian patrol and finding a curious bond with the young Mandalorian officer, fresh faced Grev'endar'togl found himself leaving home to take this (now dead) officers place. Over time others from the House joined him, always careful to maintain secrecy of identity. Even today, none but Vendar know where House Togl is really based.

House Ar`Togl blends both Chiss And Mandalorian Culture.


Former Members