House Black

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The Great and Noble, Preeminently Honoured House of Black
"Bid akaane olaro bal slana, ner aliit oyacyi darasuum."
Historical Information
FounderDominic von Black
EstablishedYear 14 Day 65
General information
Current headDominic von Black
FlagshipDreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser HBS Ner Manda

House Black is a militaristic merchant family that participates in a variety of martial interests throughout the galaxy. Dominic von Black has recently taken over as Baron von Black, and has begun to turn the Family into a more Militaristic Trade Family.

Family History

The Family Black began as a prosperous Merchant Family during the Old Republic Era. The Family primarily traded in mercantile, Mining, and Luxury Goods. During the Rise of the Empire, the Family rose to the noble rank of Baron, having owned several territories on Imperial Planets, as well as contracting with the Imperial High Command to ship goods between Imperial Planets. More Recently Baron Dmitri von Black changed the lifestyle of the Family. Instead of trading in normal goods for the Empire, Dmitri began trading with the Hutts and importing Ryll and spices, as well as Women into Imperial Space. He owned many Nightclubs and Pleasure Space Colonies where several Imperial key Officials were seen spending their Liberty.

Family Dynamics

With the Rise of the Empire, The Family has adopted its Specist/Racist tendencies toward aliens, and only allowed Humanoid Setients within its Bloodline. The Head of the Family retains the hereditary title of Baron, while others of the direct line have the title of Lord, or Lady. Those outside the main line are titled Lo-Lord/Lady, Or Lower Lord/Lady.

Family Relations

With the current Baron of House Black, the Family retains friendship with Royal House Ismay,the Kiffar Clan Nah`utal,and House Morbus

Family Lineage




Retainer Knight